Top 8 Things You Must do in Kerala

By Priya Saha on Jan 08, 2019
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Mesmerizing, stunning, magnificent and the list go on. When it comes to defining Kerala, words fall short. The magical aura of this Gods own country is strong enough to put you in a trance the moment you step on its land. Its unparalleled beauty and the perfect blend of the best of natures world makes this charming land a favorite retreat for travelers from around the world for nearly 600 years. Perfect climate, rolling hills, long pristine seashores, emerald backwater, lush greenery, exotic wildlife, Ayurvedic therapies, rich culture and tradition and not to forget the food all of these factors offer a unique experience. Long story short; Kerala does deserves once in a lifetime visit.

But the unlucky I am, still haven't got the chance to cherish the composed beauty of this exotic land. However, after studying a lot about Kerala I have prepared a cherry-picked list of unique things to do in Kerala.

1. Get The Royal Feel With Elephant Ride Of Thekkady

Hiring a motorcycle to explore the greenery of the city sounds too clich. Instead, go for the elephant safari. Get the perfect royal feel like that of the kings of India in the past and make your journey unforgettable! Thekkady offers an elephant ride through wilderness areas, spice gardens and along the riverside scenery. The journey will hardly take an hour and the price is quite affordable.

Photo by Ramesh ng

2. Go For Bamboo Rafting To Meet Periyars Tigers 

Nature lover or not, you cannot give a miss to this hotspot - Periyar Tiger Reserve. Nearly 50 Royal Bengal Tigers can be found in the virgin forest of this reserve. If you wish to meet the tigers, go for bamboo rafting. It is one of the exciting and entertaining programs with elephants, leopards, deer, monkey and rare species of snakes to accompany you. Head out for a full day program that start from 8AM to 5PM. Enjoy the panoramic view of the forest-clad hills that reflect on Periyar Lake. Dont be scared as forest guards and tour guides are there to guide you through these dense forests.

Photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

3. Chill On A Boat Trip In The Backwaters 

Wish to experience a unique Kerala trip without including a boat ride on its idyllic backwaters is a serious crime. Well! Dont take the word crime in its literary meaning. Coming back to the topic, even when we visualize Kerala, we imagine about the cruise trip along the backwater canal of Alleppy with a droopy canopy of palms and coconut trees lined along the border. So, when our imagination is bound with such picturesque backdrop, how can we afford to give a miss to such lifetime experience? Hence, just book a boat and enjoy a cruise trip on the placid lagoons to shake off all your bottled-up urban stresses. For a magical experience, spend a night on a houseboat and witness the stunning sunrise over the Venice of the East.

Photo by Saad Faruque

4. Have your morning tea at Munnar

Known as the Kashmir of South India, Munnar is a charming little hill station covered mostly with tea plantations. Its fresh air and cool weather is perfectly amalgamated to make this hill station a perfect leisure resort. If you are lucky enough, you might end up seeing the entire tea making process, right from its plucking to its packaging. At the end, taste the local brew from the plantation to smell the enchanted flavor of Munnar. Except May anytime is the best time to visit Munnar for a vacation.

Photo by Nishanth Jois

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5. Meet the age old Jewish community in Kochi

Kochi, being the important harbour of Kerala has been an important residing place for the Jewish community. This is because, they used to come to India for spice trades. Thats why, Kochi became popular as the best place for growing spice in this region. Take a walking tour around the place and you will come across street bazaars overflowing with spices. You can inhale the strong smell of cardamom, ginger and pepper in the air. Beside, crane your neck to take a close look at the European era bungalows with terracotta roof tiles and butter-yellow facades to get the essence of the rich history of this region.

Photo by Tim Moffatt

6. Watch Kathakali or at least see the dancers get dressed 

If you think Kabuki is dramatic, watch Kathakali. This age old classical dance dates back to the 17th century, is one of the highly celebrated performing art of India. Its elaborate make-up, colorful costumes, graceful dancing postures and not to miss the mesmerizing music is an absolute treat to your eyes. Even if you are not a dance lover, at least spent some time with the dancers to see how they get dressed. You might hear many historical and interesting stories related to this traditional dance form.


7. Rejuvenate with Ayurveda 

After a long day tour, let your body relax for some time. For that, nothing can beat a peaceful Ayurveda massage session along the backwaters. Surrounded by tropical greenery, the small huts along the backwater offer Ayurvedic massage center. Reserve one of those sessions and enjoy a nice relaxing oil massage from expert therapists and let all your worries fly away. At the end, you will definitely feel rejuvenated. Having a Ayurvedic massage is one of the must to things in Kerala vacation. 

Photo by Adams Homestay Cochin

8. Feast on authentic local cuisines 

Kerala cuisines dont mean it has to be vegetarian. Being located near the coast, Kerala serves some of the best authentic seafood. The small fishing villages in Kovalam offer freshly cooked sea fish to their visitors. Pay a visit to these villages to learn about their culture, fishing techniques and their secret recipes. Else you can also try typical Kerala platter served on a bright green banana leaf. Make sure you take a glass of refreshing toddy (coconut palm wine) to accompany your platter.

Photo by Augustus Binu

These are only few things which you should definitely try when you are in Kerala. However, the paradise has lot more to offer from its kitty. So, just take yourself out of the rat race and taste the leisurely life that Kerala offers.

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