15 Best Things to do in Saint Martin on a Vacation

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Surrounded by turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean, Saint Martin is an island that comprises of two countries- Saint-Martin, the French side, and Sint Maarten, the Dutch side. The island’s territory is collectively known as St-Martin / St Maarten and also referred to as SXM in short. One of the main Saint Martin points of interest is its Dutch side boating a lively nightlife, a wide range of liquors and casinos. On the other hand, the tourist attractions in Saint Martin’s French side are the nude beaches, shopping areas, and cuisine. Maho Beach, Great Bay Beach, Simpson Bay Lagoon, and Fort Amsterdam are some of the best places to visit in Saint Martin. With beach-hopping as the highlight, you will find plenty of things to do in Saint Martin. 

1. Witness the plane landing at Maho Beach


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Located on the Dutch side of Saint Martin, Maho Beach is the most popular spot on the island. This is because it is situated right beside Princess Juliet International Airport and it’s a wonderful sight when the plane approaches for landing passing a very little distance above people’s head. A large number of people gather here to have this unique experience. In addition to this, you can also enjoy windsurfing and skimboarding on the beach. 

2. Relax on the white sand of Great Bay Beach


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If you are looking for a tranquil place in Saint Martin to just relax your feet on the sparkling white sand, Great Bay Beach is the place for you. Although the place gets little crowded when the cruises stop here, Great Bay Beach is peaceful most of the time and offers a beautiful area to take a stroll. You can enjoy a drink or the island’s special dishes at the eateries located nearby and get a beach umbrella on rent to relax. 

3. Reconnect with nature at Loterie Farm


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One of the best things to do in St. Martin is spending time in harmony with nature at Loterie Farm. Covering an area of 135 acres, this nature reserve and sanctuary is nestled in the hillside of Pic Paradise. Whether you are an adrenaline-seeker or a nature enthusiast, Loterie Farm is the perfect place for you. You will enjoy the activities like climbing, hiking, and gliding over the canopy of trees. Loterie Farm is the place where you can spend an entire day amidst natural beauty and have a gastronomical experience too!

4. Hike up to Pic Paradis


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Hiking up to Pic Paradis, the highest point of the chain of hills in Saint Martin will be a challenging yet fascinating experience. The peak has an elevation of 424 meters and once you reach here, you will be able to capture the gorgeous vista of Saint Martin. Climbing Pic Paradis for the marvelous views of the island is one of the best St. Martin activities. As you walk up the hill, you will find that the vegetation is growing thicker due to the heavy amount of rain in the region. 

5. Spend a perfect day at Little Bay Beach


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Like its name, the Little Bay beach is a perfect little spot in Saint Martin that looks straight out of a picture-postcard. The glittering white sand, azure blue waters, and the presence of a number of restaurants and bars on the beach make is an ideal place for a beach party. Besides, the proximity of Philipsburg makes it well connected to other parts of the island. So, if you are still in a doldrum of “what to do in St. Martin”, Little Bay Beach comes out as the best answer. 

6. Take a yacht to Simpson Bay Lagoon


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Saint Martin is home to Simpson Bay Lagoon, which has been a center of St. Martin’s marine industry. The border between the Dutch and the French parts of Saint Martin passes through the lagoon. You will find a small channel that connects this lagoon to the Caribbean. The waters of the lagoon are full of mangroves and seagrass and the juvenile reef fish has its home here. You can take a yacht to the lagoon and capture the mesmerizing views.

7. Snorkel at Dawn Beach


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Snorkeling at Dawn Beach is one of the top 10 things to do in St. Martin. You will find the beach on the east coast of Sint Maarten, the French side of the island. Apart from this, even if you are looking for a laid back atmosphere, you can book accommodation in one of the resorts on the beach. The beachfront condos are also great to stay at. Besides snorkeling, dawn beach is also perfect for surfing. 

8. Click great pictures at Cupecoy Beach


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Cupecoy is a clothing optional beach in Saint Martin. The surfs are relatively more peaceful at Cupecoy. You can best enjoy the views of the ocean at Cupecoy Beach at evening during sunset. You can also relax at the beach bar called Dany’s or get an umbrella and beach chair on rent. The rich coral of Cupecoy is another attraction. Do get your camera to click wonderful pictures of the sunset. 

9. Explore the Dutch history at Fort Amsterdam


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Built by the Dutch, Fort Amsterdam is one of the best Saint Martin attractions. If you are on a historical tour of the island, Fort Amsterdam is the best place to start with. The fort is located on a 2.5-kilometer peninsula and covers an area of 278 hectares. The site is also considered as an important bird area and you will witness a wide variety of birds here. 

10. Take a walk on Mullet Bay Beach


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Mullet Bay Beach is located on the western end of Saint Martin. The beach is considered the best beach in Saint Martin for swimming as the wind is calmer and so, the waves are friendly. The beach is dotted with a large number of palm trees and seagrapes. Close to the beach, there is a golf course which is famous among the locals. You can also visit the Fort Willem I which is located nearby.

11. Discover the unique collection of Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit


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If you are still wondering what to see in St. Martin and willing to visit some unique places on the island, then come to Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit. This movie exhibit is the work of special-effects artist Nick Maley. You will find many props, costumes, and other special-effect stuff related to the popular movies like Star Wars, Superman, Highlander etc. The museum has been featured in various programs and is also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

12. Explore the world of butterflies at The Butterfly Farm


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Who doesn’t like butterflies! And, you can explore a distinct world of butterflies at the Butterfly Farm in St. Martin. The place looks like a lush forest carpeted with grass and flowers. Once you enter the farm, you will find plenty of butterflies over your head and around flying freely. You can also take a guided tour of 15 minutes and learn about these beautiful creatures. 

13. Boating at Kim Sha Beach


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Kim Sha Beach is another spot in St. Martin where you will get enchanted by the beauty of the sunset, that too on a boat. The beach has been famous for its excursions and dive boats. In addition to the water sports, you can also indulge in the activities like parasailing and jet skiing near Kim Sha Beach. 

14. Explore the flora and fauna of the National Nature Reserve of St. Martin


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St. Martin National Nature Reserve is situated over an area of 3060 hectares and is a fusion of cliffs, beaches, and rocky terrains. To explore the wild flora and fauna of Saint Martin, this reserve is the best stop. You will encounter different species of seabirds, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles. The reserve is divided into two parts, offshore and onshore. While the onshore part is famous for its Red mangroves, most of the offshore area is dominated by flowering plants.  

15. Feel the thrill at Rainforest Adventures St Maarten - Rockland Estate

No place could be better than Rainforest Adventures if all you need on your St Martin trip is an adrenaline rush. You can experience the world’s steepest zip line and a high chairlift fun at this eco-park. While on the chairlift, you can enjoy the 360-degree view of the entire place. You can also visit Rockland Estate's Emilio Wilson Museum to learn about the history of St. Maarten. 

Adventure, nature exploration, beach-hopping, and lots of entertainment! The island of Saint Martin will never put you into boredom with its plethora of things to do.

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