‘Selfish’ Selfies: Where Is The World Heading To?

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A man is called Selfish not for pursuing his own good, but for neglecting his neighbour’s- Richard Whately

More often than not, we don’t realise how our actions reflect into something that hurts others be it human beings, animals or environment. But there are times, when we do something that affects the nature in such a hideous way which is not only cruel but beyond understanding.

A recent incidence that resulted into death of a swan from a lake in Macedonia just shook the humanity. An unidentified female tourist reportedly from Bulgaria dragged a swan from a lake to click a selfie with it and after she was done, left the bird on the beach, to die.

Photo by Nake Batev

What shocks us the most are two things- the tourist who thought of taking a selfie with the bird and displayed no sense of emotion towards it’s well being and the photographer who followed the lead and didn’t come to the rescue of the poor bird.

Photo by Nake Batev

Is this where the world is heading to? Are humans way past the line of humanity and sensitivity?

One more incidence that showed similar behaviour was spotted in Argentina where an adorable baby dolphin succumbed to death followed by ignorance of tourists. On an Argentine beach resort of Santa Teresita in the north-eastern Buenos Aires Province, a baby dolphin was found by a group of tourists. Instead of helping the dolphin to find its way back into the sea, the tourists clicked selfies with the dolphin and also strained to touch it. The tourists also paraded it around like a trophy!

The baby dolphin died due to dehydration.

The images caused global outrage and few weeks after that, the swan incidence takes place. It’s high time we humans realise that we have a moral responsibility towards the environment, society and the world.

Time to be less Selfish!

The article was first published on dailymail.co.uk. Cover Photo Source

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