Best Things to do in Spain

By Revati Tamboli on Aug 09, 2018
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If you are wondering whether it is safe to travel to Spain, then know that it is one of the countries that has been hit by the Coronavirus epidemic. 120 cases have been detected in Spain till this date. While the authorities in Spain are taking all the steps to contain the spread of COVID-19, it is recommended to take precautionary measures while visiting Spain. Also, we suggest that you check flight operations to and from Spain as they might be affected amidst the virus outbreak.

Note: The Coronavirus statistics mentioned in this article are based on the updated reports available on March 03, 2020. These figures will be updated depending on how the outbreak unfolds.

Spain is essentially made up of 5 ‘f’s- FC Barcelona, Flamenco, Food, Fortresses, and Fiestas! The cultural cradle of the world, Spain spoils you with an abundance of choices it has to offer to its revelers. If God does exist, then Spain is definitely his favorite creation on the Earth. Spain may be a stereotypical travel destination, but a visit to this paradise will shatter your beliefs into pieces! The diversity, sophistication, and passion that flow in the veins of Spain will make your soul entwined with this place. The laid-back nature of the Spaniards and their world famous siestas will make you want to apply for the Spanish citizenship right away! If this doesn’t convince you to visit Spain, then the following list of things to do in Spain will definitely do!

1. Get set on an adventure quest

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Blessed with lofty mountains, unfathomable valleys, and pristine beaches is the wonderland of Spain. It has a plenty of places that surely offer adrenaline kicks to all the adventure junkies. Who said time travel does not exist? Ride the only cross-border in Spain and you will know! This ride will take you straight away to Portugal within a blink of the eye! Not just ziplining, it’s the Spanish emotion that has made even walking adventurous! 

The El Chorro village in Spain offers all the thrill-seekers a chance to walk on the ‘world’s scariest pathway’. If the cliched scuba diving and surfing fail to excite you, then Heliskiing and Kitesurfing are the answers to your adventure thirst! Kitesurfing is one of the popular adventurous things to do in Spain.

2. Take a culinary tour of the devouring Spanish cuisine

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There’s one thing the Spaniards love more than anything else. No, it’s not Gerard Pique! It’s food where all the Spanish hearts reside. From Paella to Pisto and Sangria to Chorizo, this culinary heaven has everything to offer to a foodie. Potato omelet in San Sebastian, Paella in the Albufera wetlands, Gazpacho in Seville and Cochinillo in Segovia are some ultimate equations even the kids in Spain know. 

The Tarta De Santiago, Tarta De Queso, Torrijas, and Miguelitos are some authentic Spanish desserts which make us doubt chocolate as the ‘king of desserts’. In a country with a culinary heritage like this, it’s a sin to not indulge in the savory Spanish cuisine.

3. Visit the dazzling cathedrals

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These ornate and majestic Cathedrals are sweet love letters to Spain from the Diocese. An important part of the country’s historical heritage, these Cathedrals are an eclectic mix of Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Neoclassical. Here are some of the most picturesque cathedrals in Spain-

  • Cathedral of Cordoba- the most essential stop on your cultural trip of the world.
  • Seville Cathedral- the biggest Gothic cathedral in the world
  • Avila- oldest cathedral of Spain with a 16th-century cloister
  • Barcelona Sagrada Familia- Gaudi’s remarkable art-nouveau
  • Zamora- an epitome of Romanesque architectural beauty 

4. Experience Futbol at its best at Camp Nou Tour

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If Messi is your God and Football is your religion, then the Camp Nou surely is your Mecca! Join the throngs of fans in cheering FC Barcelona on what is supposed to be its war field. The chants in the stadium are infectious and make the crowd bond. The El Classico, a match between the FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, is a not-to-be-missed event.

The self-guided tour of the stadium offers you a chance to visit the visitors’ changing room, FC chapel, Players’ tunnel to the pitch, the DugOut and much more. Whether you are a Messi fan or Ronaldo fan or not even a football fan, this stadium will enthrall and inspire you! Visiting the Camp Nou is one of the top things to do in Spain Barcelona. 

