Do’s & Dont’s For Oktoberfest - Tips To Keep in Mind

By Janhavi Desai on Aug 04, 2016
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Willkommen Oktoberfest! The greatest beer festival is held every year in Munich starting from September till first week of October! The 17 day long drunken fest attracts millions of people worldwide for the delicious liquid gold we all been pinning for! Now, for the newbie who haven’t been to Oktoberfest before, worry not, you’re going to look like you’ve been doing this since you were ye olde!
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Here’s a brush up so you don’t look like a lost kid at a fair:
The glorious Oktoberfest is erected under several tents at "Theresienwiese” or "Festweise” is what they call this 40 hectare ground. Inside, there are rows and rows of benches where you take a seat and order the brews. Each tent has a specific blend and people flock to their favorites and gorge on delicious Schweinshaxe (pork) & Weisswurst (white sausages). There are 14 big tents and 20 small tents to satisfy you with every variety of beer to quench that thirst! 
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Now It’s down to how not to act at the Volkfest!


1. Don’t Stand Around

You’re going to be swept of your feet in not a good way, and to order a beer you must be seated or they won’t take your orders.

2. Don’t Steal The Stein 


Come on! Get into the spirit of Oktoberfest, men strap on those lederhosen and ladies buckle those dirndls. Sing a long (try to) to some bavarian tunes and make merry!

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3. Don’t Use Your Credit Card

Don’t annoy the hurried servers by flashing you card, they only take cash or vouchers. If you piss them off you won’t be getting your biers anytime soon.

4. Don’t Leave The Tent


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If you’ve got yourself a seat, pat yourself on the back and don’t lose it. Leaving the tent means going through the throng all over again and you might not be lucky this time. Hold off your piss and your cigarette.

5. Don’t Lose Your Things

Obviously, you’re not trying to lose your stuff, but be sure to not carry valuables. When you’re in a haze you’re quite an unfortunate target for pickpocketers or you absent mindedly leaving your bags/phone around which creates quite the ruckus at the lost and found which holds 4,000 lost items, no joke.
But hey, you’re a nice person. So you’ll definitely do these:


1. Do Dress Up


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Come on! Get into the spirit of Oktoberfest, men strap on those lederhosen and ladies buckle those dirndls. Sing along (try to) to some Bavarian tunes and make merry!      

2. Do Wake Up Early

You may think that 12pm is a reasonable hour to hit the brewskis but you are so absolutely wrong. People are queued up since 7:30 am on the weekends and with tents filling up by the second it’s a pretty good idea to have your breakfast brew. After all, beer is just liquid bread right? 

3. Do Tip Your Server


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Carrying all these heavy steins and listening to incoherent boozers isn’t always fun. So be sure to tip them well and hey they might even get your jugs early. 

4. Do Stop Drinking Eventually

If you’re here to prove you’re the mightiest of all with that iron liver, you need to be reminded that those jugs are a litre of beer with 6% alcohol and you will succumb to becoming a bierleiche (beer corpse) eventually if you stop to eat for a while and then gird your loins for the next round.

5. Do Learn A Bit Of German


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At least enough to order your round and sweet talk the server. It’s not so hard! Plus you’ll definitely get the nod of approval and won’t be considered a typical tourist which will make Oktoberfest a lot more fun!
There you go kid, you’re as good as the pro’s. Keep safe and enjoy the madness. Prost! 
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