5 Things You Should Know Before Booking a Hotel Room

By Guest Blogger on Jul 30, 2018
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Paying for a Hotel isn’t as simple as you think. There are a lot of hidden charges that they don’t advertise. Moreover, you must oblige to their policies when checking in or out. In short, there are a lot of things about hotel booking you never heard of, and we are going to change that. 

Learn Their Cancellation Policy

Before you reserve a room, you better read the hotel’s cancellation policy carefully. Read it more than once because every hotel has a cancellation policy. These policies are different from one hotel to another and can be very strict. 

In general, a hotel wants 24-hour notice before canceling your reservation if you don’t want them to charge you a dime. In other cases, hotels can ask 48-72 hours or a week. Some hotels can charge you a cancellation fee regardless when you canceled.

If you book through a third party like an app or website, they have a different policy as compared to the hotel. Make sure you read that as well.

Note Incidental Deposit and Extra Charges

Before you take the room key, you need to ask how much your credit with be authorized in advance for extra like room service, Wi-Fi, minibar, damages, etc. These charges can cost you up to $100 for a day.

A reputed hotel will show these charges when you book. This should hit you as a surprise. In case anything happens, the hotel can put a temporary hold on your credit card and will charge the amount when you check out. 

Avoid Debit Card

Don’t use a debit card to pay for your hotel room. Save up to pay for your room rate, tax, and deposit. Incidental deposits are hardly held on your credit card. With a debit card, you can take this money out of your account instantly. 

When your checkout, the hotel will return the funds to your account, but the transaction can take some time. Avoid using Debit Card to pay for your stay, if you must then use it to cover the basics. 

Fees and Incidental Charges

Do you know that fees and related charges are collected by your hotel, not the booking website? Even if you pre-pad the room on a third party, the hotel will still ask for your credit card at check-in. This will cover resort fee and incident charges. 

Don’t worry; they won’t charge you again. Instead, they are just keeping your credit card as security. If you have an insecurity about this, you better see whether fast cover travel insurance offers a solution or not.

Carefully Review Your Bank Account and Checkout Folio Before Leaving

Hotels tend to make billing mistakes; they can double charge you for services. You are responsible for your credit, so make sure you check your bill before leaving and catch any mistake right on the spot. If you do this, then the hotel can correct it and give back your money. So, don’t be careless, take care of your credit.