Incredible Things to do in Dubai during Ramadan for Great Holiday


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“Ramadan Mubarak!” The time has arrived when Muslims from around the world begin to follow a strict fasting schedule from dawn to dusk and refrain themselves from all kinds of luxury and material concerns. Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar and is considered as the holiest of all. Dubai, one of the Emirates of UAE, the city of luxury and the city of gold, is where the month of Ramadan is celebrated with full enthusiasm. Everything in Dubai, its famous souks, shopping malls, beaches, and restaurants go through a complete transformation during the Ramadan season. The ones who want to see the spiritual side of the city should be visiting Dubai during Ramadan 2018 as there is a plethora of things to do in Dubai during Ramadan. But first, let’s have a quick look at what the Ramadan traditions in Dubai are. 

Ramadan Traditions


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Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam and this holy month ends with Eidul Fitri which is one of the biggest festivals for the Muslims. A typical Ramadan day begins with suhoor when people get up before sunrise for prayer and to have the pre-dawn meal. The entire day goes without food and water and after sunset, it’s time for the prayer again to break the fast. This is known as iftar. Eating during Ramadan in Dubai at the time of iftar often consists of dates, apricots, and juices that families enjoy together. Both men and women are expected to dress up conservatively during this month. Many hotels in Dubai organize iftar parties and traditional events in Ramadan. In addition to all this, charity is considered as an important aspect of Ramadan and you will often see the natives of Dubai engaged in charity events. In Dubai, the 14th day of Ramadan is known as Hag Al Leylah, a day for children when they have a holiday. Children get ready in traditional clothes, sing beautiful songs, and head out with their colorful bags to collect nuts, coins, and other items as gifts. 

Things to do in Dubai during Ramadan 2018

Enjoy an Iftar Party


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Attending an Iftar Party is, indeed, one of the best things to do during Ramadan. Although many people in Dubai like to do iftar at home with their loved ones, many Dubai hotels offer incredible Iftar buffet during Ramadan. The grand iftar tents are another attraction. You will find the best of Arabian specialties post sunset. Some places also offer a suhoor meal for families. Some of the must-try iftars during Ramadan in Dubai 2018 are the ones by The Daily, Metro Restaurant, Benjarong Royal Thai Restaurant, Arboretum, Dubai Opera etc. The Iftar at the QE2 and Ramadan Nights at Al Quoz are also heavens for food lovers.

Explore the Dubai landmarks without being in chaos


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Since most of the Dubai people are busy in Ramadan rituals and preparations for Eid, most of the attractions are likely to be quiet. The tourism in Dubai during Ramadan gets slower also because most of the places remain closed during the day. But like a smart tourist, you will grab a chance to explore some attractions of Dubai even during Ramadan. Watching Burj Khalifa light-up during the Ramadan month is one of the most spectacular sights (the opening hours may change). Some cafes and restaurants like Buca de Beppo and Rainforest Cafe open after Iftar. Some cruise agencies also offer Palm cruise with an iftar buffet at evening and the tourists can enjoy a romantic sunset. Although no drinks are served in Ramadan, you can still have a great culinary experience wherever you go in the evening. So, don’t worry if Dubai is open during Ramadan; you just need to plan smartly.

Visit the Dubai mosques


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Dubai is home to some of the most beautiful mosques and Ramadan is, without doubt, the best time to see their beauty. You can start with the world-famous Jumeirah Mosque which is one of the most-photographed landmarks of Dubai. The illuminated building of Jumeirah Mosque looks straight out of picture postcard during Ramadan evenings. The Grand Mosque of Dubai, Masjid Al Rahim, Iranian Mosque are some other places that are worth capturing in the camera during Ramadan celebrations in Dubai. 

Get a wonderful retail therapy


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After being quiet for the whole day, Dubai gets back to life in the evening. As the Ramadan months are about to end and the preparations for Eidul Fitri speed up, the shopping malls, souks, and night markets of Dubai get adorned with plenty of decorative items, apparel, jewelry, and household accessories. Visiting the Dubai Mall during Ramadan has its own benefits. While you will get exciting discounts on a number of items, the Ramadan festivities inside the huge arena of the mall are fascinating enough. The malls such as Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Marina Mall are also heaven for the shopping lovers during Ramadan. The shopping fiesta of Dubai during Ramadan can be best enjoyed at Ramadan Night Market that features over 400 retail stores and local art. 

Apart from all the things that you should enjoy during the pleasant month of Ramadan in Dubai, there are things that you should keep in mind.

  • You may have to face a large crowd in evening at the time of Iftar. So, make sure that you schedule your plans accordingly. 
  • Show respect to the local culture when you are in Dubai during Ramadan. While drinking and smoking is strictly prohibited, avoid eating at public places during the daytime too. 
  • Wear modest clothes wherever you go. Covering shoulders and legs is considered as one of the Ramadan etiquettes.
  • Give your Ramadan greetings to the locals; they will really appreciate it. If you can contribute to charity events during Ramadan, it will be a great experience too. 
  • One of the things one should not do in Dubai during Ramadan is listening to the loud music in front of fasting people. You can use your earphone instead. 

Touring the city of Dubai in Ramadan is the best way to learn about its culture, customs, and beliefs. A wise note! To enhance this cultural experience, gather some knowledge about the festival’s history before vacationing. 


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