10 Things We All Should Thank the French For!

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The quintessential European charm that exhales in the streets of its cities & towns, the resplendent seaside of Cote D’ Azur, the imperial structures that spell opulence and locals filled with poise, France is more than a country, it is an experience. The hotspot of art, culture and history, France and its countrymen have embodied, in-fact defined fine living, world-class etiquettes and so much more, that the entire world is indebted! 
Before visiting the country, I was bombarded with opinions about the French. ‘They aren’t warm, they are rude, they are not friendly’. After visiting the country for two times now, I can safely disagree and rather emphasize on how interesting these people actually are, and how much they’ve given to the world! 
Here’s a list of top 10 things the world should be thankful to the French for: 

1. The Wine

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While this bottled poetry might not be really invented in France, there is no doubt about the fact that the French taught the world how to drink it. Twirling the glass with grace, savouring it sip by sip, the French make the entire process a delight, even to just watch! One of the top countries to produce as well as consume wine, French wine connoisseurs have, over the years crafted and delivered the bestest wines to our tables! 

2. The Champagne

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Right from its name, this ceremonial, ‘reserved-for-special-occasions’ drink is one of the gifts given to the world by France. A sparkling wine, Champagne was once a drink exclusively served to the royals and the nobles. Made from the grapes grown in the Champagne region in the northeast of France, this drink resonates with celebration across the world. 

3. The Gastronomy

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Herbs with the most delicate flavour and aroma imaginable, variety of differently shaped breads, 250+ types of cheeses and a cuisine that is impeccable, intricate and yet so enticing, French Food is lip-smacking. Add to that the delicacies of French patisseries and bakeries and you have pure indulgence! The world can’t thank the French enough, for its cheese, its baguettes, its macaroons, its soups, its Croque-monsieurs, the list goes on!  

4. The Art of La soirée

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French have told the world how to throw the most elegant parties! To French, it’s not just about good food, it is also important to eat it the right way and dress accordingly. The French prefer long meals, with several courses, served with the right accompaniments and drinks. The French table setting, course planning and serving is internationally acclaimed. Also, the French believe in portion control and enjoying every meal with equal care, no wonder why most of the French are lean! 

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5. The French Art

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From Jacques-Louis David to Edith Piaf, from Cannes Film festival to uncountable number of Jazz Bars, France has been a patron of art- be it painting, sculpting or music! It has nurtured world’s best artists and has been up-keeping the best art works! 

6. The Fashion

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From creating ensembles to introducing stylish Haute couture, from Chanel to Louis Vuitton, the French have bestowed the world with a sensational fashion and impeccable style! The country continues to be a hotspot and inspiration for the latest international fashion. If you are in French Riviera, you can even walk over the border to Monaco where the cars are as fancy as the fashion.

7. The Perfumes

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France is known as the World Capital of Perfumes and rightfully so! The French have been creating subtle yet refreshing perfumes. The French parfums are delicately crafted using fresh herbs and flowers grown in rocky regions and warm climate. France is the leading perfume manufactures and the world can’t thank it enough, for smelling good, all the time! 

8. The Language & Literature

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As writer Stephen King quotes, ‘French is a language that turns dirt into romance’. The French language is known to have given countless words to English and is one of most graceful language spoken! Being the only country home to 15 literature Nobel Prize winners, there is no doubt about how well France has contributed to the world’s literature. The city of Paris has been a pilgrimage of writers and poets and continues to the be the same!

9. The Blunt Opinions

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Yes, the French are polite but straightforward. You will often get a comment like ‘you look tired’ which means you look like you’ve just walked out of your bed. The French are known for their bluntness and less small talks. The world needs more of this!  

10. Travel Bucket Lists

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Stunning cities, dramatic countryside, beautiful vineyards and splendid beaches, France boasts a natural diversity along with excellent man-made structures like the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre. From Paris to Marseille, from Nice to Bordeux, from Lille to Nantes, the French cities and towns overflow our travel bucket lists and looks like we can never get over the country! 
The world is beholden and we are not complaining! 
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