Top Places to Visit in Saint Petersburg During FIFA 2018

A long wait of four years has finally come to an end with FIFA enthusiasts all over the world eagerly looking forward to cheer for their team virtually or going all out and getting into Russia! Visiting Russia for the world cup can easily turn out to be a multi-objective vacation. Of course, you have the world cup, but Russia’s other rages like exclusive spa resorts, the best vodka you may have ever had, and extremely warm people contrary to their popular cold disposition, are equally worthy.

Of the several host cities, the capital Moscow and the country's second-largest city St Petersburg are making it to the itineraries of several trip planners. With a large scope of experiences, these two are distinct in their own charm.

St Petersburg, however, holds an upper hand when it comes to combining a vacation with a holiday. There are a number of factors to account for its moniker as the “Venice of the North”. We list some of those below which also are some of the St Petersburg Top 10. Including these in your list of places to visit in St Petersburg, is sure to have you come back with an experience of a lifetime. 

Prime places to visit and things to do

1. The Hermitage

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Counted as one of the of the best things to do in St Petersburg, The Hermitage is one place that you must visit on your Fifa vacation in the city. Paying a beautiful ode to the city’s extensive array of art and culture, the Hermitage is a state museum of Russia. It further holds great significance for being the world’s second-largest museum. The exhibit here involves a fantastic display of acquired artworks from artists all around the world as well some holding global history relevance. 

2. Kazan Square

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On your visit to the Kazan Cathedral, you will be bequeathed with a magnificent sight of lush gardens and impressive structures, this is the Kazan Square. Locally known by the name - Kazanskaya Ploshchad, this square features the statue of the great Russian commander Mikhail Kutuzov, who hold immense significance with respect to the 1812 war, so much that he is called the hero of it. All in all, a panoramic place that has time and again made it to the list of St Petersburg top ten sights.  

3. Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

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Russia’s largest Orthodox cathedral, the Saint Isaac’s cathedral is nothing short of a magical sight to the eyes. Also the world’s largest orthodox basilica along with being the fourth-largest cathedral, this one is dedicated to Saint Isaac of Dalmatia. Both history and the classic neoclassical exteriors of this cathedral make this one of the most awe-inspiring sites in Russia. Some impressive artwork dots the interiors intricately!

Special activities for FIFA

4. FIFA Fan Fest™

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If you are visiting Saint Petersburg for the world cup, you’ve got to be a part of the eccentric fest - the FIFA Fan Fest™! To be held at the Konyushennaya Square, this fest is estimated to accommodate as many as 15,000 enthusiasts. With a location right in the midst of the city, this is one FIFA special activity many fans are looking forward to. It is scheduled to be held on the 15th of June.

Must-try experiences and food, drinks

5. Primorsky Victory park for cycling

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If you wish to break the monotony of everything FIFA-centric trying your hand at some sport which also gives you an opportunity to discover the lovely outdoors of the city can be a fantastic idea. Cycling at the Primorsky Victory park is something that will make the cut very well, for more reasons than one. 

The park features a lovely blend of both paved and dirt tracks where you can unleash the cyclist in you. Post a good sesh, explore its picnic areas where you can eat and drink merrily!

6. Horseback riding at the Prostor equestrian club

If you are looking for unique places to visit in Moscow and St Petersburg, the Prostor equestrian club can be a fantastic consideration. This club offers various options for kids and adults to make the most of in its beautiful location.

7. Upsala Circus

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Coming to Russia, you must behold any chance to visit a circus. With its being as the land that originated the idea of a circus, further giving rise to the much impressive concept of Russian gymnasts, when in Russia, must visit a circus.

There are plenty of circuses in St Petersburg but the Upsala Circus is one of the most notable Saint Petersburg points of interest. It holds special significance for having artists that come from dysfunctional families and possess certain health issues. There are no animals at this circus, the role of these animals is carried out by these artists, which makes the circus all the more special.  

8. The restaurant called Marketplace

There are plenty of unusual things to do in St Petersburg Russia, but the Marketplace brings to you the best of both worlds, great food and an unusual experience. Drawing visitors by its being as a “democratic restaurant”, this place has no servers, you have to help yourselves. Marketplace brings the world to your plate, with some specialty from several cultures. The drinks menu is pretty good too, serving Russian wine, refreshing coffees and delicious coffees. 

9. Beef Stroganoff a must-try dish in Russia

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Whether you fancy royalty or not, you must try the Beef Stroganoff while in Saint Petersburg. This dish derives its name from one of the noblest and wealthiest families of Russia, the Stroganoff. The popularity of this one dates back to the 19th century, albeit the origin is not known precisely. What you can expect in this course is small pieces of beef beautifully cooked in a sauce which is perfectly sour and well-balanced by the cream content in it. Some vegetables for crunch and you have a mouthful of flavors and textures to look forward to! This preparation is best had with some side dish usually in the form of rice or pasta.  

10. Kvas to keep your spirits high

There are a ton of things to do in St Petersburg Russia at night, but to make the best of them sipping up on some Kvas can certainly uplift your spirits. Made from rye or black bread, this indigenous drink is one of the must-have drinks in Russia, after the country’s favorite vodka. Watching some repeats of FIFA matches, making merry with Kvas only ensures a memorable world cup! 

Schedule of matches being held at the Saint Petersburg Stadium-

Morocco vs Iran - 15th June - 8:00 PM

Russia vs Egypt - 19th June - 9:00 PM

Brazil vs Costa Rica - 22nd June - 3:00 PM

Nigeria vs Argentina - 26th June - 9:00 PM

With this summary, rest assured, you can only look forward to letting the good times enroll in Russia.


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