Top Things to Do in Barcelona for the Ultimate Spanish Experience, Part 1

This Spanish cosmopolitan is a beautiful mélange of extravagant gastronomy, unique elegance, and contemporary culture. A former Roman colony, Barcelona is enticing with its remarkable architecture and the Mediterranean vibe that effortlessly rubs onto you. The best way to embrace Barcelona would be doing things that will give you close insights into the culture and history, from seeing the amazing attractions, taking a cycling detour to savoring world-class food and wine. You’ve got to do a little bit of everything here, from going all out living the nightlife to not restricting yourself to the city’s area, as some of the best vistas actually lie outside the city. Certain Barcelona city tours cover the city just rightly, to ensure you get the best. And so, listed below are the best things to do in Barcelona, that will give you an experience of a lifetime. 

1. Get an overview of the city and prioritize as you hop on hop off


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A great way to line up your sojourn in this spirited city is to get a recce of it at your own pace. Of course, the attractions are a must, but there are some quaint streets and hilltops that will appeal to you as well, so find out the best way to do this.
Travel tip - A one-day or two-day hop-on-hop-off tour is an ideal way to see the city leisurely, so as to zero down on what you want to see. Having two interconnected routes, a tour like this is the easiest way to get around Barcelona. The best part, you can hop on and off this sliding-roof double-decker bus as many times as you may like. One ticket is applicable for both the routes. 
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2. Delight yourselves at Gaudi’s spectacular architecture


Barcelona’s rich culture is one of the prime reasons why tourists flock to this city. The culture consumed with rich spiritual influences is enlightening like none. And the way it has shaped up physical aspects as its representation is a spectacular occurrence.

Travel tip -  The Sagrada Familia is an exemplary depiction of Barcelona’s prosperous ethnicity, and one cannot miss this marvel on a visit here. Designed by the best-known practitioner of Catalan Modernism, Antoni Gaudi, witness the beautiful unraveling of the intricately designed exteriors and interiors of this huge Roman Catholic Church. The skip-the-line pass will save you a good amount of time, as this place is likely to be highly crowded.
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3. Revere the city’s spirit walking down the streets of La Rambla


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After all, the streets are where you experience the realness of a place! Getting as local as possible, a stroll on the streets of Barcelona will leave you feeling like a local; possibly the most efficient experience for any traveler!
Travel tip -  To take a Barcelona tour and experience the heart of the city, you must ideally have about three hours of time on hand. A culinary experience like that of an Iberian ham would perhaps be the best takeaway of a tour here. Also, discovering the popular close by neighborhoods like Boqueria market, Canaletas, Palau de la Virreina, Barcelona's Cathedral is a great idea.
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4. Admire the views of the city from Montjuïc


With an unconventional topography, Barcelona has beautiful landscapes throughout.  Some giving you great views of the city, while some that make you look up in absolute awe!
Travel tip - As you admire the city’s attractions, dig a little deeper, literally, for some spectacular panoramas. The awe-striking mountain of Montjuic is perfect for this.  A castle and a magical fountain will additionally make you cherish the beauty of this place. You can either hike up or take a cable car.
Tour Ticket starts from: USD $ 30.38 Per Person  

5. Feel the vibe at the Camp Nou Football Stadium


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Football is big in Spain and no doubt that the nation’s football team is one of the best. Feeling this vibe at a stadium, with all its frenzy is absolutely a must in this city.
Travel tip -  The Camp Nou literally meaning, new field, is the largest stadium in Spain, holding a capacity of a whopping 99,354! With several legendary matches played on this field, this place has become an obligatory tourist attraction. An audio-guided tour will give you the opportunity to explore the stadium at your own space so that you don’t miss a single detail.
Tour Ticket starts from: USD $ 51.39 Per Person 

6. Get behind the scenes at the Gran Teatre Del Liceu


It is no news that Barcelona’s theater scene is an exceptional one! Not just the actors, but everything that goes into it, even the venues are spectacular and a must-do thing in Barcelona. Therefore, mentioning this in this list is an sbsolute necessity!
Travel tip -  A guided tour of the Gran Teatre Del Liceu will give you interesting insights of the dressing rooms, rehearsal spaces, and stage, normally hidden from the public eye. History behind it will leave you awed! The theater’s choir and Liceu Symphony Orchestra are supremely notable.
Tour Ticket starts from: USD $ 18.00 Per Person 

7. Devour the scrumptious Spanish fair


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World famous for some outstanding dishes like the paella, Merienda and some good drinks like the cava, tapas alomg with some great brews, a culinary experience in Barcelona is enormously one-of-its-kind and how! Certainly every foodie’s delight!
Travel tip -  Look for tours that will give a chance to taste the best brews. A flamenco performance to go with it, would be a complete experience. Many breweries, restaurants, and gay bars serve the best of both food and wine.
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8. Get enchanted by Picasso’s art


Spain is the birthplace of the most important figure of 20th-century art - Pablo Picasso. The country proudly represents his work, in various forms throughout and every site is a delight to watch!
Travel tip - With enough material from the subsequent past, the Picasso Museum will delight even the non-art lovers. Skip-the-line tour at this museum will give you the privilege to head directly to the art, instead of waiting in long ques. More than 4200 artworks at this museum, which is also one of the most emblematic museums of Barcelona, will keep you wanting for more.
Tour Ticket starts from: USD $ 24.55 Per Person 

9. Head to the Spanish hills of Pyrenees


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Spain does not cease to make you fall in love with it! The outskirts of Barcelona are no exception. With picturesque vistas at every sight, the Pyrenees, a mountain range in northern Spain is nothing short of a visual pleasure.
Travel tip - A day trip from Barcelona, the Pyrenees are a good break from the city’s hustle and bustle. En route you will also cross the Montseny Natural Park, which is a UNESCO-designated biosphere reserve. Stone built villages and cathedrals around add to the beauty of this tour. Don’t forget to pack some warm clothes.
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10. Get a glimpse of wildlife at the very popular zoo


Spain’s indigenous wildlife can be attributed to its diverse ecosystems. Catching a glimpse of this is a great experience, as you delight over all kinds of mammals, reptiles, and birds. Perfect as the quintessential ‘things to do in Spain with kids’. 
Travel tip - Home to more than 4,000 wild animals, the main attraction of the Barcelona zoo was the rare white gorilla, until 2003. Get a close encounter with the endearing friendly dolphins. Spend an entire day here, with the many restaurants and cafes, open inside. 
Tour Ticket starts from: USD $ 22.39 Per Person 
A trip to Barcelona is ought to offer you one of the best sojourns in Spain, with authentic experiences of a lifetime!
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