Top 10 Cities to Live In the USA

By Niraj Kakade on Sep 30, 2016
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Are you thinking about moving to the freedom-land but don’t know which is the best place to settle in? Of course New York and Los Angeles are the usual suspects, but are they really the best though? I mean not everyone can afford to invest half of their paycheck in rent for a cupboard size apartment. If you want to truly settle in the US without burning a hole into your pocket. Well, leave that to us. We bring you top 10 best places to live in the US.

1. Denver, Colorado

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Population: 2,651,392

Median annual salary: $53,060

Quality of life: 6.9

Overall value: 7.4

The best part about Denver is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to go on a summer vacation. With the Rocky Mountains only an hour away from the city there is no need to go anywhere else for skiing or mountain climbing. The people of Denver are also very welcoming and friendly, although that might be because of the 2012 decision to legalize recreational marijuana. It truly deserves the title of being a uo;Mile High City” after all.

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2. Washington DC

Population: 5,863,608

Median annual salary: $64,930

Quality of life: 6.5

Overall value: 7.3

There is no denying that Washington D.C is a hub for politics, but there is so much more to this city than some old guys sitting in a conference room. The people of Washington often gather for block parties and music concerts. There are also many historic monuments and museums you can visit. The city’s industry focuses on education and health care sectors, creating a strong job industry. Plus who doesn’t like House of Cards?

3. Austin, Texas

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Population: 1,835,016

Median annual salary: $48,150

Quality of life: 7.2

Overall value: 6.5

It is an established fact that no one can beat the hospitality of the southerners. What better place to witness that than the capital of Texas. The cultural importance of Austin can be seen by just looking at the sheer number of artists this place has provided over the years. It also hosts some of the biggest musical festivals in the country such as South by Southwest and Austin City Limits. Unlike New York or Los Angeles, Austin has ample of outdoor spaces. Plus, who doesn’t like cowboys?

4. San Jose, California

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Population: 1,898,457

Median annual salary: $75,770

Quality of life: 7.7

Overall value: 5.9

This city maintains a very good balance of suburban lifestyle with high-rise business culture. It hosts many technological giants such as Cisco, eBay and IBM. There are also many Ivy League institutes in the city like UC Berkeley nearby. The food industry has started booming recently, which has pushed San Jose into the mainstream hospitality industry. Also this city has some of the best weather ever.

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5. Seattle, Washington

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Population: 3,557,037

Median annual salary: $57,370

Quality of life: 6.3

Overall value: 6.0

Contrary to popular belief Seattle doesn’t get as much as rain as you have imagined. Despite being a big city, Seattle has maintained a good balance of nature and infrastructure. It also has a very calm and laid back vibe, which is very to find in a big city. The main industry here focuses on tech, healthcare and manufacturing, which provides job to thousands of its locals. It is safe to assume that you won’t find any sleepless nights here.

6. Portland, Oregon

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Population: 2,288,796

Median annual salary: $50,710

Quality of life: 6.6

Overall value: 6.0

Portland is one of the most educated city in America with most its citizens having college degrees than the national average. There are also plenty of job opportunities with multiple tech industries and Nike headquarters in the city limits. It is also a pretty weird city with lot of off-beat places you can visit. The food industry here have been thriving for many years with the famous Dungeness crab.

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7. San Francisco, California

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Population: 4,466,251

Median annual salary: $64,990

Quality of life: 6.6

Overall value: 5.3

The Bay area is most famously known for its startup scene which creates lot of jobs everywhere and inspires entrepreneurship. But if you’re not a techie you’ll still find a job in one of the thirty international finance centers in the city. It has also been a culturally important city of the country in recent years with being an epicenter of the LGBT rights movements. Due to the availability of jobs immigration of people have doubled, which has made real estate costs to go though the roof!

8. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

Population: 3,424,786

Median annual salary: $52,080

Quality of life: 6.8

Overall value: 7.7

The twin Midwestern city is mostly known for cold weather and warm hospitality. You’ll find it difficult to walk through the streets without exchanging dozens of pleasantries with strangers. The city also have good museums and big sports stadiums. The job industry focuses on mostly on science related fields like Xcel Energy and Medtronic. In the winter you can go cold-water fishing or snowboarding. How many cities you know offer that?

9. Houston, Texas

PCFernando Garcia/Flickr

Population: 6,204,141

Median annual salary: $50,830

Quality of life: 6.4

Overall value: 7.1

Cowboys, big stadiums and chicken wings are the things which are synonymous with Houston Texas. But that’s not really a bad thing, is it? Houston also hosts 26 Fortune 500 companies creating lots of jobs for the locals. You won’t burn a hole in your pocket due to cheap real-estate and affordable lifestyle. It is also a heaven for foodies by having almost 11,000 restaurants within the city limits.

10. Honolulu, Hawaii

Population: 975,690

Median annual salary: $47,850

Quality of life: 6.3

Overall value: 5.2

Honolulu is all about the sea and the sand. You can observe the laid-back vibe of this city with people relaxing on the beach on weekdays. It also has many shopping centers and restaurants if you ever get bored of the beach. The cost of living here is bit on the higher side, but who wouldn’t pay extra dollars for that year long tropical weather!

What are you waiting for? Pack your Uncle Sam pajamas and leave now!

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