Top 15 Things to Do With Kids in Hong Kong

  • UPDATED Apr 04, 2017

Hong Kong delivers a big bang in a small package. Full of subtle ironies and pleasant surprises, the city has a bewitching effect on visitors. Amidst the grandeur of imposing skyscrapers and man-made miracles, it’s not rare to find natural awe-inspiring natural beauty and precious heritage. Although the city might come across as all business , there are actually a host of things to do with kids in Hong Kong.
Your kids will love to explore and experience the myriad kid friendly and family activities in Hong Kong.
These are our recommendations for experiencing Hong Kong with kids:

1. Disneyland

Image Source: HK Arun/Wikimedia Commons  

Disneyland will be a game changer when you are trying to convince your kids for a holiday in Hong Kong. A wonderland for your little ones, you can be sure that your kids will love to spend time here. Even though the Disneyland at Hong Kong is relatively smaller than the other Disney parks around the world, it is packed with lovely rides and activities. Even if it’s just for half a day, be sure to visit this place with your kids.

2. The Tian Tan with Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car 

Image Source: Alexander Savin/
The majestic ‘Big Buddha’ that towers at 34 meters is a major attraction and pilgrimage in Hong Kong. The Po Lin monastery that lies opposite the statue is known as one of the most revered sanctums in Buddhism. Make sure you take the Ngong Ping cable car ride to reach there so that you are privy to exceptional views that your kids will adore, especially if you’re lucky enough to get the Crystal Cabin Car. Be sure to reserve your cabin in advance!

3. Ferry Rides

Image Source: Bernard Spragg.NZ/
Hong Kong has a vivacious harbor that is always abuzz with activity. A ferry ride over the waters is one of the most fun things to do in Hong Kong. You get great views of the city, the junks, hydrofoils and other boats. The Star Ferry has been in operation for atleast a hundred years or more and journeys from Kowloon to Central or Wan Chai at frequent intervals.

4. Victoria Harbor Light Show 

Image Source: tobarkhopper/ 

Watch how your kids gawk in excitement at the brilliant symphony of lights over the Victoria Harbor. A riot of colors that dance to the tunes of wonderful symphonies, this is truly a spectacle that shouldn’t be missed. You and your kids will love to see how the colored lasers sprout on the Hong Kong skyline giving the whole city a surreal look. One of the best family activities in Hong Kong for sure!

5. The Peak 

Image Source: Bernard Spragg.NZ/

Prepare to experience the most stunning views of the city at The Peak. It is the highest point on the Hong Kong island and offers unbelievable panoramas of this magnanimous city. The sights change depending upon when you view them ; in the day time you can witness the sun’s rays gleaming on the glass of the skyscrapers and the endlessness of Victoria harbor and in the evening this transforms into a galaxy of light. You can choose to take the Peak Tram or do the Peak Circle Walk too.

6. Hong Kong Space Museum 

Image Source: Belvis Chin/ 

There are hardly any kids who aren’t fascinated by space -  the mysteries of the ‘other world’ , the allure of the billions of stars and the exciting revelations of the other planets will keep your little ones interested for hours. The Space Museum is one of best indoor activities in Hong Kong that is not only educative but highly engaging too. Your kids will especially love the 3D shows and the cool souvenir shop.

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7. Ocean Park 

Image Source: Martin Lewison/

Ocean Park is a place where you can let the kid in you come out and be merry without a worry. An absolute must visit if you’re traveling with kids, Ocean Park is incredibly fun and well organized. Inside, you will find a variety of rollercoasters and water rides along with a good choice of restaurants. There are a number of shows like Dolphin show and animal encounters that are highly entertaining for the whole family. This is by far one of the best things to do with kids in Hong Kong.

8. Repulse Bay 

Image Source: Jon/

Repulse Bay is a wave lapped beach that is part of one of Hong Kong’s premier residential area. A welcome visual from the concrete drenched sights of the city, the beach is a great place to take your kids. While the kids enjoy playing in the clean, soft sand, you can enjoy the gorgeous views while slurping a beer. There’s a play area and dedicated children’s club for families with kids.

9. Science Museum

Image Source: Allison Fender/ 

A great way to make a serious subject like Science fun, the Science Museum in Hong Kong is a fabulous activity for children and adults alike. And the really cool aspect of the museum is that most of its 500-odd exhibits encourage you to interact and play around with them! This makes it one of the really fun things to do with kids in Hong Kong. From robotics to telecommunications, the Science Museum covers an array of fields and provides interesting insights into them. Don’t forget to check out the 22 meter high Energy Machine.

10. Hong Kong Park 

Image Source:Claire Gribbin/  

Perhaps one of the most kid friendly places in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Park is full of wondrous sights and enjoyable activities that make it a great option for an outdoor picnic for the whole family. The artistic use of water to link the different features of the park has made sure that there are a number of waterfalls, streams and ponds here. Great for bird watching too, you will be soothed by the melodious birdsong here. Apart from that, there are a number of playgrounds for children too.

11. Mong Kok

Image Source: Naomi Young/ 

In our efforts to entertain the kids we often forgo the real essence of a city and end up showing them only the commercial part of it. That’s why a visit to one of the liveliest parts of city is a must when looking for things to do with kids in Hong Kong. Choose a relatively non-busy day to visit this bustling district that houses tons of markets and shopping streets. A lovely place for people watching, your kids will love the myriad sights and sounds of this place.

12. Pink Dolphin Cruise

Image Source: Chem 7/

Native only to Hong Kong, the pink dolphins are a sight to reckon with. These dolphins are highly endangered and enigmatic and a visual that you will remember forever. Take a cruise that will take you and your family through the rich fisheries of the gorgeous western shoreline, passing along the enchanting skyline of Hong Kong. What’s more, if you dot spot a dolphin on your trip, take the nest one for free!

13. Hong Kong Observation Wheel

Image Source: IQRemix/ 

There’s one thing you will realize about this metropolis once you’re high up ;  Hong Kong is an incredibly pretty city. Towering 60 meters high, this ferris wheel affords outstanding views of the surroundings. There are 42 gondolas that each take their turn to reveal the magic of Hong Kong to you. Your kids will love the experience of being high up in the air and spotting their favorite buildings in the skyline.

14. Trick Eye Museum

Image Source: Jirka Matousek/ 

Probably one of the wackiest things to do with kids in Hong Kong, the Trick Eye Museum is a whole lot of fun for adults and children alike. This wonderful world of optical illusions lets you imagine an alternative reality that is weird yet magical. The museum’s brilliant collection of 3D artwork makes plain surfaces look three dimensional. Visitors are encouraged to take part in the optical illusions and experience the clever imagery.

15. Yum Cha 

Image Source: Lucius Kwok/ 

Even though Hong Kong’s culinary scope is much wider than that, ask anybody and they will recommend that you sample some of its famous dimsums when you’re here. Sample the dim sum that has been unabashedly reinvented by the talented chefs. Your kids will love the concept of the restaurant ; just pick what you fancy from carts that pass by you with bite sized food. Repeat until you’ve had enough! Let this be their first step into the gourmet world.

There is no dearth of kid friendly places in Hong Kong. When travelling with kids , be assured that they will have plenty to keep them entertained and busy.


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