Celebrate Ramadan at These Top Countries in 2018

Defined by fasting and prayers, Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic lunar calendar, celebrated with much joy and vigour. Abstaining themselves from eating, drinking, and smoking in the daylight hours, the Islamic community revels in the festive celebrations of Ramadan. It is a time to enjoy with family and friends, while being generous towards the less fortunate. Iftar parties are a highlight of Ramadan. Muslims come together to enjoy a grand feast after sunset and live up-to the festive vibes. 

Many find joy in celebrating Ramadan amidst family and friends. But, you may also view it as a great opportunity to experience hospitality of another nation during Ramadan. Many Islamic countries come alive during this holy month and there can be no better time to soak in their local flavor of culture and traditions. Take a look below and you will find the best countries to visit during Ramadan. Find your way through a labyrinth of bazaars and night markets, devour the delicious Iftar cuisines, and shake hands with locals at these beautiful destinations to make the most of your visit during Ramadan. 

Morocco - Have A Culturally Enriching Experience


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Can anyone blame me to list Morocco at the top of this list? Life slows down in many fast-paced urban cities of Morocco during the holy festival. This allows you to explore them at your leisure and let you soak in the festival of Ramadan. Head towards Marrakesh which is home to many souks that offer mouth-watering delicacies. Step into Djemaa el-Fna square - a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Marrakech. The huge square gets drenched in hundreds of lights and turns into a hub of many stalls that sell delicious Iftar cuisines. Casablanca is another best city in Morocco to visit during Ramadan. Pass by the Grand Mosque during prayer time, and you will be awed looking at thousands of individuals bowing down together to seek blessings of the Almighty. The city of Fez offers a much hardcore traditional Ramadan experience in Morocco. 

Turkey - There is More to Ramadan than Fasting And Prayers Here


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Turkey turns into a whole different destination during Ramadan. Its cities get packed with Iftar tents that let locals break their fast. The tourists get to treat their taste buds with delicacies that may never be prepared any other time. Istanbul would be the best city to visit in Turkey to get a wholesome Ramadan experience. While visiting the Blue Mosque is a must, the popular Sultanahmet Square will bask you in the spirit of the festival. Not only is the huge square best to have lip-smacking food, but it is also home to Sufi music concerts and Quran recitals. The illuminated night bazaars make it the best time to visit Turkey during Ramadan. You may even head towards the Beyazıt Square in Istanbul to enjoy Sufi music, dervish shows, film screenings, and poetry readings. 

Malaysia - Collect A Memorable Ramadan Experience


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Malaysians are a set of friendly people. Make new friends upon reaching the country and don’t be surprised if you get invited by them for Iftar. Join them in breaking their fast and you will be able to witness how the locals observe this holy month. Besides, you will be treated to homemade delicacies and a totally different culture. Head towards Kuala Lumpur, and the dazzling night markets will compel you to turn into a night owl. The special food markets set in the city during Ramadan can be dubbed as a foodie’s paradise. Being a Muslim-majority country, you will find Malaysian cities to be packed with many spiritual sites, visiting which you will be able to view the festive traditions.

United Arab Emirates - A Luxurious Destination Blended with Rich Culture


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A country full of cities with skyscrapers, it is fascinating when the whole of UAE bows down during the month of Ramadan. Packed with many halal resorts, the cities in UAE allow you to enjoy a lavish vacation while reveling in the joys of the festival. If you are in the country to just experience Ramadan, then Abu Dhabi is the ideal destination for you. No other place would match the festive celebrations at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Dubai is another attractive option in UAE where you will have a great time during Ramadan. The city holds many social and cultural activities to serve the purpose of the holy festival. When the city gets lit with night markets, it makes for a sight to behold. 

Egypt - Enjoy The Folkloric Entertainment


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Visiting Egypt during Ramadan would be an entirely different experience. The country which is flocked by tourists during any other time of the year, continues to entertain visitors in multitude ways. Marked by Islamic architecture at every corner and owing to its rich heritage, this is the best country to ring in the festival of Ramadan. If you visit Cairo, its bustling streets will warmly welcome you and the night markets will give you a glimpse of its folklore. Visit the resorts and you will be served with mouth-watering Egyptian cuisines that are specially made for people to break their fasts. Be sure to book a table in advance, or else you will have to wait in long queues.

With the festival of Ramadan at your doorstep, you must not waste any more time, but pack your bags and leave for one these Islamic countries to rejoice in the festivities. Ramadan Mubarak!   


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