Top Things to Do in Macau for a Perfect Vacation

By Dhruvalakshmi Paithankar on Sep 11, 2018
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Macau, an autonomous territory in East Asia, has emerged as the gambling capital of the world. Its Taipa Island is home to a number of huge casinos and entertainment venues. Places like Macau Tower and Fisherman's Wharf define the modernity it carries whereas Ruins of St. Paul's, Fortaleza do Monte, and A-Ma Temple mark the old world charm. It is easy to find things to do in Macau, but it is hard to decide which places to visit and which sites to explore. So, follow this guide to must-see places in Macau to make your vacation memorable -

1. Explore the Ruins of St. Paul's 


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The Ruins of St. Paul's are one of the must-see places in Macau. This 17th-century Portuguese church was burned down in a fire in 1835. Since then, its beautiful hilltop façade and stone stairway are the only things that are left to represent its significance.

2. Go to the top of Macau Tower


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Considered to be one of the tallest freestanding structures in the world, Macau Tower is a famous landmark. If you are looking for things to do in Macau, catching the view of the city from the observation deck of this tower is a must. The tower is also home to restaurants, theaters, shopping centers and offers walking tours as well.

3. Enjoy people watching at Senado Square


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Senado Square, which is also known as Senate Square, is a historically significant plaza. Taking a walk here to explore the grand architecture is one of the top things to do in Macau. You will come across several important monuments and European style buildings around here.

4. Take a tour of Fortaleza do Monte


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Fortaleza do Monte is a 17th-century fort that has been declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fort was an important military center of Macau till 1965 and is the Museum of Macau today. It has become a must-see in Macau over the years. Explore the exhibits at the museum to understand the interesting local history.

5. Walk around Taipa Houses–Museum


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Taipa Houses–Museum consists of 5 different colonial houses that date back to the 1920s. If you are searching for what to do in Macau, China, then seeing the exhibits here is a must! You will get to see a glimpse of old days and will learn about the fascinating past.

6. Laze around on Hac Sa Beach


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Hac Sa Beach in Macau is a perfect place to spend some leisurely time. It is a natural black sand beach that has been refilled with yellow sand. There are several barbeque pits, campsites, restaurants, and shops that line the beach offering fun things to do in Macau.

7. Have fun at Grand Prix Museum


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Grand Prix Museum is an exciting attraction for automobile lovers and racing enthusiasts. Visiting this museum is among the best things to do in Macau. It is a great opportunity to see different Grand Prix cars and learn stories about the history of this race.

8. Go to Lou Lim Ieoc Garden


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Lou Lim Ieoc Garden is one of the lesser-known places in Macau. Established in 1974, this place is dominated with towering trees, small ponds, colorful pavilions, and winding walkways. Do not worry about what to see in Macau, visit this park to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. 

9. Visit Macau Science Center


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When it comes to things to do with kids in Macau, you can visit the Macau Science Center to make the most of your time. It has become one of the top attractions of Macau with its unique asymmetrical shape and interactive exhibits that educate visitors about science.

10. Stop by Nam Van Lake


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Nam Van is a beautiful man-made lake nestled at the southern end of the Macau peninsula. Those who are interested in exciting things to do in Macau must come here. From kayaking and rowing to dragon boat racing, different activities are arranged here. With numerous buildings dominating its shores, the lake looks picturesque.

11. Roll a dice at Casinos in Macau


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There is a reason Macau is known as the Vegas of the East as there are a number of casinos that line the streets here. The best way to enjoy the nightlife is to head to these top casinos in Macau - Venetian Casino Resort, Wynn Macau, City of Dreams, and The Sands Macau.

12. Offer your prayers at A-Ma Temple


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A-Ma Temple is considered to be one of the oldest places of worship in Macau. Established in 1488, this temple has become the UNESCO World Heritage Site today. Visiting this ancient site is one of the top things to do in Macau.

13. Macau Fisherman's Wharf - A little slice of Italy


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Fisherman's Wharf is a popular tourist attraction and an entertainment complex in Macau. You will find different hotels, restaurants, and shopping facilities around here. The replica of the Roman Colosseum is one of the top things to see in Macau. Numerous concerts and performances are held here throughout the year.

14. Take your kids to Seac Pai Van Park


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Seac Pai Van Park is spread over 20 hectares and is one of the largest green areas in Macau. A farmland that has been converted into a multipurpose park is home to different types of flora and fauna. The Macau Giant Panda Pavilion and animal enclosures are interesting things to see in Macau.  

15. Step back in past at Guia Fortress


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There are a few places in Macau that carry a blend of culture, religion, history, and religion. Guia Fortress is one of them. This 17th-century military fort has a chapel and a lighthouse on its premises. Take a tour of this site to soak in the history and spend half-a-day wandering around.

If time permits, try to visit Coloane Island, Na Tcha Temple, and Mandarin's House to have a wholesome experience.

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