15 Best Things To Do In New Jersey

By Revati Tamboli on Nov 15, 2018
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Bordered by the roaring and the wild Atlantic Ocean in the east, the quaint and laid back Pennsylvania to the west and the vibrant and energetic New York to the north, New Jersey is a blend of cultures and characters. The beautiful beaches and natural parks are some of the most popular tourist attractions in New Jersey. With adventure in its soul, there are a lot of activity-oriented points of interest in New Jersey. The unique mixture of urban and rural culture owes to a plethora of places to visit in New Jersey. This exhaustive list of things to do in New Jersey will surely help you plan a memorable trip.

1. Marvel at the Enigma of Princeton University

Visit the Princeton University and get a chance to be in the same place where Michelle Obama redefined feminism, Jeff Bezos redefined business, John F Kennedy redefined leadership and Thomas Edison redefined human existence. The Mecca of science and education, Princeton was established in 1756. It has a widespread campus of 1600 acres. The tours of the University and campus grounds are conducted by the students themselves and are very inspirational and informative. The Princeton University Art Museum is an abode to over 72,000 works of art from world’s different cultures making it the nation’s most outstanding museum.

Popular points of attraction

  • Princeton University Art Museum
  • McCarter Theater Center
  • Peyton Hall 12-inch telescope

2. Peek into the life of ‘America’s greatest inventor’ at Thomas Edison National Historical Park

With a record 1093 patents and a million inspired hearts, Thomas Edison holds an inestimably precious place in the history of humanity. His legacy is treasured by the Thomas Edison National Historical Park. It displays a collection of over 300,000 items. This collection includes a phonograph, motion picture camera and an alkaline battery. The historical park also houses the lab furnishings, equipment used as well as manufactured goods and materials used by Edison and his colleagues. Visit the Thomas Edison National Historical Park and visit the place where modern America was invented.

Popular points of attraction

  • Motion picture camera
  • Sound phonograph
  • Edison talking doll recordings

3. Pay tribute to the fallen heroes at Monmouth Battlefield State Park

PC: Wikimedia Commons

The Monmouth Battlefield State Park houses an 1818 acre area which was a battlefield on which the ‘Battle of Monmouth’ was waged. This battle is considered as a stepping stone in the American Revolution. The Monmouth Battlefield State Park is a beautiful place preserving the 18th-century orchards, wetlands, landscapes, and woods. The restored farmhouse is known as the ‘Craig House’ is a famous spot inside the park. The park also consists of hiking, walking, and horse riding trails and picnic areas. The park is very well maintained and serene.

Popular points of attraction

  • Molly Pitcher Spring Marker
  • Cobb House
  • Sutfin House

4. Get awestruck at Grounds for Sculpture

The Grounds of Sculpture is a ground of stunning artworks, unbelievable imagination, and utter fascination. Located at the Hamilton of New Jersey, the Grounds of Sculpture is one of the most popular tourist attractions in New Jersey. The park has some permanent as well as temporary sculptures. These include metallic sculptures like the Sage, Rupture, Dorian, and Lintel. The Harmony, Termite Hills and Sleeping Giant are some of the many fascinating sculptures in the park.

Popular points of attraction

  • Rat’s Restaurant
  • Clause Monet’s Woman
  • Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party

5. Spend the day relaxing at Delaware Water Gap

The Delaware Water Gap offers 100 miles of hiking trail, widespread picnic areas, river campsites and activities like canoeing, fishing, kayaking, rafting, and tubing. The lush green park is an abode to the various ecosystem which is why you can encounter many rare species like timber rattlesnakes and bald eagles. The vibrantly colored wildflowers have decorated the land very beautifully. The Delaware Water Gap makes for a perfect location for nature photography, bird watching, hiking, and picnics.

Popular points of attraction

  • Appalachian National Scenic Trail
  • Dingmans Falls
  • Mount Minsi

6. Visit Liberty State Park

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Who does not want to see the Statue of Liberty! The Liberty State Park gives you the chance to experience the enormity of this figurine along with the beauty of the world-famous Manhattan skyline. The Ellis island is a treat to your eyes. There are long walkways lined with greenery which are perfect for an evening stroll. The park also consists of many bike paths, fields, many sculptures and a Science Center too.

Popular points of attraction

  • Liberty Walkway
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Liberation-a bronze sculpture

7. Soak in the beauty of Paterson Great Falls

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The Paterson Great Falls are located on the Passaic River in the Passaic County of New Jersey. It is United States’ one of the largest waterfalls and the Great Falls of Paterson- Garret Mountain has been designated as the National Historic Landmark District. The power systems of the Great Falls are designated as the Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. A 77 feet prominent waterfall, the Paterson Great Falls is a must visit place when in New Jersey.

