Mother of All Music Festivals - Tomorrowland 2015

  • UPDATED Oct 27, 2017

Theres a quiet little place in Belgium with absolutely nothing for anyone at all to do for most of the time that is.

Then the second half of July rolls in and BOOM, arrives this festival which will enthrall you to the innermost fiber of your being!

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Its time to travel to Tomorrowland again! Celebrating its 11th year in 2015, this annual electronica pilgrimage is now themed on The Key to Happiness where you enter a fascinating land where you will find a mythical Key that will guide you on a quest, full of wonder and excitement. Write your tale in the first chapter of this aged book navigated by centuries old myths destination, divine Happiness.

Okay, I got goosebumps my geek senses are tingling so hard it hurts!

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Its gonna be epic. We wont bother mentioning the Tomorrowland 2015 lineup; year after year, those who matter the most end up on the pedestals here to be worshipped, and its no different this time around. Lets talk about the experience. This is what sets Tomorrowland apart.

Its one of those festivals where the stage production reveals its most creative self.  Like every year, where the theme of Tomorrowland dictates the design of the Main Stage, this year is not going to be different. With the backdrop of The Arising of Life, we can hope to find more religious nuances to the stage.

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Get ready to interact with the dancing musical notes of artists who dont need any introduction. With all the big names such as Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki, Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Yves V, Steve Angello and Nervo Vs Chuckie showcasing their art at BOOM 2015, the festival can be really maddening.

180,000 AttendeesThe Largest Tomorrowland Yet

Lets get Mr. Perspective in here.

How many Wembley Stadiums would it take to manage that kind of a crowd? Two. This is especially unsettling when you realise that one-half of the Live Aid Concert, held back in 1985, was at Wembley with only 72000 people. And that looked like this:

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

2015 Tomorrowland! Get prepared to witness the same frenzy with a multitude of fanatics dying to meet this emblem of music and art!

Youre asked to check your beliefs at the gate; just bring your personality

This is the one place on Earth that youre practically guaranteed against running into a practicing Jehovahs Witness and I dont think Ive ever written words more beautiful. The Tomorrowland festival wants its guests united by their shared loved of music, not made distinct by political and social belief; those have to be stripped away before you can enter. I mean, youll literally have to strip them off the guards at the gates wont let you bring in ANYTHING representative of ideological identity, not even clothes, even if thats your entire wardrobe.

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The Venue is Sheer Phantasmorgia

Once youre past the Test Of The Gate, youre on a different planet. Everything is neon and Technicolor, even the people. Heck, most of the times, the incredible antics of the crowds are more fun than whats happening on stage. Sleep is optional here, and should be, unless you want to miss out and youre going to miss out a lot anyway. Over 20 stages are set up at different locations around the place so right off the bat, you know theres no way youre gonna be able to cover every artist and show. What you CAN do however, is trip, squeeze and bumble your way past the writhing masses from stage to stage they say its like falling from world to world, as you change vibes faster than you ever changed clothes. And the changing themes are crazy enough on their own:

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DreamVilleeveryones favourite Tomorrowland accommodation:

From which we all emerged as Lilliputs at a leprechaun festival

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The Food of Music

If you are thinking how to stimulate yourself other than the music, then head towards the "Tastes of The World", for delectable food and drinks.

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Its All About Love

When travelling to Tomorrowland, a strange thing happens. The converging electronica fans go through a beautiful and enchanting change. Dusty and sluggish professional exteriors are shed by all species financers, lawyers, students, engineers, cat-ladies, Neo-Nazis and even pure evils such as Troubled-Teen-Industry-Officials (sigh, non-discrimination can be a terrible thing) they all undergo a transformation as magical as an ugly duckling becoming a swan.

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At the Tomorrowland music festival gate, every care, worry, fear and grudge is left out. The crowd transcends into a hive mind akin to bees, beating their hearts, heads, hands and feet out in strange patterns (again, like a bee dance), all completely intoxicated with the frantic energy and vibe in the air. Its not that strange; the whole human sea is awash in endorphins (the happy drug), pheromones (the sex drug) and oxytocin (the love drug). Heck, you could argue (and win) that everyone came here seeking not music, but an orgy of good feelings. For once, people arent being happy for themselves, but for each other, in a fraternity of love something thats usually enough to start religions.

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Weird, but I already cant wait for Tomorrowland 2016 to happen already actually, lets never let Tomorrowland stop.


Hope to see you there guys :)