Top Experiences In Kansas City

Kansas City is mostly known for its BBQ, tailgating and some excellent Jazz. But what if there was something more than what meets the eye, something that’ll take over your Snapchat and Instagram feed? We give you a list of unique experiences in Kansas City which will go mainstream soon! So don’t lose your chance to become a hipster! Here are the most fun things to do in Kansas city for you:

1) Watching a movie at the KC Public library

I’m sure you must have seen that photo of la ibrary, designed in the shape of books stacked against each other. You must be thinking that surely doesn’t exist, right?  Well, you’re wrong. Not only does the library exists but also holds previews of movies for free! The screening of the movies takes place on the roof of the library. Now imagine watching your favorite book-to-movie adaption on top of a 25 ft book! Isn’t that just a crazy unique experience?  

2) Having a drink James Bond style.

Image Source: Manifesto/Facebook
What’s better than having a beer in the lovely Kansas weather? Having a cocktail in an underground hidden bar! You can now fulfill your fantasy to be a secret government agent by visiting this bar, assuming you’re good enough to find it. Hidden beneath the Rieger Hotel, Manifesto has a back-alley entrance in true speakeasy fashion. You’ll be served some of the best cocktails in the world made by some of the best bartenders in the city. But beware though! Talking on cell phones is highly discouraged here. So don’t expect lots of Snapchat stories.  

3) Attend a Jazz performance 

Kansas has been the city of Jazz ever since the prohibition era. You can expect ample opportunities to hear good music all over the town. There’s a wide selection of bars and restaurant you can go to. From The Majestic which was the site of an actual speakeasy. It is considered Kansas City’s best Jazz Clubs to The Kill Devil Club which is located right in the center of the Power and Light District. Wherever you go you’ll be welcomed with a signature prohibition era cocktail and of course some smooth Jazz music.

4) Visiting  the Kauffman Center 

The Kauffman Center for Performing Arts is not only a beautiful architecture landmark of the city; but also hosts some of the most incredible music, dance and educational performances. From epic concerts of John Legend to local events like TEDx conferences, you’ll never want to miss out on the happenings at the Kauffman. Not to mention the visit here is 100% free of charge. 

5) Taking a stroll down the pages of History

Cliff Drive was one of the Kansas City’s most prevalent neighborhoods back in the day. Now the old community overlooks the business district area.  You’ll find active shops alongside abandoned factories and warehouses. When you stroll through you’ll see castle like old buildings and almost get an eerie sense of the time past. Cliff Drive can boast about some of the most breathtaking views of the city.

6) Grabbing a bite at a local restaurant 


Image Source: Pigwich/Facebook
People say that the City’s soul lies in its food.  If it’s true then Kansas City has a very delicious soul!It has placed itself on the map for the emerging farm-to-table restaurant philosophy.  You can experience it firsthand by visiting the Farmhouse restaurant and trying out their Veggie Sweet Potato Gnocchi.  Or you can opt for an all-American comfort food consisting of French toast, short ribs and hand-cut bacon at the Corner restaurant and some good old-fashioned hamburgers at the Pigwich.  But we all know Kansas City’s true spirit lies in steak. You can visit Anton’s for a fine foodie experience or you can visit Pirpos which is the kind of place for reservations, a glass of wine and staying put for a while. It has a striking view of downtown which will go well with your Peppercorn Steak.

7) Visiting an open Art gallery with thousands of people!

Every first Friday of the month a crowd of over 10,000 people gather at the Crossroads districts to discover over a dozen of open art galleries. It spans multiple buildings. Artists work periodically on portions of the alley to create ever-changing piece of public art. It also brings out a hefty amount of food trucks, street performers and a healthy dose of wine. Take a stroll through the ‘Art Alley’ late in the day to catch a live performance.  
Go try out these experiences out before they turn "cool”. Don't forget to leave your unique expereinces in the comments down below!
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