10 iPhone Photography Tips For Better Pictures

  • UPDATED Dec 07, 2017

So you own an iPhone. But taking good pictures with it is a real struggle. You may think taking a quality pictures requires some heavy equipment (think DSLRs and bright lights), but youre wrong. Your iPhone can do it just as well! Want to know how? Follow these easy tips and youll become a pro at taking pictures with your iPhone:

1. Keep your lens clean

This ones a no-brainer, but somehow people forget to follow this cardinal rule. Your phone can get really dirty and your camera lens is not magically protected. Clean it regularly to avoid taking blurry pictures.


2. Avoid using the front camera

The back camera takes pictures at a much higher resolution than the front camera. Your pictures turn out better when you use the rear-facing camera.

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3. Dont zoom

Its better to take a few steps closer to your subject than zoom into it. Why? Because when you zoom, the photograph quality gets reduced and it becomes grainier. You can even crop the photo instead of using zoom.

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4. Avoid using flash

When you use flash, its very obvious in the picture. Everything looks overexposed and if youre taking pictures of faces, they look like ghostly messes. Avoid using flash and use natural light instead. Your pictures will turn out better.

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5. Use the grid feature

Go to Settings and select Phone & Camera. Then enable the grid feature. Itll allow you to take straighter, neater pictures that follow the rule of thirds (each image is imagined being divided into nine equal parts and your photo should be placed along their lines).

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PC: Chun Wai To

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6. Theres no harm in experimenting with third party apps

There are lots of camera apps that improve exposure, ISO sensitivity, shutter speed etc. which means that you can take pictures that are clearer and more stunning than you would with the default camera.

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7. Burst mode is your friend

When youre taking a picture of moving subjects, its best to use burst mode where the camera takes several pictures in rapid succession. Choose the best one out of these and voila! You have yourself a good picture!

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8. Use the volume button to click pictures

Sometimes when you tap the digital shutter button, it can cause the phone to shake and make your pictures blurry. Use the volume up button for steadier, clearer pictures.

PC: Holly Wesley

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9. Use HDR or turn it on to auto

This is one of the easiest things to do to improve your pictures. HDR means high dynamic range. HDR takes three photos with different exposures so you get a bright one, a normal one and a dark one. Your phone combines the three images to make one that has the most optimal exposure. It always makes for a better picture! (Note: While using this mode, moving subjects may appear blurred.)

PC: Kim Hanskamp

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10. Convert to black and white for effect

Black and white pictures are way more intense than coloured ones. If colour is not important in your picture and you want the viewer to completely focus on the subject, turn the picture black and white.

PC: Danny Van Vuuren

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There you go. Now youre an iPhone photography pro. You can thank us in the comments!

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