Popular points of attraction

  • Paterson Museum
  • Great Falls Historic District
  • A footbridge over the Falls gorge

8. Experience adventure at its best at Six Flags Great Adventure

From adrenaline-pumping roller coaster rides to fun and entertaining things to do, the Six Flags Great Adventure Park has got it all! It is located in the Jackson Township of New Jersey. The Park consists of different kinds of rides such as family rides, extreme rides, kids’ rides and thrill rides. It also has provisions for your total entertainment. The Adventure Park is also home to many events like music concerts, food festivals, and animal programs.

Popular points of attraction

  • The Joker
  • Green Lantern
  • Bizarro

9. Have an art excursion at Newark Museum

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Located in the Essex County of New Jersey, the Newark Museum is the largest museum in the state. The exhibits of the museum include contemporary, decorative and ancient artworks from America as well as Asia and Africa. The museum is host to the very prestigious Newark Black Film Festival that happens every summer. The Alice Ransom Dreyfuss Memorial Garden features many contemporary sculptures and is the venue for many major concerts and programs.

Popular points of attraction

  • Dreyfuss Planetarium
  • Tibetan Galleries
  • Ballantine House

10. Visit the Adventure Aquarium

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The Adventure Aquarium is operated on the beautiful setting of Delaware River Camden Waterfront in Camden, New Jersey. The Aquarium is enormous and occupies an area of 200,000 square feet. The Aquarium is divided into three sections namely: South Building, North Building, and Currents. The North Building consists of a food service area, a gift shop, and a casual dining restaurant. The South Building is totally dedicated to the Aquarium Space, whereas the Currents building is made for special events.

Popular points of attraction

  • Coral Reef Tank
  • Adventure Theatre
  • West African River Experience

11. Experience the Victorian Charm at Cape May Historic District

The Cape May Historic District houses the largest collection of Victorian style as well as Eclectic, Stick, Shingle and Bungalow style buildings. It is considered to be the oldest seaside resort in America. This National Historic Landmark is a perfect place for a family getaway in New Jersey. You will come across the gas lamps, intricate trimmings, stained glass windows, turrets, porches and horse-drawn carriages in the historic district. The trolley tour of the place is one of the most unique things of the Cape May Historic District.

Popular points of attraction

  • Cape May Lighthouse
  • The Abbey

12. Relax at Island Beach State Park

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The Island Beach State Park protects the natural shoreline and has over 10 miles of the sandy beach area. It is a home to over 400 species of plants and wildlife species like foxes and ospreys. You can enjoy activities like swimming and fishing in the beach area. The Island Beach State Park is located very close to the boardwalks and seaside heights. The State Park area is very peaceful and perfect when you want to get away from the city crowd.

Popular points of attraction

  • Barnegat Lighthouse
  • Rolling sand dunes

13. Visit Liberty Science Center

Situated in the Jersey City of Hudson County, New Jersey, the Liberty Science Center is an interactive science museum which houses western hemisphere’s largest and most technologically advanced planetarium. The Jennifer Chalsty Center for Science Learning and Teaching opened in 2007 houses six laboratories, a theatre and scientific resources for students and teachers. Some of the exhibits are Wonder Why, Energy Quest, Wildlife Challenge and Rubik’s Cube Exhibition.

Popular Points of attraction

  • Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium
  • Hoberman Sphere
  • Infinity Climber

14. Be fascinated at Sterling Hill Mining Museum

PC: Wikipedia.org

A former iron and zinc mine, the Sterling Hill Mining Museum is located in the Sussex County of New Jersey. The Museum has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The exhibits in the museum include mining memorabilia, fossils, meteorites and mineralogical samples. The museum also houses the Ellis Astronomical Observatory, Museum of Fluorescence and a mining equipment collection. The theme of the museum is very unique which attracts many tourists throughout the year.

Popular points of attraction

  • Franklin Mine
  • Thomas S. Warren Museum of Fluorescence

15. Take a stroll at Atlantic City Boardwalk

PC: Wikimedia Commons

The Atlantic City Boardwalk is a famous promenade nestled along the roaring Atlantic Ocean. The Boardwalk has a lot of confectioneries, shops, and amusements. Many world famous events and parades are hosted by the Atlantic City Boardwalk which makes it a very happening and festive place to be. This is one of the world’s most famous and oldest boardwalks. A trip to New Jersey is wasted if you don’t visit the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Popular points of attraction

  • Atlantic City Airshow
  • Atlantic City Triathlon

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