29 Best Desserts to Try From States Of India

The diversity of India is evident by its varied cuisines. In this blog, we cover the best of India's desserts from across all its states. These are utterly delicious, wholesome and inviting!

1. Uttar Pradesh: Makhan Malai

Image Source: india.com

As light as a cloud, Makhan Malai is made typically in winters out of milk cream.

2. Maharashtra: Modak

Image Source: dailyhunt.in

Stuffed with the goodness of coconut and made of rice flour, this treat is made during the Ganesh festival to impress the Elephant God.

3. Bihar: Lai

Image Source: indiamart.com

Made of Ramdana seeds, Lai is a typically Bihari sweet that also has khoya and sugar. It can be made in different shapes and sizes.

4. West Bengal: Sandesh

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Melt in the mouth goodness, Sandesh is made of cottage cheese and has gained much popularity in the rest of the country too

5. Madhya Pradesh: Mawa Jalebi

Image Source: palpalindia.com

Mawa jalebi is like the humble jalebi on steroids. It is made of mawa and deep fried in ghee.

6. Tamil Nadu: Kachyam

Image Source: Youtube.com

Sweet dumplings that urge you eat more with every bite, Kachyam is a popular snack and dessert in Tamil nadu.

7. Rajasthan: Ghevar

Image Source: youthensnews.com

Soaked in sugar syrup and sprinkled with cream and nuts, the ghevar is the traditional sweet made during special occassions.

8. Karnataka: Huggi

Image Source: Youtube.com

Huggi is made of wheat traditionally and resembles a porridge that is eaten as a sweet accompaniment with any meal

9. Gujarat: Ghaari

Image Source: youtube.com

Rich and loaded with texture, Ghaari is a sweet made of mawa, ghee and is stuffed with nuts like pistachio.

10. Andhra Pradesh: Pootharekulu

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Pootharekulu resembles a thin sheet of paper and is made of rice batter and jaggery or sugar.

11. Odisha: Chhena Poda

Image Source: food.ndtv.com

The Indian version of Cheese Cake, Chhena Poda tastes of caramelized sugar and has the texture of a soft, warm cake.

12. Telangana: Thapeshwaram Khaja

Image Source: Youtube.com

Made of refined flour and jaggery, the Khaja is layered and soaked in delicious sugar syrup. Get ready for a sugar rush!

13. Kerala: Therali Appam

Image Source: Youtube.com

Made of banana, jaggery and rice flour, Therali Appam is in the fond memories of many Keralites. It is wrapped in a special leaf called Vayana leaf.

14. Jharkhand: Tilkut

Image Source: burrp.com

Made of sesame seeds and jaggery, this sweet is had in winters and is said to be incredibly healthy too. This one is a beauty with brains!

15. Assam: Pitha

Image Source: indianexpress.com

Typically prepared with rice flour, Pitha is a versatile sweet that can be made in many variations and eaten as a snack and dessert too.

16. Punjab: Pinni

Image Source: youtube.com

If its Punjabi, you can be sure that it is made of desi ghee! Shaped like laddus, pinnis are made of wheat or urad dal and filled with all kinds of nuts.

17. Chattisgarh: Murmura Laddu

Image Source: indiamart.com

Made of puffed rice and jaggery, this dessert is unique and highly likeable!

18. Haryana: Halwa

Image Source: mapsofindia.com

Haryanvis know their halwa! Made of wheat or almonds or sooji, this sweet is oozing ghee and simply too hard to resist.

19. Jammu & Kashmir: Shufta

Image Source: mapsofindia.com

A lavish dessert, the Shufta is loaded with dry fruits and saffron and does the job of keeping you warm in winters.

20. Uttarakhand: Bal Mithai

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

A fudge like dessert, Bal Mithai is textured with sugar balls and has found a place of pride in many legends and folklore.

21. Himachal Pradesh: Dabroo

Image Source: factfile.org

Wafer thin sweet pancakes that melt with every bite, Dabroo is a must try when you visit the hilly paradise of Himachal Pradesh.

22. Meghalaya: Pukhlein

Image Source: indiatimes.com

These deep fried pockets made of rice flour and jaggery will be all that you desire once you have a bite of it.

23. Manipur: Madhurjaan Thongba

Image Source: nelive.in

Madhurjan Thongba is sweet dumplings made of gram flour and dipped in sweetened milk.

24. Nagaland: Koat Pitha

Image Source: travelwhistle.com

Made during the festival of Bihu, Koat Pitha is made of rice flour, bananas and rice flour. Much like the pithas from Assam

25. Goa: Bebinca

Image Source: food.ndtv.com

With upto as many as sixteen layers, Bebinca is a traditional Goan dessert made of coconut milk, ghee,  plain flour and sugar.

26. Arunachal Pradesh: Khapse

Image Source: Youtube.com

Differing in shapes and sizes, Khapse is made of butter, eggs, flour and sugar. It is deep fried goodness!

27. Mizoram: Chhangban Leh Kurtai

Image Source: nelive.in

Made with Mizo gur or jaggery, this dessert is nothing but steamed rice flour bread in its best form!

28. Sikkim: Sael Roti

Image Source: Wikipedia.org

Soaked rice is ground with water to make a fine paste and fried in wholesome ghee. I bet you can’t stop at one!

29. Delhi: Rabri

Image Source: khanakhazana.org

Who knew milk could be this yummy! Rabri is made by heating milk on a low flame for a long time. Sugar, spices and nuts give it a mouthwatering taste that stays on your palette for a long time.

I love Pinni! Which is your favorite?

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