Top Places to Visit in Kazan During FIFA 2018

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Tick, tick, tick- the countdown has begun! FIFA 2018 is here. The Fédération Internationale de Football Association, which acronyms as FIFA, organizes the biggest football tournament called the FIFA World Cup once in four years. This time all the diehard football fans from around the world are traveling to Russia to be a part of the ultimate fun and watch the best players in the world competing with each other. Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, is one of the host cities of World Cup 2018. Be it Kazan Kremlin- the oldest part of the city, Bauman street, or the sports bars and restaurants of Kazan, at each place, you will find people celebrating the football season. While you come to Kazan for FIFA, you can also explore the Russian delicacies, heritage, and nightlife in Kazan. You would first like to check the FIFA World Cup 2018 schedule in Kazan to manage your time for other exciting activities!

The FIFA matches in Kazan will start from 16 June and last until 6 July. All the matches will be held in Kazan Arena which has the largest outside screen in Europe. 

  • The first match will happen on 16 June between France and Australia.
  • The second match will happen on 20 June between IR Iran and Spain.
  • The third match will happen on 24 June between Poland and Colombia.
  • The fourth match will happen on 27 June between the Korea Republic and Germany.
  • There is a round of 16 between 1C and 2D on 30 June.
  • The final match in Kazan is one of the Quarter Finals between W53 and W54 on 6 July. 

So, if you are planning to stay in Kazan Russia during FIFA 2018, you can see that you will be getting plenty of time to experience the local specialties. Here are the top places to visit in Kazan during FIFA 2018!

1. FIFA Fan Fest Zone, Kazan Family Center

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The best place to be at during FIFA 2018 in Kazan is the FIFA Fan Fest Zone the venue of which is the famous Kazan Family Center. With a capacity of 25,000, this festivity zone is sure to bustle with the football enthusiasm. The place is nestled by the Kazanka River this Family Center is famous for its picturesque location. There is an observation deck from where you can enjoy the scenic views of the city. Take a walk along the Volga and Kazanka rivers from the center when you need a break from the party. The huge bowl like construction of the center is the perfect setting for the fest zone. During the same time, you can attend Trade Fair of Souvenirs and Folk Artistic Craft of Republic of Tatarstan at Kazan family center. 

2. Sports Bars and Pubs

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The city of Kazan is home to a large number of sports bars and clubs most of which offer live matches on the TV screen. One of the best places to visit in Kazan during FIFA 2018 is the Beerhouse, a German cuisine restaurant where you can relax in the bucolic setting and enjoy the highlights of the match with some beer. You can also head to the Irish pub called Trinity to get the best of Irish and Scotch whiskey or ReLab for a great cocktail. The pubs like Salt and Maximilians are best to have a DJ night with friends. The big screens present in the pubs will showcase the best moments of FIFA 2018 in Russia and will wrap you in a unique sporty vibe. Another good place to set out to is the Belgian Beer Bar which is run by a Belgian-Russian couple. 

3. Kazan Kremlin

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Kazan Kremlin is the center of Kazan and the oldest part of the city. While Kremlin is known for its heritage, it’s definite that the place will become full of life during the FIFA fest. On the days when you are not watching a match, you can take a tour of Kazan Kremlin and attend one of the events. This time, you can attend an exhibition on Russian Realism at Kazan Kremlin which is going to start from 14 June. You can also attend the art festivals like the “Art of Portrait” and Kremlin Confederation. The international festival of spiritual music will also be held here on 26 June. If you are in Kazan for the first time, you would also love to be at the cultural exhibitions organized as Kremlin. 

4. Entertainment and Sports Venues

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If you are someone who is always craving for some or the other activity, there are many entertainment and sports venues in Kazan where you can enjoy a challenging game of golf or swim and participate in recreational activities on the days when there is no match. Go karting and bowling at Forsazh Karting Centre. You can also go to Sviyazhskiye Kholmy Golf Club to have golfing fun. The club also offers a well-maintained swimming pool and sauna to the visitors. When it comes to swimming, the swimming pool of Orgsintez can also be a great place to splash around. Take a trip to Saviyaga Hills to find the best sports complex in pristine surroundings.

5. Cultural Tour of Kazan

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In the spare time you get from Kazan World Cup Stadium, you can go for a cultural tour of Kazan. This includes the museums, galleries, and heritage buildings of the city. You can start with the State Museum of Fine Arts located in Tatarstan that displays a large collection of historical and archaeological items. To learn about the Russian lifestyle, you can go to the Museum of Soviet Lifestyle. The sights like 16th-century Tatar fortress and Kul Sharif Mosque are also worth visiting. Some other places of interest include the Syuyumbike Tower, the Cat of Kazan, Farmer’s Palace and Bulgarian mosques. 

In addition to all the things mentioned above, you can attend various events that are going to be held at different venues of Kazan during FIFA World Cup 2018. Have a look at the list given below!

  • Multinational Football Photo Exhibition at the House of Friendship of the Peoples of Tatarstan from 14 June to 15 July
  • Football Museum Night at the State Museum of Kazan on 27 June
  • Delicious Kazan Food Festival at Gorky Culture and Leisure Park on 6, 7, and 8 July
  • Kazan – Territory of Fair Play Territory of Game Festival outside the Kazan Arena Stadium from 16 June to 6 July
  • Kazan Live 2018 Contemporary Culture Festival at Kazan Family Center area on 6 and 7 July


Kazan Arena where all the matches are going to be held is a wonderful place itself. Take a walk through its surroundings and you will find a plethora of cafes, bars, restaurants, and theatres that will entertain you throughout the Football World Cup 2018. So, get ready to soak in the festivities and fun of FIFA in Russia. Schasleevava pootee (have a nice trip)!


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