Top 20 Things to do in Guadeloupe For The Best Carib Vacation

By Dhruvalakshmi Paithankar on Oct 01, 2019
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The butterfly-shaped archipelago of Guadeloupe is a French overseas region whose heart beats with French vibes while its soul basks in the Caribbean beauty. Its two main islands, Grande-Terre with its sandy beaches and Basse-Terre with its tropical lands, are as different as it can get. This contrast of attractions and experiences will leave you wondering what can you do in Guadeloupe. So, here is the perfect Guadeloupe travel blog to answer all your queries. Learn all about the best things to do in Guadeloupe because the Caribbean is calling you!

1. Be in nature’s heart at Guadeloupe National Park


Guadeloupe National Park is located on the Basse-Terre islands and is proud to be a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Exploring this park while losing yourself in its pristine natural beauty is one of the top things to do in Guadeloupe. Punctuated by surreal Leaping Lizard Waterfall and surreal Carbet Falls, the hiking trails of Guadeloupe National Park will take you in the heart of nature.

2. Plan diving at Cousteau Réserve


A 15-minute boat ride from the shores of Bouillante and Malendure beach will take you in a whole different world. The protected marine area and underwater park of Réserve Cousteau is home to vibrant coral reefs and abundant turtles, eels, and seahorses. No doubt this area around Pigeon Islands has recently been considered to offer the best diving spots in Guadeloupe!

3. Learn history at Fort Napoléon des Saintes


Fort Napoléon des Saintes on Terre-de-Haut Island is a place that has witnessed history and has become a significant part of the regional past. Transformed into a museum that focuses on history, culture, and heritage, taking a tour of Fort Napoléon is one of the best things to do in Guadeloupe. This historic site makes for a fascinating place for history buffs.

4. Understand Guadeloupe’s past at Memorial ACTe


The newly opened Memorial ACTe is also known as the Caribbean Centre of Expressions and Memory of the Slave trade and Slavery. From soul-touching permanent exhibits and memorial garden to interesting genealogy research workshop, there are many aspects that define this memorial. That is why Memorial ACTe is among top-rated tourist attractions in Guadeloupe in such a short time.

5. Visit Aquarium of Guadeloupe 


When you are looking for things to do with kids in Guadeloupe, you must include Aquarium of Guadeloupe in your itinerary. Its interactive structure will introduce you to more than 80 species of fish and around 50 species of corals. As it is considered to be the largest aquarium in the West Indies, it is always bustling with locals and tourists alike.

6. Soak in the beauty of Pointe des Chateaux


Pointe des Chateaux is the place that redefines the beauty of the Caribbean. This is a peninsula where rare flora and fauna are found. Its stunning cliff formations are for hikers and its sandy stretches are ideal when you want to catch some tan. So, when you are interested in things to do in Guadeloupe, Pointe des Chateaux is the place to be!

7. Explore picturesque Saint-François town 


Saint-François is one of the tiny communes on Grande-Terre where you will get to be a part of the local canvas. It is dotted with some of the best Guadeloupe beaches like Raisins Clairs beach and hosts the bustling farmers’ market of Marché La Rotonde. If you are looking for a laid-back spot during your Guadeloupe vacation, then you will have a lovely time wandering the streets of Saint-François.

8. Go to the Zoo de Guadeloupe au Parc des Mamelles 


When it is about family-friendly attractions in Guadeloupe, you can list down numerous options to choose from. Zoo de Guadeloupe au Parc des Mamelles ranks on top of these with more than 85 animal species on 4 acres of dense tropical grounds. Walking across the wooden rope bridge that goes through this rainforest will give you a glimpse of everything this place has to offer.

9. Pamper your taste buds with Carib-flavored French cuisine 


Guadeloupe is a little slice of paradise for foodies. You will find a delicious blend of classic French dishes and unique Caribbean food while exploring different cafes and restaurants. From fresh seafood to exotic fruits, food in Guadeloupe is everything you can dream of to take your taste buds on a ride.

10. Hike the La Soufriere Volcano


Hiking the La Soufriere Volcano is a perfect opportunity for adventure-seekers. The route that takes you on top of the volcano is moderately difficult and it takes more than half a day to complete the hike. But, it is worth all the effort if you are looking forward to  outdoor activities in Guadeloupe.

11. Go on a whale watching and dolphin spotting tour


Getting a glimpse of marine life while in Guadeloupe is a must for every type of traveler. It would be an unforgettable experience to spot humpback whales with their offspring during the season and the dolphins can be seen throughout the year. Taking such tours will be the highlight of your Guadeloupe trip!

12. Explore sugar fields and old windmills at Marie-Galante


The combination of ruins of an old sugar refinery, remains of centuries-old windmills, sandy beaches, and good restaurants ensure that you have an excellent time on Marie-Galante Island. Some of the best places to visit in Guadeloupe can be found here that are still not known to many. So, get ready to discover what this island has been hiding in its beauty.

13. Take a day trip to Îlet du Gosier


The tiny hidden gem of Îlet du Gosier is for those who want to get away from all the hustle and bustle. Even though uninhabited, you will find the Gosier lighthouse dating back to the 1880s. Go snorkeling or simply lie on the beach and enjoy some relaxing time - the islet of Îlet du Gosier does not disappoint anyone.

14. Get high on Rum  


Want to know how the famous Rhum Agricole is produced from sugarcane juice? Interested in touring the century-old distillery where you can learn the secrets of rum-making?  Want to get tipsy by drinking a traditional ti-punch? Guadeloupe is the place for you! Be it the Musee du Rhum or beach-side bars, you will find numerous excuses to get high on rum here.

15. Take a stroll on Grande-Anse Beach 


Blessed with the longest shoreline that is lined with palm trees and azure water, Grande-Anse Beach is a delightful place to be at. Sunbathe on the shore or take a dip in the ocean, this is one of the finest Guadeloupe beaches where you will have a great time no matter what activities you opt for.

16. Dive deep at Plage de Malendure


When you visit Malendure Beach, you will be at the perfect spot for two main things to do in Guadeloupe - diving in the water and lazing on the beach. The water temperature is ideal and visibility is clear ensuring every diving session is memorable. Reserve at least half a day for Malendure Beach to make the most of your time.

17. Snorkel when visiting the Beach of Petit-Havre


Even though one of the most popular beaches in Guadeloupe, Plage de Petit-Havre is a place where you can escape all the touristy chaos. As the water is usually calm here, it has become a famous site for snorkeling. But keep in mind that as it is not fully developed yet, the amenities like public restrooms are not available.

18. Spend some time at De Deshaies Botanical Garden


Composed of 15 different garden areas, the botanical garden of Jardin Botanique de Deshaies will introduce you to more than 1,000 plant species. The winding pathways will take you to a lovely restaurant and a well-equipped play area. Spend at least a couple of hours exploring this natural paradise when vacationing in Guadeloupe.

19. Wander through different local markets 


The archipelago of Guadeloupe is known for its lively local markets where you can get a glimpse of the islands' lifestyle. The Spice Market of Pointe-à-Pitre, fresh produce market of Sainte-Anne, Marché La Rotonde of Saint-François, and Fruit-Vegetable Market of Basse-Terre are enough to steal a piece of your heart with its local vibes.

20. Discover the hidden beauty of Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin


A chain of coral islets, mangrove forests, and rich biodiversity make for Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin - one of the lesser-known places in Guadeloupe. It has been designated as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and taking a trip here will definitely be a remarkable experience.

Follow these 20 best things to do in Guadeloupe and your Caribbean vacation will be perfect!

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