8 Best Things To Do In Michigan

By Preksha Goyal on Jan 24, 2019
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Welcoming every visitor with a diverse history and aesthetic appeal, Michigan is loaded with cultural, historical, artistic and natural attractions waiting to be explored. Home to mesmerizing lakes, delicious food, architecturally rich buildings, and quirky shops, the state offers an unmatched experience worth cherishing. While the cities like Detroit and Mackinac Island are turning into hot tourist hubs, places like the Windmill Island gardens remain a gem not explored by many. You can shop to your heart’s content, try new delights, marvel at the aesthetic richness, or simply spend some tranquil time at this serene, yet bustling state. So check out the best things to do in Michigan

1. Relive the good old days at the Mackinac Island

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If you wish to take a walk down the memory lane into the bygone days where no motorized vehicles existed, Mackinac Island is just the right place for you. Quaint shops, hiking opportunities, beautiful horse-drawn carriages, intricate eateries, and the Fort Mackinac adorn the beauty of this postcard-perfect island. The island is also home to the Mackinac suspension bridge which welcomes you with its unmatched beauty and the Mackinac bridge museum which is sure to leave you fascinated with its numerous vintage exhibits. 

2. Go camping amidst the rugged landscapes of the Isle Royale National Park

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Comprising some incredible islands and the azure waters of Lake Superior, the Isle Royale National Park is a must-visit in Michigan for its solitude and picturesque surroundings offer an experience like no other. You can go all adventurous as you hike the Greenstone Ridge, capture the beautiful views from Scoville point, treat the water enthusiast in you with activities like scuba-diving at the lake superior, or simply rejuvenate yourself camping amidst the natural beauty of the park. With so much to do and explore, this park is a slice of heaven in Michigan. 

3. Go all artsy at the Detroit Institute of Arts

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One of the best places to visit in Michigan, for its abundance of creative works and art exhibits, is the Detroit Institute of Arts set amidst architecturally rich neighborhoods. Nestled adjacent to the Detroit Public Library and the Detroit Historical Museum, this institute is home to famous European paintings by Van Gogh and Picasso, an extensive variety of Islamic art collection and over 65,000 artworks showcasing the diversity of art from across the world. So head to the Detroit Institute of Arts and take some time to admire these artistic marvels of Michigan.

4. Marvel at the exhibits that shaped America on your visit to Henry Ford 

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Housing over 26 million artifacts, Henry Ford makes for the ideal place to explore the inspirational stories of America’s most celebrated men which shaped the world as we see today. A combination of three attractions namely Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, Greenfield Village, and Ford Rouge Factory Tour, this is the place you need to head to enjoy and explore America’s innovations at their best. From race cars and freedom rides to a train depot and a steam-powered locomotive, Henry Ford is bound to leave you astounded with its brimming points of interest. 

5. Come face-to-face with tropical creatures at the Detroit Zoo

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Probably one of the best things to do in Michigan with kids is to check out the extensive variety of animals at the Detroit Zoo. With over 230 species of animals including mammals, reptiles, birds, and amphibians, the zoo provides home to the widest range of animals from penguins, camels, giraffes, and gorillas to bears, snakes, lions, and foxes. Various events throughout the year like family fun Fridays and sunset at the zoo keep the visitors engaged apart from the interesting animals and their naturalistic habitats. So plan a visit now because no matter how old you are, you will appreciate everything this zoo has to offer.

6. Explore the historic and artistic collections at the University of Michigan

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Being some to some architecturally rich buildings like the Power Center for Performing Arts, the Law Quadrangle and the National History Museum, the University of Michigan offers a diverse range of options to explore. Kelsey Museum of Archeology for the biofact buffs, Museum of Art for the artistic ones and the Museum of Natural History for the history fanatics, the university will never fail to astonish any visitor. Don’t forget to head to the Matthaei Botanical Gardens or the Nichols Arboretum to spend some time refreshing yourself in the company of lush greenery and scenic beauty.

7. Watch unique items signifying Dutch history at the Windmill Island Gardens

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Nestled at the Downtown Holland edge, the Windmill Island Gardens offer insights into the Dutch history and picturesque surroundings of manicured gardens like no other. A vintage, yet working Dutch windmill is the highlight at this place and with a height of over 125 feet, it symbolizes the Dutch heritage at its best. Tulips, hiking trails, and beautiful wildlife adorn the beauty of these quaint gardens. Do drop by the souvenir shop to try authentic Dutch treats being made using the windmill on site.

8. Head to the Belle Isle for the perfect combination of recreation, history, and beauty

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Rightly recognized as the gem of Detroit, the Belle Isle Park is a place brimming with beauty, history and various attractions to explore. Head to the James Scott Memorial Foundation for the spectacular water and light show, feed different species at the Nature Zoo, get insights into the maritime history at the Dossin Great Lakes Museum or marvel at the extensive collection of orchids at the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory. Other points of interest here include the giant slide, an aquarium, and water and snow sports. Ideal to spend an entire day, Belle Isle is a paradise for recreation seekers.

With endless opportunities for varying interests, Michigan, with its many historic and natural attractions never runs out of places to explore. So plan your trip to Michigan and embrace all that it has to offer.

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