Strip Club Etiquette - Tips and Rules You Must Follow

Your boss has been tough on you, the whole day. The targets thrown at you are getting tighter and tighter, day by day! The deadlines are draining all your energy. You are just craving for a change. You just need to have some "fun".
You decide to visit one of the most happening places in the city, a popular strip club. You just want to chill and enjoy one or two drinks with girls dancing around. But the sight turns you on and in order to satisfy your fantasy, you do something which turns your fun night into a total turn off!
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So the next time, you visit a strip club, make sure you've followed strip club dos and don'ts so that you'll not land in trouble, again!

How To Behave In Strip Clubs

Strip Club Do's

1. Tip your bartender, dancer or waiter!

If you want to spend some of your hard-earned money in a strip club, how about rewarding the bartender, dancer, and waiter for the services they are offering and not on some sexual offers. 
The major source of income for most of them is through tips and hence your tip can make a whole lot of difference. 
Fun with philanthropy! Now that's something which you should try on your next visit to a strip club.
*wink wink*

2. Watch your pants, quite literally!

The sheer sight of a sultry hot diva dancing in front of you can be too enticing sometimes. Have fun and try not to cross your limits. It’s okay to have a boner! You’re a man, after all. But kindly leave that in pants or else you’ll end up embarrassing the dancer and also yourself.

3. Enjoy the vibe, in general

Agreed that your boss pissed the hell out of you. But now as you are in a strip club, try keeping all your tensions aside and just enjoy its vibe. Strip clubs can be one of the most happening places on the earth.

Avoid These Mistakes Guys Make at the Strip Club

Strip Club Dont's

1. Do not touch her!

Yes, she might be dancing for you. She might even give you a lap dance. But she is not an after work prostitute. The main agenda of strip clubs is to sell fantasy and not turn it into reality. So keep your hands off her! 
Don't even try to ask for sexual favours in return of loads of money, because she won't do it. She will not ruin her or her club's name just for your obsession with the S word.

2. Don't try to get the real names of the dancers:

One of the major don'ts you should keep in mind that don't force the dancers with questions about their personal life. They'll not reveal their names, marital status and other details for the sake of their safety. A big no-no when in a strip club.

3. Don’t throw money on the dancers!

Throwing money on the dancers is considered to be insulting and can get you in deep trouble. Be respectable, be humble. You haven’t bought her, wholly. You have just bought her services.
With liquor in hand and girls dancing to get your attention. Can this be any more royal? Also, you can enjoy some food, watch a football match or two and have a gala time.
The next time, if you are planning to visit a strip club, make sure you’ve brushed up these dos and don’ts and must follow the strip club rules. Otherwise, you can get into a deep, deep trouble! Fulfill your fantasy but don’t kill it!
Free Advice: Keep a good chunk of money along with you, so that your night is nothing short but a cracker!

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