15 Best Things To Do In The United Kingdom

By Revati Tamboli on Sep 26, 2018
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If you are wondering whether it is safe to travel to the United Kingdom, then know that it is one of the countries that has been hit by the Coronavirus epidemic. 40 cases have been detected in the UK till this date. While the authorities in the UK are taking all the steps to contain the spread of COVID-19, it is recommended to take precautionary measures while visiting the UK. Also, we suggest that you check flight operations to and from the United Kingdom as they might be affected amidst the virus outbreak.

Note: The Coronavirus statistics mentioned in this article are based on the updated reports available on March 03, 2020. These figures will be updated depending on how the outbreak unfolds.


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There’s no way to prepare for the awe inspiring view from the London Eye or the mystic aura of Stonehenge. Against the hilly and green terrains, the majestic castles and skyscrapers never looked so beautiful. Home to Harry Potter, James Bond and Braveheart, the United Kingdom is travelers’ paradise. This place is a unique blend of everything royal, antique and enormous. Old Trafford for the football fanatics, Dark Hedges for the nature lovers and  Dungeness National Nature Reserve for the wanderers, United Kingdom has something for everything. Overwhelmed about what to do in UK? This list of things to do in the United Kingdom will surely help you out!

1. Marvel at the beauty of River Thames


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Gracing the magical city of London, the River Thames also flows through Reading, Oxford, Henley- on- Thames and Windsor. You will never be short of activities to do at the river. You can enjoy boating, strolling and fishing at the river. You can also take the Thames speedboat ride and the dining cruises across the river. Some of the most iconic landmarks of the UK like the Big Ben, London Eye and the Houses of Parliament are located on the banks of Thames and are a sight to behold. 

2. Get a sight of London through the London Eye


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‘Big’ doesn’t even begin to describe the city of London. And the ‘London Eye’ is the pride of this city! Built as a temporary attraction in 2000, this giant ferris wheel later became so popular that now it is the most popular landmark of London. Apart from being Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel, the London Eye is also one of the most visited attractions in the UK. Getting a view of the stunning city of London from the London eye is one of the best things to do in UK.

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3. Revel in history at Stonehenge


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Popularly known as the ‘British Culture Icon’, the Stonehenge is the most ancient structure in Europe. It was built in the Neolithic era and also has one structure which dates back to the Monolithic era. The antiquity and heritage of this site are two of the many reasons why it is a matter of pride for the United Kingdom. The Stonehenge is considered amongst the wonders of the world and is a must-visit place when in UK.

4. Take a cultural tour of the world at British Museum


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Located in London, the British Museum is a museum about art, culture and human history. It houses over 8 million works. The British Museum is world’s first national public museum. Establishes in 1753, the museum has the largest online database of all museums in the world. It also has one of the world’s largest collections of antiques from the Classical era. Some of the most popular exhibits of the museum include the Parthenon Marbles, Tomb of Payava, Oscan Tablet and Mesopotamian antiquities.

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5. Click photos at Buckingham Palace


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The Buckingham Palace is the administrative headquarters of the monarch of United Kingdom. The palace houses 775 state rooms and is a huge architectural marvel. The Grand Staircase inside the palace is the highlight of the tour of palace. The palace houses some renowned paintings by Van Dyck, Rembrandt, Poussin, Canaletto and Claude. The throne room, garden, flags and clocks and the Sèvres Porcelain are significant features of the Buckingham Palace. The Palace is one of the best things to see in UK.

6. Catch a stunning view at Tower Bridge


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A bascule and suspension bridge located in London, the Tower Bridge is a popular cultural icon of the United Kingdom. This supremely functional bridge has its beauty enhanced with the neo- gothic towers and suspension lines. You are familiar with this bridge from dozens of movies. The northern tower of the bridge houses the ‘Tower Bridge Exhibition’ which can be reached by a lift. The bridge is now electrically powered. 

