Tipping Guide For 11 Countries Across The Globe

By Priya Saha on Jan 07, 2016
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Traveling around the world is almost on everyone’s wish list. For some the dream might be in the process of fulfillment and for some, the journey might have started. For me, the bucket list for 2016 is already in the process. So while preparing the list, i was contemplating on few questions like - Do I know the common etiquettes of the countries I am traveling to? How am I going to appreciate their hospitality?  Well, these questions must have come up in your mind as well. So I thought its time to get educated on global tipping guide to enjoy a comfortable journey around the world. 

TripHobo has listed down tipping etiquettes while traveling to below listed countries:

1. Portugal

Travelling to Portugal? Keeping some extra euros in your pocket will do. Like all the other countries, this European country follow similar tipping etiquette. Hence, you don’t need to worry much. For instance, you can pay 1 or 2 euro to the bellhops for carrying your bag or you can round up the amount to the nearest 5 euro while travelling in a taxi. However, in restaurants paying additional 10% is a custom. 

tipping guide and etiquettes in other countries 

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2. Brazil

In America, tipping is widely accepted. Following this custom, Brazil is no different from other American countries. Hence, paying extra $2 dollar to the portar in the hotel or the housekeeper or rounding up the bill amount while taxi drivers are happily accepted.

Note: Brazilians do not prefer tips being displayed in open. Hence, paying that ‘extra amount’ in the folded bill and verbally expressing your appreciation will be highly appreciated.


 Image Source: pixabay.com

3. Canada

Like United States, Canada doesn’t include gratuity/service tax on the bill. Hence, words like ''service”  is absent from the bill. So, paying 15 to 20 percent is accepted at restaurants. Similarly, at hotels, $1 to $5 dollar will do to appreciate the extra services.

Note: Make sure you carry enough Canadian currency to pay off those ‘little’ extra gratitude.


 Image Source: Jason Kuffer/Flickr

4. France

A trip to France means a gourmet journey. Hence, restaurants in France are smart enough to add up the tipping amount on their bill. So, don’t be surprised when you come across words like  ‘service compris’ on your bill. However, if you are heading off to a bar, few extra euros might be required. On other situations like while tipping a tour guide, 25 euros is enough for his whole day service. In case of taxis, 10-15 percent is advised.


 Image Source: pixabay.com

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5. Italy

In Italy small tipping amount is enough to appreciate the Italian services. For instance, in restaurants 10 percent is convenient. In hotels, stick to 5 euros for housekeeping services. However, on a gondola ride tipping is not strictly followed.  


 Image Source: pixabay.com

6. India

Tipping is gladly accepted in India. However, paying it directly on hand looks a bit awkward. Hence, look for the tipping boxes that Indian hotels keep and pay the amount that you feel suitable. Usually 50 rupees are accepted for the porter.


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons  

7. Dubai

Dubai government has made it compulsory to add a 10 percent service charge in every hotels, restaurants and bar bills. This tipping amount is then equally divided among all the staffs or is taken by the person who has provided the services (in case of a single staff). On the other side, in parking areas 10 dirham is paid at the valets.


 Image Source: Les Roches International School of Hotel Management Follow/Flickr

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8. Australia

If you are dining in an high end Australian restaurant, 10% tipping is required. For porters, $1 - $2 will do. However, to appreciate the humble service of your hired driver, say ‘keep the change’. That’s the best way you can show appreciation to an Aussie driver.

 Photo credit: vagawi/Flickr  

9. China

Like many other Asian countries, China comes with no tipping culture. So, in Chinese restaurants you can keep back the extra amount for your other expenses. Hotels serving overseas visitors do have porters who will move around you for the extra tip. However, if you are still keen on paying the tip, make sure you pay that amount in the ignorance of the staff’s employer.


 Image Source: youtube.com

10. Japan

Like China, Japan strictly follows ‘no tipping’ rule. Hence, if you feel that paying tip will let you enjoy extra comfort, then you are on the wrong page. In fact, they feel insulted and you will be instead look down upon for paying it. So, keep your wallet in your pocket, period!

 Image Source: money.cnn.com

11. Morocco

Paying tip in African countries is not out of compulsion. Rather it is out of generosity. Hence, you can pay around 10 percent at restaurants. But do check the bill to clarify whether the extra 10% is already added in the final amount or not. At hotels, 2 dollar per bag is enough. Similarly, for cab services round up the amount to the next 10 dirham!


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Remember, never ask the staff about the tipping amount. Because, it sounds a bit insulting from the receiver’s point of view. On the other hand, check your bill properly just to clarify that the service charge is added or not.

Once you remember these aspects, your journey around the world will be easy.  

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