5 Tips to Remember When Visiting Nepal


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Are you planning to take a trip to Nepal? It's one of the best destinations in the world. Its home to the mighty Mt. Everest, and one of the few countries that were never colonized. 

If you want to enjoy the majestic view of its beautiful sceneries, search car rental platform for a ride. The Himalayan Mountains, expansive plains on the south and beautiful hills in the North makes this country one of the best places to be. 

In this article, we'll be looking at the basic tips to remember when traveling to Nepal. Have a look. 

1. Social Etiquette 

Etiquette means everything in this country. It's therefore imperative that you understand the common greetings in this area. The traditional style of greetings involves placing palms together as if you're praying. 

Learn to show respect to people older than you when addressing them. Use the terms "dai" for men and "didi" for women. If someone outstretches their legs, avoid touching or stepping on them with your legs as it's impolite. 

Once you master this, be sure to observe the local culture. Otherwise, you will be offensive to them. Remember, you can't wear any revealing clothing here, including shorts. Desist from public display of affection while in Nepal, the locals will frown upon it. 

Always wash your mouth and hands before eating. Always wait for the host to serve you food. 

2. Adventure Experiences


Image Source: Pexels.com

Nepal has incredible terrain. This makes it one of the most popular adventure tourism destinations in the world. Where you want to enjoy these terrains, you can contact m.easyrentcars.com and rent a ride. 

If you're going trekking, be sure to go with a friend. Trekking alone can be very dangerous. You can also contact a guide to see you through the process. If you'll be climbing the mountains, beware of frostbites and attitude sicknesses. 

In addition to hiking and trekking, Nepal offers a variety of outdoor activities. These include mountain biking, rock climbing among others. If you're brave enough, you can do a bungee jump-the second highest in the world- at the Bhote Koshi River. 

3. Water Safety 


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While in Nepal, never take water directly from the tap. It's not safe for human consumption. Don't wash any fruit on these contaminated water before eating. 

Stick to purified bottled water for safety reasons. It can be found in almost every store in the neighborhood. 

4. Nepali Food

You're coming here, be sure to bring your appetite with you. You'll get anything from the local dishes to the international dishes. You can't go hungry here. 

Nepali food is commonly known as "Bal Bhat" and comprises of rice and lentils. Its side dishes include fresh vegetables like cauliflower and potations. 

The traditional food is always spicy. However, you can specify how hot or mild you want your diet when placing the order. You can access this cuisine at any local restaurant, which is many in the country. 

5. Flight Tours 


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What happens if hiking and trekking is not your forte? Do you forego the idea of seeing Mt. Everest? Of course not, thanks to the Mt. Everest flight tours. 

You can enjoy this service from different airlines in the country. All their flights depart Kathmandu between 7 and 9 in the morning. You can't afford to get here late. If you're coming from large distances, can contact m.easyrentcars.com to rent your car. 

Once you board, the planes will drift over the peaks, and above the clouds giving you a wider view of the glaciers, rivers, lakes, and gorges below. 

The aircraft will clear windows to allow you to capture the best snaps. While here, you'll have to capture this spectacular view for sure. 


Of the many countries in South Asia, Nepal is the best and incredible place to visit. The breathtaking terrain in this country practically begs you to explore. The locals are friendly to the visitors and are eager to share their traditions and culture with you. 

When visiting different locations, rent a car that'll assure you to get there on time. These tips will help you on how to enjoy your vacation. Be sure to implement them fully at all times. That's the only way to enjoy the journey.


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