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7. Experience heritage at it’s best at Edinburgh Castle


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The Edinburgh Castle is a world famous structure located in Scotland. Margaret’s Chapel, which is the oldest part of the castles, dates back to the 12th century. This castle symbolises the antiquity, heritage and power of the United Kingdom. The Great Hall, Half Moon Battery, Regent Morton and Scottish War Memorial are significant parts of the Edinburgh Castle. The castle has become a recognisable symbol of Scotland and is also a part of Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site.

8. Enjoy wilderness at Giant's Causeway


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The Giant’s Causeway is a major tourist attraction in Northern Ireland. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has been named as the fourth greatest natural wonder in the United Kingdom. It is also one of the filming locations for the very popular fantasy series ‘Game of Thrones’. The basalts at this site are originally a part of a volcanic plateau which is almost 50 to 60 million years old. Some of the most significant features of the place include the Giant’s Boots, Giant’s Eyes, Shepherd’s Steps and Honeycomb.

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9. Enjoy a day out with family at Snowdonia National Park


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The Snowdonia National Park is all about the blend of man-made and natural beauty. There are many activities to do and sights to see inside this iconic park. Some of the sightseeing spots in the park include Padarn Country Park, Electric Mountain and Glynllifon Park. You can also enjoy a plethora of adventure activities in the park. The park is home to museums like Sir Henry Jones Museum, National Slate Museum, Porthmadog Maritime Museum and Inigo Jones Slate Works. 

10. Experience royalty at Palace of Westminster


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The stunning royal palace of Westminster is an abode to the Houses of British Parliament, House of Lords and the House of Commons. The history of the royal palace goes to back to almost 1,000 years. The Palace also houses the majestic Big ben. The Elizabeth Tower situated just at the entrance of the palace is one of the most visited tourist attractions in England. The Palace of Westminster is a must see in UK.

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11. Shopping spree at Covent Garden


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Located in the Greater London District, the Covent Garden is a popular shopping and tourist place in the UK. The street theater in the Piazza area of the market is very popular. You can also explore shops in the Opera Quarter, Seven Dials and St Martin’s Courtyard. The Royal Opera House, Somerset House, Trafalgar Square, National Gallery and St Martin in-the-fields Church are must visit attractions in the market. Shopping at the Covent Garden is one of the top activities to do in UK.

12. Seek serenity at Peak District


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Mainly nestled in northern Derbyshire, the Peak District is home to the famous Peak District National Park. Creases of landscapes and hillsides is what Peak District is all about. The Dark Peak consists of a moorland and gritstone edges and the White Peak is constituted of limestone dales. The area also houses many lakes and valleys. The Peak District is England’s first National Park and certainly the most busiest one in Europe.

13. Visit the National Gallery, London


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The National Gallery is located in the Trafalgar Square of London. It was founded in 1824 and has an extensive collection of paintings. These paintings date back to mid 13th century to 1900. Some of the most iconic paintings in the gallery include the Arnolfini Portrait, The Virgin of the Rocks, Sunflowers and the Ambassadors. The gallery is also popular for its unique and British style architecture. Visiting the National Gallery in London is one of the top things to do in the United Kingdom.

14. Hiking at Lake District National Park


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The Lake District National Park is a popular tourist attraction situated in the North West England. The National Park is a home to the highest mountain in England- Scafell Pike and also the deepest and longest water bodies which are West Water and Windermere respectively. The major lakes in the park are Crummock Water, Devoke Water, Elter Water and Wast Water. The Lake District National Park is also home to a wide variety of wildlife.

15. Boating at Windermere


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The largest natural lake in England, Windermere is one of the most popular place for holidays and summer homes. The most enjoyed activities here are swimming and boating. The lake is surrounded by 5 boating clubs. It also has attractions like Windermere Steamboat Museum and Windermere Water bus just nearby the shore. The lake has been mentioned in many English poems and literature. It is one of the most exciting stuff to do in the UK.

Pack your bags and head to the United Kingdom for the most memorable vacation of your life!

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