7 Ways You Can Earn While Travelling

By Isha Jalan on Jan 08, 2019
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Not all of us have the luxury (or the funds!) to travel whenever we want to. Travelling for most of us involves meticulous planning and mercilessly saving our hard-earned cash, because, lets face facts here, travelling is expensive! If youre planning to quit your job and do it, its so much worse on your pocket! But there is another way! Did you know that you can also earn during your travels? Yep, you read it right. Here are 7 ways you can earn money while you travel:

1. Freelance work online

There are so many options available when it comes to working online. Whether your expertise is in web design, writing, legal work, consultation, illustration, or anything at all really, there are many things you can do just with a good internet connection. And the earning potential is seriously staggering, as long as youre committed to the work.

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2. Teach musical instruments

Do you know how to play the guitar? The flute? The djembe? Whatever it is that you can play, there are a lot of people whod want to learn, even abroad! Dont know how to market your talents? Why not start with street performances?

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3. Teach any language

While, people do want to learn English, there are also several takers if you know how to write and speak Spanish, German, French, Italian, Mandarin or any other foreign language. There are lots of institutions looking for teachers, and you could be one of them!


4. Work at a farm

Now this options only for people who arent afraid to get their hands dirty. Working at a farm requires you to be out in the sun and put in tons of physical labour. But if your travels take you through the northern and the southern hemisphere at just the right time, getting work will never be a problem! A great organisation to try is the World Wide Organization of Organic Farms (WWOOF) if youre interested.

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5. Tour guide

Know a lot about a particular tourist destination? Well, then youre in luck. You can always become a tour guide and being bilingual here is a huge advantage! And its a great way to meet new people too!

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6. Volunteer

There are several organisations that keep looking for volunteers overseas. If youre ready to work selflessly, we promise that this will be the most fulfilling and memorable experience you will ever have! Peace Corps and Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) can fund your travels overseas.

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7. Do you really need to quit?

Ask your firm whether a position of a freelance worker or a consultant is available. As long as your boss likes your work and theres a decent internet connection available, you can always stay in your current company. That will make your life very easy and your travels doubly so!

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