Top 3 gambling destinations of the world

Many people love to travel just to experience the excitement and thrill offered by various gambling destinations across the world. Furthermore, they never forget to include casinos in their travel itinerary, even when they’re holidaying with their families. But, not every casino is built the same and not every gambling city is worth your time.

Unless you prefer to play only and only at the Internet-based casinos like, here’s a quick overview of the top 3 gambling destinations you must definitely make a part of your bucket list!

Macau, China

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China consists of two important and special administrative regions, ones that aren’t a part of the mainland’s legal framework. The first one is Hong Kong, which was a British territory up until the late 20th century, and has established a capitalist culture for itself within a Communist China, the other one is Macau, that has its own independent legal system, immigration policy and monetary system, keeping it separate from the Chinese laws (Learn more about Macau on It’ll continue to enjoy such autonomy until 2049. The reason for this is that Macau was originally a Portuguese colony until 1999, when it got transferred to China, under the condition that it will stay autonomous for the next 50 years.

Macau is an extremely well-off region, offering a high quality of life which attracts tourists from different parts of the world, especially from Asia. The amount of money that flows into Macau’s casinos is incomparable to any other gambling destination in the world, the reason why big Las Vegas gaming companies such as Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas Sands and MGM have also set up shop there. Anyone who wishes to experience gambling at extreme, should definitely include Macau in his/her travel plans!

Las Vegas, USA

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Whenever anyone talks about gambling anywhere in the world, Las Vegas is the first destination that comes to mind! The name is actually synonymous with the term casino! Vegas was constructed right in the middle of a desert, keeping tourists in mind. The city built several amusement parks, hotels and casinos, emerging as the premier destination for travellers who love nightlife and gambling. Although Las Vegas has faced the brunt of recession over the years, it still continues to bank on its reputation, and has a solid place in the tourism industry, both for regular people as well as gambling enthusiasts (Learn more about Las Vegas on

Atlantic City, USA

Although Las Vegas often overshadows Atlantic City in people’s gambling plans, it’s nevertheless a city that can never be entirely neglected because it still is home to several top-notch casino establishments. In fact, the city was built with the primary objective of providing efficient gambling services to the interested people. Almost everyone who visits the city, does it for one single reason – gambling. It’s a premier gambling destination when it comes to the north-eastern part of United States, and draws a huge number of visitors from all parts of the country. Like Las Vegas, Atlantic City was also hit pretty hard by recession, which impacted the disposable income of the middle class of this city. Regardless, it’s still a must-visit for any gambling fan.


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