Top Travel Bloggers You Must Follow In 2019

By Ketki Hanamshet on Feb 20, 2019
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Finding inspiration to travel comes easy at TripHobo. Reading through a lot of beautifully weaved articles or blogs, and watching colleagues discover new places is enough to push me into making my own backpacking plans. And that’s when some of the best travel bloggers come to my rescue. With years of travel experiences, these ‘travelistas’ guide me with their valuable tips. Through their words, they inspire everyone to realize their travel dreams. And mind me, their travel blogs are not all about safe journeys and exotic vacations. They are also a travelogue of things gone wrong and yet finding the courage to go globe trotting. 

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Staring at pictures of breathtaking destinations, one does look for some travel inspiration. TripHobo brings to you the list of top travel bloggers to follow in 2019. Trust me, these travel blogs and bloggers are a mine of motivation to feed your wanderlust. Read on and you may just get started on planning that trip you have been wanting to take all year long.    

Matt Kepnes - Nomadic Matt 

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Matt is my guru when it comes to knowing how to travel on a budget. This nomad adorns the hat of the New York Times best-selling author of ‘How to Travel the World on $50 a Day’. And yeah, besides learning about how to become a smart traveler, do take some lessons from the ‘Nomadic Matt’ on how to quit your cubicle job first to become a full-time travel blogger. (I definitely gotta learn a lot from him as I write this sitting in my cubicle right now). His work has been featured on major media sites like the CNN, BBC, Lonely Planet, National Geographic, and many more.


Rachel Jones - Hippie in Heels 

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Rachel is my secret guide to plan a perfect trip to Goa. Yes, I am an Indian and should probably know more about this happening Indian state, but this ‘hippie in heels’ tells me how to discover Goa like a traveler, rather than a tourist. Head towards Rachel’s blog and take a look at all the destinations she has traveled to, meticulously arranged in alphabetical order from A-Z. Talk about being an organized blogger, huh! Rachel's work has been featured on Lonely Planet, The Huffington Post, Elle, Grazia, BuzzFeed, and Thomas Cook.

Matthew Karsten - Expert Vagabond 

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Matthew Karsten is a madcap, undoubtedly! Reading about this ‘Expert Vagabond’s’ adventures around the world will get your adrenaline rushing through the veins. Be it scuba diving with sharks or jumping off the world’s tallest rope swing in South Africa, Matthew’s adventure blogs will certainly make you skip a heartbeat. What more, the guy is an expert in giving tips for finding everything cheap while traveling!


Liz Carlson - Young Adventuress 

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Liz Carlson is the girl to tell you that traveling is not always about having hunky dory experiences. The ‘Young Adventuress’ doesn’t hold herself back while telling how she has messed up big time on several travel expeditions and yet found the courage to continue on her journey. With that courage, Liz has managed to cover around 50 countries in some 10 odd years. She has been seen on the travel channel, The Huffington Post, BBC, The New York Times, Forbes, Yahoo!, CNN, and many more.


Lakshmi Sharath - Travel with Lakshmi Sharath 

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My very own source of inspiration back home - Lakshmi Sharath is one of the leading travel bloggers in India. Following your heart that urges you to travel the world is no easy task, especially after having worked for 15 years in different media organizations. But this girl with a strong spirit did exactly that and has now traveled to 25 countries from 5 continents. She has worked with 25 tourism boards, including those of Ireland, Seychelles, Denmark, Singapore Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, and many others.


João Leitão - Nomad Revelations 

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Starting from Afghanistan and ending at the Vatican, João Leitão’s comprehensive list of destinations has about 130 countries that he has traveled to. Isn’t that a liiiittle overwhelming?! Independently traveling since 1999, the ‘Nomad Revelations’ of this guy is an archive of around 20 years of travel experience. João is your go-to guy if you love to explore offbeat destinations. João


Pinoy - Pinoy Adventurista 

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Meet the adventure junkie - Pinoy who requests his followers to lovingly call him ‘Mervz’. Reading his ‘Pinoy Adventurista’ blog, I could travel through the nooks and corners of the Philippines sitting right in my chair. The top blogger in the Philippines has many feathers in his cap. This includes his blog being a finalist of ‘Best Travel / Lifestyle Nuffnang 2018 Nuffie Awards’ and being listed in the ‘Top 20 Travel Blogs in the Philippines to Inspire Your Wanderlust’ by Tripzilla Philippines.


Ben Schlappig - One Mile at a Time 

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Traveling isn’t always about exploring exotic or offbeat places, is it? It is also about calculating airline miles and credit card points. Ben Schlappig flies an average of 400,000 miles per year and is obsessed with aviation. I guess that is enough to make him your best bet in knowing everything about flights. Take it ‘One Mile at a Time’ and soon you will have Ben aka Lucky as your expert source of miles and points. One Mile at a Time ranked first on ‘The Top 50 Travel Blogs’ of 'The Expeditioner’ based on visitor traffic in 2018.


Yaya and Lloyd - Hand Luggage Only 

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So what if Yaya couldn’t pinpoint Singapore on the maps until he actually moved to Singapore! Together, Yaya and Lloyd have traveled to several places and that’s enough inspiring, right? With ‘Hand Luggage Only’, these two guys have traveled to Japan, Germany, Sweden, Italy, England, and many more places. And boy, one look at the pictures of their destinations and you would crave to visit them all! 'Hand Luggage Only' ranked 7th on ‘The Top 50 Travel Blogs’ of 'The Expeditioner' in 2018. 


