TomorrowWorld 2016 not to materialize at all!

TomorrowWorld seems to have been stuck by bad omens ever since its last edition. Even though, the gods of music fests- TomorrowLand keeps garnering more and more crowd every year, TomorrowWorld seems to have fallen flat on that front. The American equivalent of the Belgian edition saw a lot of crowd last year- a lot of which never wants to come back. Someone put up a picture saying, "big shout out to TomorrowWorld for leaving 10,000 people stranded, I really feel like the VIP I paid for”.

Apparently, the organized transport fell through for reasons unknown. A lot of people were stranded on the site of TomorrowWorld for a longer period of duration than they would have hoped to. The Gods of Rain also seemed pretty pissed off with the whole concept, for there was no mercy on their end either. The entire arena faced severe rains and storms and people were just not ready for a climatic change that extreme. Owing to all these unforeseen issues, quite a number of people ended up sleeping in the arena itself. Atleast the beginning of the fest wasn't as bad, you can see the crazy crowd that this fest had attracted. 

The infamous intoxication is quite a known fact in such large gatherings dedicated to EDM and this was not really different. So, people did not really have a decent place to pass out and had to finally resort to Pizza boxes using them as shields to sleep on.

Of one thing we are sure of though, had this been anything like it’s brother back in Belgium; it would have stood right back on it’s feet and put these petty issues much behind. But, TomorrowWorld seems to be jinxed with everything wrong this time. The company that is the back bone of festivals such as TomorrowWorld and Electric Zoo is facing bankruptcy this year. Although, USA does not really seem to have too much of an issue with any of these activities canned. Because for every one cancelled plan, there are hundreds of a similar type that spring up.

Even though the EDM lovers seem to have enjoyed the last editions of TomorrowWorld, it does not really look like they are going to be heart broken if it gets cancelled. Even the organizer is not sure whether they are going to go ahead with TomorrowWorld this year. All they have said is that no concrete plans have been made this year.Hoping that if it does get made, it is organized in a much better manner where people who have come to enjoy take back that feeling even while leaving, provided they leave safely! Tell us if you have had any such experience. We would love to hear about it. 

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