7 Fantastic Things To Do In Wisconsin To Have A Great Trip

If we ever have to make a list of underrated states for tourism, I am sure Wisconsin will rank on the top. This US state has so much to offer for all types of travelers and yet most of its tourist attractions are not known to many. There are hundreds of interesting places to visit in Milwaukee, a plethora of fun parks, and an array of forested areas. Wisconsin tourist towns like Cedarburg, Lake Geneva, and New Glarus will steal a piece of your heart right away. Want to know what else it offers? Read this list of best things to do in Wisconsin and You will have a great trip!

1. Visit the city of Milwaukee

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Milwaukee, a melting pot of art, culture, and development, is a city that deserves to be explored. Home to some of the best tourist attractions in Wisconsin, this city is home to Milwaukee Art Museum, Haggerty Museum of Art, Discovery World, Harley-Davidson Museum along with numerous performing art theaters and landmarks. And of course, this is also known as the ‘Beer City of the USA’ making it popular amongst many. 

2. Have fun at different amusement parks

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Wisconsin is the state where thrill welcomes you with open arms. From the African-themed Kalahari Resorts Dells, child-friendly slides of Noah's Ark Waterpark, roller coaster of Mt. Olympus to the fun of Wilderness Resort and huge waterpark of Chula Vista Resort, you will find a number of fun things to do in Wisconsin. 

3. Enjoy outdoors at Devil's Lake State Park

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Devil's Lake State Park, the biggest state park in Wisconsin, hides away untouched beauty in its woods. There are 41 miles of hiking trails to explore these billion-year-old landscapes. If you are wondering what are the other free things to do in Wisconsin here, then you can also enjoy biking, rock climbing, camping, and boating. Visit this park to make your summer in Wisconsin memorable! 

Of course, there are several other hiking trails in Wisconsin as well that are loved by outdoor enthusiasts. 

4. Enjoy bizarreness of the House on the Rock

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Visiting the House on the Rock is one of the unique things to do in Wisconsin. Located between the cities of Spring Green and Dodgeville, this hilltop house is known for its weird and quirky maze-like architecture. Take a tour of this house and you are bound to come across some bizarre exhibits.

5. Tour the Olbrich Botanical Gardens

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When you are wondering what to do in Wisconsin, you can head Olbrich Botanical Gardens and witness the blend of Asian and English style gardens. Its 16 acres are divided into the different themed area including a rock garden, rose garden, meadow garden, and the most famous - Thai garden. It will be a wonderful experience to stroll around this tropical paradise. 

6. Be fascinated by the Cave of the Mounds

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Cave of the Mounds makes for a fascinating place with its numerous mineral formations dotting its surfaces. This is a natural limestone cave located near the town of Blue Mounds and has been designated as the National Natural Landmark. Some formations flaunt vibrant shades of red, blue and brown adding to the surreal beauty of this site. 

7. Experience the rugged beauty of Apostle Islands

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A group of 22 islands, popularly known as Apostle Islands, is popular amongst adrenaline rush seekers. Paddling to different sea caves or camping on the islands are most preferred. If you are looking for things to do in Wisconsin in winter, then come here for ice caving and you will definitely love it! 

If you want, you can visit several other islands of Wisconsin as well. 

A little bit of natural beauty along with urban entertainment scenes - what else you need for a perfect vacation, right?

And when you are tired after all the wandering around, you can visit some of the best spa resorts in Wisconsin to pamper yourself.


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