11 Extreme Activities to Enjoy On A Brocation

By Reshma Dewda on Nov 05, 2015
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Your friend's all set to get hitched. Being the best man, you are wondering what you can do to make his last few days as a bachelor memorable. Have you had enough of 'Hangover' inspired vacations? Here are our suggestions for a crazy, fun filled brocation.

1. Jet Packing in Australia

Jetpacking is water sports taken to a whole another level. Try this fun yet extreme adventure sport with your buddies. 

Where: Main Beach, Australia

Photo by Greg Scales

2. Wing Suit Flying in Switzerland

Feel like a superhero in this birdman suit that literally gives you wings. There are a number of fascinating spots that are ideal for wingsuit flying.

Where: Mt Titlis, Switzerland

Photo by wallpaperfo

3. Waterfall Kayaking in USA

Kayaking in calm waters is so passe. Waterfall kayaking is where the true adrenaline lies. Even though it is quite a solitary activity, it is great to do with friends too.

Where: Palouse Falls,Washington DC

Photo by Rob Shenk

4. Dive the Blue Holes, Bahamas

The mysterious blue holes in Bahamas are enticing extreme scuba divers to delve deep and reach into the vast treasure that lies beneath. Dean's blue hole in Bahamas is the biggest blue hole in the world. If you dare to dive in, you'd find remnants of civilizations and gorgeous sealife that is difficult to find anywhere else.

Where: Bahamas

Photo by Christian Afonso

5. Visiting the Haunted Castles of Scotland

 The castles of Sotland hold some mysterious secrets that can be quite terrifying for the faint hearted. Take a haunted castle tour and revisit the eerie facts of these grand monuments. Best done on Halloween Day!

Where: Edinburgh

Photo by Kris Williams

6. Heli skiing in Alaska

 Heli skiing is a thrilling sport that has gathered much steam amongst ski aficionados. Alaska, especially is home to some exciting ski slopes that are accessible by helicopters only.

Where: Alaska

Photo by Jon Konrath

7. Learn Ninja skills in Japan

How exciting it would be to learn the ancient warrior art of ninjas by original ninjas themselves! Gather your closest budies and head to Japan, where you can learn a thing or two about being a ninja!

Where: Nabari, Japan

Photo by joyced700

8. Volcano Boarding in Sierra Nevada

Any safety conscious person would tell you to stay miles away from an active volcano. But if you're the daredevil we think you are, this sport is just for you. It involves you sliding down a volcano slope on a plywood or metal board.

Where: Cerro Negro, Nicargua

Photo by Garrett Ziegler

9. Ice Climb in Canada

Ice Climbing is for serious adventure seekers. It provides a thrill like no other sport and is not without its dangers. 

Where: Val David, Canada

Photo by davebloggs007

10. Cheese Rolling in Gloucester

This one seems so simple that it is borderline funny. Seriously prone to injuries, cheese rolling is nothing but running after a cheese roll down the hill. It's a very popular activity and believe it or not, lots of fun too.

Where: Gloucestershire, England

Photo by michael warren

11. Running with Bulls in Spain

You have heard about this, but now it is time to gather the guts to do it. A bunch of angry, confused and mighty bulls run straight for you as you run in groups on the same street as them. Could be quite a story to bring back home.

Where: Pamplona, Spain

Photo by Camilo Rueda Lute;pez

A brocation need not be about booze and gambling. These activities prove that you could have a lot of outdoor fun with your guy friends and still have stories that can't go out of your closed group.

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