Before-And-After Pics Of Famous Cities That Changed Over Time

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Things around us are changing rapidly and the world is evolving very quickly. The city that we grew up in is not the same anymore. A lot of factors have contributed to these developments. Let's have a look at the world cities that have changed dramatically in the past few years.



1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 2000 And Now


2. Seoul, South Korea - 1900 And Now



3. Vilnius, Lithuania - 1900 And Now


4. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - 1970 And Now


5. Singapore, Republic Of Singapore 2000 And Now


6. Tokyo, Japan - 1945 And Now


7. Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 2005 And Now



8. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - 1930 And Now


9. Sydney, Australia - 1932 And Now


10. Shenzen, China - 1964 And Now


11. Fortaleza, Brazil - 1975 And Now



12. Bangkok, Thailand - 1988 And Now


13. Athens, Greece - 1862 And Now


14. Berlin, Germany - 1945 And 1990s


15. Toronto, Canada - 1930 And Now


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