5. Groove at the vibrant nightclubs

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Life starts at night at the vibrant clubs of Spain! The Spanish hipster soul is etched in these spirited paradises of music and fun. There are clubs suitable for every need of yours. If you are feeling like stepping into the shoes of a celebrity then, Marbella is your red carpet! This city boasts of the most glamorous clubs in the country and these clubs regularly feature ace DJs like David Guetta and DJ Tiesto.

Ibiza, the jewel of the Mediterranean is literally the city that never sleeps. Just after entering the city, you start getting party vibes from all over the place. Delicious seafood, beachside pubs and the full of life crowd make Ibiza the bustling party capital of Spain.  Madrid also has its own party culture. After all, the party starts from the capital. Visiting nightclubs is one of the popular things to do in Spain Madrid. 

6. Experience an unforeseen world peace at the Spanish festivals

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The Spanish fiestas are beautiful riots of colors, culture, music, dance, and food. The list of Spanish festivals must start with the Carnival! The Carnivals in Tenerife and Cadiz are arguably the best in Spain. These extravagant everlasting parties are the spirit of Spain. 

The Fallas of Valencia, which has been declared as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO lives up to its reputation and never fails to uplift the culture of humanity. Some other world-renowned festivals in Spain are the La Tomatina, Festival de los patios, April fair of Seville, Feria del Caballo, Fiesta Mayor de Gracia and Saint John’s Eve. 

7. Revisit Spain’s intriguing art and history at the museums

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The opulent history of Spain very generously rewards the cultural traveler. It has given the world some of the most emblematic and prominent artists and artifacts. The museums in Spain are a cradle of everything exquisite in Spain. The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao does not only features the most bizarre artworks, but the structure also is so bizarre and unique, it has more curves than David Beckham’s kicks! 

The Reina Sofia Art Center is the largest museum in Madrid and is completely dedicated to modern and contemporary art. The Dali Theatre-Museum in Figueres is a tribute to Dali and features all his artwork. The Museo Nacional Del Prado, Museo Picasso Malaga and Golden Triangle of Art are some of the many visit worthy museums in Spain.

8. Fortify your imaginary world by visiting the majestic castles 

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The medieval and rustic castles of Spain seem like straight out of the storybooks. These sepia and flax colored shrines in the cocktail blue sky will take you into your pretty world of imagination. Not just that, they will bring fiction to reality! How? Visit the Castle of Trujillo and experience what Samwell Tarly experienced in Old Town! 

These castles apart from being shooting locations also seem to be an inspiration to the Disney artists. The castles like Segovia’s Alcazar, Jarandilla, Mota, Coca, Olite, Loarre are nothing less than a fairytale setting. Your visit to Spain will be in vain if you don’t experience the magic of these castles.

9. Spend a day at the magnificent deserts

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The deserts in Spain are all about barren outcrops, sandstone cliffs, and vast wilderness. The arid beauty of the deserts attracts millions of tourists every year. The Cabo de Gata is Europe’s most original geological feature. It is also a designated Biosphere Reserve and the only complete desert in Europe. 

The Tabernas Desert is one of the three semi-deserts in Spain. It is endowed with a wide variety of wildlife. The Monegros Desert and Bardenas Reales are the other two semi-deserts in Spain. As the climate is a little warm during the shoulder season, visiting these deserts is one of the most popular things to do in Spain in August. 

10. Be awestruck at the National parks

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Bestowed upon by dramatically variable climatic conditions, Spain is an abode to a total of 15 national parks. The Sierra Nevada located in the provinces of Granada houses Spain’s highest mountain peaks and the Donana houses Spain’s most important and widespread ecosystem. Here are some other fascinating national parks in Spain-

  • Picos de Europa- One of the first national parks in Spain
  • Timanfaya-UNESCO biosphere reserve
  • Teide- the most visited national park in Spain

All the hombres and senoritas out there, bid adios to your job blues and visit this fun place called Spain!

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