Top Things to Do in Paris, Part 2, for the Ultimate Parisian Experience

Heading to the city of lights soon? Given the vivacity of Paris, you may wonder what to do, where to start. Indeed, you shall be very eager to rush and watch this mesmerizing city from atop the magnificent Eiffel Tower, but what after that?! May be a daunting question. However, certain Paris city tours cover the city just rightly, to ensure you get the best.It would be apparent for anyone to get puzzled with the number of things to do here. We have got you sorted with this list of the best things to do in Paris and with some great options of tours to choose from. From admiring the splendid monuments to devouring French food, you cannot go wrong with these best things to do in Paris

1. Start with a good recce of the city, at your own pace


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It’s a known fact that Paris is massive and so are the number of attractions to see here. Getting around the city can get a little bothersome and expensive if you are nescient about the best resources and facilities. 
Travel tip - Perhaps the best way to start your Paris sojourn, a bus tour that allows you to move around the city’s attractions, multiple times and without getting down! Couldn’t get any more comfortable, right? So hop and hop off, at whichever attraction that appeals to your admiration. And if you don’t feel like doing that either, sit back and enjoy the audio guide! Definite value for money here.
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2. Mount the Eiffel tower

The symbol of Paris, Eiffel Tower, is the quintessential Parisian experience for any visitor. Mounting the tower has its own charm. A lunch at the first floor, champagne at the top, telescopic view from the 2nd floor, and witnessing the reason why this city is called the city of lights, in the evening, will have you smitten.
Travel tip This must-see attraction is a tourist favorite and hence, very crowded throughout the day. A great solution to ditch the crowd is getting a Skip-the-Line Eiffel Tower Tour. Walk around the garden as you hear tales of the Eiffel tower, followed by skipping the long queue of awaiters, heading straight up to the elevator.  
Tour Ticket starts from: USD $ 50.38 Per Person

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3. Explore the Parisian history at Notre dame


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2000 years of tumultuous history from the dark ages to the City of Light that Paris is today, will leave you enlightened. The interiors of the cathedral are magical, and climbing the famous bell towers for astounding views of Paris is an experience in its own. 
Travel tip Again a skip the line tour will be more beneficial. Make sure you have a guided tour to get insights on the very interesting history. The gargoyle's eye view of Paris is the icing of this tour!
Tour tickets start from: USD $ 39.21 Per Person

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4. Witness Parisian magic on the Seine river cruise

Intersecting through the city, the Seine river flows witnessing the city’s significance. With some of the most important attractions lacing the river’s bed, this is definitely one of the tours in Paris you must experience. So delight at the attractions, as you cruise down the river. 
Travel tip Combine this with an Eiffel tower tour and you will have the major Paris must-dos covered. You will also cover a succession of prestigious monuments with the song 'I love Paris in the summer' playing in the background. 
Tour tickets start from: USD $ 15.59 Per Person

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5. Admire the Louvre museum art


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One of the finest art galleries in the world, the Louvre is a thorough gem! Showcasing thousands of classic and contemporary masterpieces, even the non-art lovers will be taken aback. This is your chance to experience the French culture and European art history.
Travel tip This one is a heavily crowded attraction, so again the ‘skip-the-line’ pass is a boon. The most sought after paintings such as the Mona Lisa have long queues of visitors. Free entrance on the 14th of July, but most definitely very crowded.
Tour tickets start from: USD $ 20.6 Per Person

6. Marvel at the Palace of Versailles 

Paris’s rich culture and history is certainly endless. The Palace of Versailles is another example of just that. The former home of French kings and queens is nothing short of a wonderland, that will amaze you boundlessly.
Travel tip Skip-the-line of course. The RER C train is the easiest way to get here. Free admission is permitted on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday between April and October. 
Tour tickets start from: USD $ 31.23 Per Person

7. Shake a leg at Le Moulin Rouge


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Come to Paris, the origin of cabaret and not get a glimpse of the Moulin Rouge, would not be worthy as much. An unforgettable Parisian evening experience that this is, you cannot miss out on this. World renowned showgirls will strut their stuff on stage, as you get entertained.
Travel tip You must book in advance, as the shows are likely to be sold out. After the show ending at 1 am, exploring the nightlife of the city would be ideal. 
Tour tickets start from: USD $ 67.01 Per Person

8. Stroll through Paris’s bohemian Montmartre

The place where many famous painters lived, is sure to have that artistic vibe to it, free-spirited, experimental and beatnik! Its location atop a beautiful hill makes it even better. Windmills, cabarets, and monuments add to the charming appeal of the Montmartre.
Travel tip A walking tour, from the Moulin Rouge across the street, will take you through the cobblestone streets towards the white Sacre Coeur Basilica, offering splendid views in all directions. Experience the atmosphere of art and music, with the many artists living here even today. 
Tour tickets start from: USD $ 36.75 Per Person

9. Get thrilled at Disneyland


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Disneyland, a franchise loved by the all, doesn’t fail to amuse anyone. A theme park in the dreamy Paris could be one of the best life experiences.  
Travel tip If you plan to visit Disneyland Paris, combining that with a visit to the Walt Disney Studios would be fantastic, where you can get an insight into mastermind Walt Disney’s work. You can get enchanted by both the same day!  
Tour tickets start from: USD $ 76.84 Per Person

10. Taste wine at the Loire valley

Paris doesn’t stop at vibrant art and culture; it will charm you with its historic world famous castles as well. Home to world’s most famous castles the Chateau de Chambord and the Chateau de Chenonceau, you cannot leave Paris, unless you catch a glimpse of these.
Travel tip Wine tasting at the castle, is one of the most notable things to do in Paris. With more than two very famous fairy-tale castles here, exploring the others too is an exceptional experience. A wonderful delight for the Disney lovers, especially.
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11. Devour the amazing French food and wine 


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As you walk along the la rues of Paris, trying out some authentic, local French food is a must. After all, the best experience of any place is the local experience. A memorable meal at a local’s house, fancies you? It is perhaps, one of the best experiences you can leave the city with.
Travel tip A great tour for this would ideally be a one that encompasses sights of a few attractions and some places with good local food and even wine. Most essentially, wherein you can interact with a local, that will give you the essence of the city. 
Tour tickets start from: USD $ 33.41 Per Person

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12. Shop till you drop

You cannot come to the fashion capital of the world and not get your hands on some couture fashion! Hold on, if you plan on ditching this thing, assuming couture means expensive shopping, there are some amazing tours that will take you to discounted places. Feel like a Parisian, as you shop savvy, that too at a budget! 
Travel tip Look for tours that will give you the opportunity to explore the fashion insider's world. There are umpteen select resale shops that sell couture clothes at heavily discounted prices; you will find the best bargains here. 
Tour tickets start from: USD $ 136.1 Per Person
With these mentioned things, you will leave this city of love, with memories of a lifetime that will make you want to come back! 
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