15 Best Things to do in Georgia: The Beautiful Balcony for Europe


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Popularly called the “Balcony for Europe”, the country of Georgia is one of the most beautiful places located at the intersection of Europe and Asia. Home to picture-perfect landscapes, medieval towns, and archaeological wonders, Georgia is an ideal place for every wanderlust driven soul. There are plenty of things to do in Georgia that will make you fall in love with it. Be it the ruins of Narikala, the castle of Ananuri, or the Vardzia monastery, the list beautiful things to see in Georgia never ends. Georgia’s unpretentious way of living, pristine surroundings, and welcoming culture is what makes life in Georgia, Europe pleasant. From touring the Georgian National Museum to walk along the Bridge of Peace, here are the 15 best things to do in Georgia! 

1. Discover the scenic ruins of old fort at Narikala


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Whether you are a history buff or like to listen to the stories of old kingdoms, you must start your Georgian tour from Narikala. Overlooking Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, this 4th-century fort of Narikala is nestled between the Sulphur baths and botanical gardens. You will also find a 13th-century church in its complex that will tell you interesting stories about the fort with its beautiful frescoes. 

2. Walk through the castle complex of Ananuri 


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Visiting the Ananuri fort is one of the top things to do in Georgia. Located on the Aragvi River in Georgia, the castle of Ananuri dates back to the 13th century and was built by the Dukes of Aragvi. A walk through the historic riverside castle complex of Ananuri will give you a glimpse of feudal system in Georgia. This eclectic fort is also home to an 11th-century tower as well as a pair of churches. 

3. Take a guided tour of Vardzia by the monks


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Vardzia is known as the “Cave City” in Georgia as it is home to a large number of caves spread in a wide wilderness. The cave monastery of Vardzia is the most famous site which has been excavated from the Erusheti Mountain. Taking a guided tour by the monks to the cave-like rooms of Vardzia monastery is one of the most exciting things to do in the country of Georgia for many. 

4. Click breathtaking pictures of Gergeti Trinity Church


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Stunning, outstanding, phenomenal! You will fall short of expressions once you see the Gergeti Trinity Church perched on a hill with an altitude of 2170. The church surrounded by the peaks of Mount Kazbegi and Chkheri River. The jaw-dropping location of this 14th century church has been a center of attraction for many avid photographers from around the world. 

5. Visit Uplistsikhe- “the fortress of the lord”


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One of the unique stuffs to do in Georgia is to visit Uplistsikhe, the ancient rock-hewn town. The word Uplistsikhe translates as the fortress of the lord in Georgian and the ancient caves of Uplistsikhe are the best place to discover the artifacts of the Bronze Age. The ruins of the Iron Age can also be seen. The place can be found 15 kilometers east to the Georgian town called Gori. 

6. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Jvari 


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The 6th-century mountaintop monastery of Jvari is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Georgia, again mostly among the hikers, explorers, and photographers. It is also a famous pilgrimage in Georgia. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is located close to Mtskheta, one of the oldest cities in Georgia. 

7. Marvel at the frescoes of Svetitskhoveli Cathedral


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Located in the heart of the historic town of Mtskheta, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is one of the best points of interest in Georgia for those on spiritual journey and architectural tour. This is an eastern Orthodox Cathedral built during the Middle Ages and is known for its ecclesiastical ciborium and intricate frescoes.  

8. Gaze at the murals of Gelati Monastery


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When you are exploring the architectural wonders of Georgia and looking for insightful things to do in Georgia Europe, you must include the Gelati Monastery in your list. Nicknamed as the “Golden Age of Georgia”, Gelati Monastery takes one back to the Byzantine empire and provides a glimpse of its aesthetic grandeur. You will love the murals and imageries placed on the monastery’s walls related to Georgia’s life and culture. 

9. Have a fun-filled day at Mtatsminda Park


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One of the most exciting things to do in Tbilisi Georgia is to take a trip to the Mtatsminda Park. Located at the height of 770 meters in Tbilisi, this amusement park covers an area of around 100 hectares. This hilltop park offers many interesting things to do with kids in Georgia such as water slides, carousel, roller coaster and Ferris wheel. However, two of the most famous attractions at Mtatsminda Park are Tbilisi Funicular and the Giant Wheel.

10. Walk along the Bridge of Peace


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Walking along the iconic Bridge of Peace in Tbilisi Georgia is one of the cool things to do in Georgia. The bridge’s bow shape and beautiful work of steel and glass makes it one of the most-visited landmarks in Georgia. This pedestrian bridge is located across the Kura River. Although it looks spectacular at any time of the day, you should surely come here at night when it illuminated beautifully. 

11. Climb Ushba


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Located in the Svaneti region of Georgia, the peaks of Ushba offer many adventurous things to do in Georgia. Ushba is also known as the birthplace of technical mountain climbing in Georgia. A large number of hikers and mountaineers come to Ushba to accept the challenge of conquering Caucasian mountain peaks. If you find climbing Ushba difficult, just roam around its surroundings to capture its awe-inspiring scenes.

12. Tour the Georgian National Museum


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There are many interactive museums in Tbilisi Georgia and all are worth-visiting. But if you at the top 10 things to do in Georgia, the Georgian National Museum will always make it to the list. The Georgian National Museum is basically an integration of several museums like Open-air Museum of Ethnography, Art Museum of Georgia, Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia and more. This is a great place to learn how Georgia developed as a country from the Bronze Age to the the 20th century. 

13. Watch a show at Georgian National Opera Theater


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Still wondering what to do in Georgia apart from exploring the ancient ruins? The country has a lot in its treasure box! Watch a classical ballet or opera show at the Georgian National Opera Theatre and you are sure to miss your time in Georgia. Founded in the latter half of 19th century, this opera house is a true representative of Georgia’s culture. The Moorish Revival architecture of the theatre adds more to its charm. 

14. Take a geological tour of Vashlovani National Park 


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Vashlovani National Park is one of the offbeat destinations in Georgia. Its ultimate badlands, majestic cliffs, and unique ecosystem will make your trip to Georgia a memorable one. It would better to visit Vashlovani National Park in dry season so that you can see the best views of its “sharp walls” and other natural monuments. The reserve is home to the animals like leopard, brown bear, wild boar, and birds like various kinds of vultures and storks. 

15. Take a walk through the National Botanical Garden of Georgia


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Strolling through the lush vegetation of the National Botanical Garden of Georgia is one of the fun things to do in Georgia. This botanical garden with elevated views lies in the southern foothills of the Sololaki Range. You can explore over 4,500 species of plants found in Georgia. This collection comprises of the medicinal as well as ornamental plants.

Sandwiched between Russia and Turkey, Georgia is truly a precious gem of Eastern Europe. Discover its affluent past, capture its marvelous landscapes, and learn about its glorious history. Georgia welcomes you with all its goodness!


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