Mark Wiens - Migrationology 

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Mark Weins’ blog - Migrationology is finger-licking food, I mean good, good. Introducing a variety of delicious food that he has tasted around the world, Mark’s blog is the ultimate stop for all the foodies. From spicy Pakistani street food to delicious Thai seafood, reading through Migrationology would make your stomach growl and mouth water. 


Aileen Adalid - I am Aileen 

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An online entrepreneur, a travel blogger, and a frequent vlogger - all of this make Aileen Adalid what she is today. Quitting a stable job in the corporate world of the Philippines just to travel around the globe at 21, Aileen is certainly someone to look up to. Walk through her blog ‘I am Aileen’ and you will discover how to make a life out of travel despite all the odds. She has been seen on BBC, National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Cosmopolitan, Travel+Leisure, and many others.


Johnny Jet 

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Here’s another blogger to approach for knowing everything about flying on a budget. Johnny Jet has covered around 20 countries and has flown over 150,000 miles. That makes him an expert in knowing a whole lot about aviation. Land on his blog and know everything from finding cheap Thanksgiving flights to getting the best coach seat on planes. His website was also listed as one of the top best money-saving websites for travel by Forbes.


Alexander Waltner - Swedish Nomad 

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Off-beaten roads and unexplored destinations - that’s what Alexander Waltner’s travel stories are all about! This Swedish Nomad has been trotting the globe since 2014 with his girlfriend, giving some real travel goals for many couples. Also a photographer, his pictures perfectly capture the essence of the destinations he has traveled to. Reading through his travelogues, I was certainly all dreamy-eyed. Alex has been featured on Wanderlust Travel Magazine, Matador Network, BBC Travel, Travel+Leisure, and other popular media platforms.


Kiersten Rich - The Blonde Abroad 

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Attention ladies who love traveling solo! Here is Kiersten Rich to your aid with her travel blog - The Blonde Abroad. To feed her wanderlusting soul, Kirsten aka Kiki left her corporate wealth management job. By now, the brave blonde has covered more than 70 countries and aspire to tick a lot many off her bucket list. Having learned how to handle camera equipment while traveling and with special photo-editing skills, Kiersten’s pictures are always postcard perfect. Kiki is named as the 2nd top travel influencer by Forbes. 


Clelia - Keep Calm and Travel 

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How many 19-year olds would show the courage of leaving their home just to lead a nomadic life? Well, Clelia did and is now living one of her wildest dreams. Doing just what her blog says, that is ‘Keep Calm and Travel’, Clelia makes you realize that it is never too late to perceive your dreams. She has been featured on many popular media platforms like The Huffington Post, National Geographic, Business Insider, The Independent, GQ, and Cosmopolitan. 


Will Hatton - The Broke Backpacker 

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Desk job, paid/unpaid leaves, and once in a blue moon vacation - Will Hatton left all of this behind to trot the globe. While that is encouraging enough to follow your passion, ‘The Broke Backpacker’ goes further to guide others in becoming a successful entrepreneur through online ventures. This is also his source of income. That’s quite smart, right?! Will has been featured on Daily mail, BBC Travel, Forbes, BuzzFeed, Al Jazeera, Independent, and Business Insider.


Hannah and Adam - Getting Stamped 

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Hannah and Adam’s blog, Getting Stamped, screams of travel goals for couples. Reading about their exotic vacation destinations and seeing these beautiful places through their lens would make anyone yearn to pack their bags and leave. Exploring the world while holding each other’s hand, these two travel bloggers are setting some standards of growing old together. 


Kristin Addis - Be My Travel Muse 

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Kristin Addis is an award-winning expert on solo-female travel. Do I even have to say anything more? Traveling independently since September 2012, this girl has set an example for all those females wanting to go wandering solo around the world. Read through ‘Be My Travel Muse’ ladies and you might just get that push to realize that it is easy to achieve your dreams. She has been featured on The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, USA Today, Business Insider, and many others.


Shivya Nath - The Shooting Star 

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Ever seen an adventurous soul - the one that wriggles through comfort zone and seeks a way out to see the wonders around? Well, meet Shivya Nath or just browse through her blog - The Shooting Star - and you will know one. Quitting her corporate job to lead a nomadic life, Shivya is now one of the top travel bloggers in India. From journeying through small towns of India to flash-packing across western Europe, this girl is quenching her wanderlust the right way. Shivya's work has been featured on BBC Travel, TEDx, The Huffington Post, National Geographic Traveller India, and many more.


Yoshke and Vins - The Poor Traveller 

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Yoshke and Vins are somewhat a blessing in the disguise of travel bloggers for all those who have desk jobs and look forward to having vacations on weekends and holidays. Having once lead a normal life doing day jobs, these two are experts in giving travel tips to the working class. Reading through ‘The Poor Traveller’, you will know how to make the most of your hard-earned money while traveling and not repeat the mistakes that the full-time travelers made. The blog has ranked top on the ‘Budget Travel Blog’ of USA Today and ‘Best Travel Blog in Asia’ of Go Desti. It also ranked as the fourth Top Travel Blog by The Expenditure.


With this list of top 20 travel bloggers, I now have a strong dose of inspiration to travel more and explore the world in 2019. Are you ready to get on board? Let us know about the travel bloggers that motivate you.


**There is no particular order to the list and it does not reflect the rankings of bloggers.

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