12 things girls are tired of hearing when they travel solo

By Dhruvalakshmi Paithankar on Apr 02, 2019
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Let’s get one thing straight - solo traveling for women is not a phase. I am not doing it because it is a trend. I am traveling solo because I love it, as simple as that! But, I have noticed over the years that people cannot understand when things are simple. They cannot comprehend that girls can actually enjoy traveling solo. Whenever I declare I am traveling alone for a vacation, all the questions, opinions, and advice start pouring in. I am sure all you solo girl travelers out there must be facing the frustratingly same problem! So, here I am listing down all the things that girls are tired of hearing while traveling solo and adding my two cents over -

Warning - long rant ahead. 

1. Why don’t you go with your partner/family? 


What people say - “I think it is selfish of you to travel solo when your family is sitting at home. Either go with them or do not go at all.”

My family may not always like that I am taking a trip alone, and they may worry about my safety, but they try their best to understand that it is something I like. Try doing that sometime and I hope you will understand the difference between selfish and passionate. 

2. Did your friends cancel on you? 


What people say - “All those people in your friend list on social media, you meet someone or the other on weekends, and how come no one is ready to go with you? Ask them to travel with you on your solo trip. “

No, nobody decided to cancel on me. No, I will not ask anyone to come with me on my ‘solo’ trip. And for the last time, no, not everyone who likes my posts on social media is my friend! To tell you the truth, I read about some of the best solo female travel destination around the world and planned a vacation. 

3. Are you having any problems in life? 


What people say - “Only because they show it in the movies, you do not need to travel to figure out who you are or to get a hang of your life. You can tell us if you are facing any issues in life. We are here for you.”

Firstly, save that overly-concerned, T.V.-series-dramatic tone for yourself. I am capable of handling my shit without your help. And secondly, I travel because I love exploring new places on my own, not because I am running away from anything or anyone. 

4. Why do you need to be so extra/aggressive/feminist? 


What people say - “I do not understand you girls these days (cue eye roll). You are ready to do everything in the name of feminism... If you want to be extra or aggressive, go color your hair or something like that. Don’t travel alone just to prove some stupid point.” 

Umm… what? Please elaborate what girl’s colored hair have anything to do with her being aggressive? What does it have anything at all to do with solo traveling? I am baffled when people link everything to feminism. 

5. Won’t you be bored? 


What people say - “Do you seriously, willingly want to say, ‘table for one’? You will eat alone, you will explore new places alone, and there will be no one to talk to. Do this for a day and I bet you will be bored out of your wits.”

Don’t you understand? I will be away from nosey people like you, away from all your drama. Plus, I will travel alone, I will meet new people, make friends in a foreign land, and explore places I yet do not even know exist. All this is unmistakably the exact opposite of bored. 

6. It is not a safe world, darling.


What people say - “What if someone robs you? What if someone spikes your drinks? What if you face eve-teasing? What if you get kidnapped? What will you do if there is a terrorist attack? 

Now that’s a nice way to encourage women solo travelers, but do you mean to say that all these things cannot happen in my own backyard? In spite of a few bad instances, I still trust that men are nice human beings. If you think these questions will stop me from traveling solo, then you cannot be more wrong. 

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7. Who travels ‘alone’ like that? It’s so sad! 


What people say - “That is why we tell you to be nice to people. If you would have listened to us, you would definitely have found someone to accompany you. Now here you are, planning a trip all by yourself.”

You know what? I am nice to people, at least the ones that are sensible. It is, in fact, very exciting to plan a trip alone. But, I am not going to waste my energy in explaining how life-changing it can be. I will plan my next solo vacation instead. 

8. You need to start saving for your wedding 


What people say - “Look at you, already 25 and wasting all your money traveling alone. I am worried about your financial planning. Don’t you understand the importance of saving money? Plan your grand wedding reception instead of planning all these trips.”

Thank you for your advice, but, I am good. I actually love ‘wasting’ money to experience new cultures. I am also thinking of not inviting you to my wedding reception. So, there is one thing less for you to worry about now. Happy?

9. Get married, settle down, and then travel with your husband. 


What people say - “It’s time to settle down, kid. Ones you get married, you will always have your husband to travel with. More importantly, don’t you hear that biological clock ticking away?”

No, I hear everything from mountains that call my name to the roar of the ocean as if it is a lullaby. Everything, but not that dull clock you are talking about. For me, settling down means being able to have financial as well as emotional freedom to do the things I love without worrying about people who are judging everything I am going to do or not going to do. 

10. What will you do after having babies? 


What people say - “You cannot pull such stunts when you have babies. Who will take care of them and cook for them when you are out there? Don’t expect your husband to do a woman’s job just because you want to have fun alone.”

This is between me and my husband. And actually, just so you know, I do expect my husband to share all the responsibilities. When I am not traveling solo, we are planning to raise our babies in such a way that they will not ask stupid questions and give free advice (unlike you). 

11. Let’s go together! 


What people say - “Forget about that solo-traveling thing of yours. I am anyway applying for leaves next week. We will go together and have some real fun!”

The keyword in solo female traveling is solo, my dear friend. ‘Solo’ is an adjective, used when something is done by one person alone; when he/she is unaccompanied. So, thanks, but no thanks!

12. You are so brave to do something like this! 


What people say - “I think it is brave to plan something like this, especially when people do not understand it yet.”

This one I am never going to get tired of hearing! More power to thousands and thousands of female solo travelers out there. 

And my free advice to people who are dragging us down? For the love of god, stop saying these things and just wish us a happy journey!

Disclaimer - Let’s coexist in the world where writers can express their opinions safely and then we all can have a healthy discussion about it. Also, the writer's financial conditions haven't yet reached a sky-high, indicating that this is in no way a paid post. Happy reading!

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