10 Types Of Mobile Applications A Solo Traveller Must Have

By Revati Tamboli on Jun 22, 2018
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“But why are you travelling alone? Is it safe?” These questions hold back many solo travelling enthusiasts. The concern is totally legitimate, but there is an equally legitimate solution to this. It is the millions of applications available on the internet that ensure your safety, well being, and joy when there is nobody else to do so. Take that solo trip you have always wanted to and stay assured about your welfare with these top solo travel apps.

1. Battery Saver Apps

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“Battery low!” These are two words dreaded the most by every millennial. They become even more frightening when you are travelling solo and your mobile phone is the only buddy have. A mobile phone is not only necessary to contact help in emergency situations, but is also needed for booking flights, bus tickets, hotel rooms, finding routes and for basically everything. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that solo travelling without a mobile phone is impossible. Battery saving can be a real issue when you are backpacking in remote locations. But the plethora of battery saver apps available both for Android and iOS are here to make it easier for you!

2. Safety Apps

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One cannot deny the possibility of an emergency while travelling. Tackling these kind of situations becomes harder when you are alone. But hey, that doesn’t mean you should never travel solo! Plenty of safety apps available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store ensure your safety while you encounter one of the most enlightening experiences in life that solo travelling is! There are several ways in which these apps work- Some have SOS facilities which instantly send your location to your loved ones with just one click. Some apps provide live location to your loved ones when you hop a cab, bus or train and some apps even guide you through safer routes when you are travelling late night.

3. Translator Apps

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Travelling abroad solo? Translator apps are your saviour! Being a solo traveller means maximum interaction with the locals and other tourists. Rather, solo travelling is all about interacting and making friends with new people. Let language not be a barrier with the help of wide variety of translator apps available on the internet. These apps will help you not only in your basic chores, but also in understanding the local lifestyle.

4. Music Apps

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Music is a beautiful companion when wandering alone. Stuck in the traffic and have no one to talk to? Have a long hike to finish and need to feel revitalized? Craving melodious melancholy while taking an evening stroll? A one stop solution to all these answers is music. This world is practically running on music, so make it run on your phone! There are many apps dedicated to international as well as local music. If you are missing home or want to dance alone, if you want peace or you are looking for an inspiration, these apps have millions of songs suitable for every mood and emotion. 

5. Transportation Apps

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A group of friends or family generally prefer to rent a car to roam around a place. But solo travellers have to go with public transport or private cabs. The variety of transportation apps available on the internet will provide you a mean to travel from one place to another in an easy and affordable way. These applications include cab services, applications showing public transport timetables, applications for hiring a private car or bike and applications that guide you through the right path to your destination. They even have online payment system which save you the effort of carrying cash and currency exchange.

6. Health Monitoring Apps

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You are your own caretaker while travelling alone and this is why you need to be extra careful. But in this age of digitalization, we have thousands of mobile applications to take care of you. With specially curated applications for a traveller’s needs, you definitely have a guardian in your pocket when you have these. Some of them have simple and quick workout routines designed for a touring schedule or some of them connect you to the closest personal trainer to you. Some apps remind you to stay hydrated,which is one of the most vital yet ignored aspect while travelling and some apps monitor your sleep cycle which usually gets hampered due to varying time zones.

7. Apps That Connect You With The Locals

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True traveller experiences a place like a local! And when it comes to solo travelling, you are even more bound to encounter local people and their lifestyle. In today’s world of wanderlust, we all prefer to be a traveller over a tourist. This is the main reason why more and more people are opting for homestays and local cuisines while travelling. There are apps which connect you to the local party animals and fellow travellers with whom you can party and have fun conversations. Some apps connect you with the local vendors or trip planners to help you get the best out of that city and some apps let you connect with people who are travelling with the same schedules as you.

8. Apps That Connect You With Other Solo Travellers

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“How can you wander alone? Don’t you have anybody?” is the reaction all the lone wanderers have received at some point of time in their lives. There are people who enjoy the company more than they enjoy the place, there are people who do it together and then there are souls who like to travel alone. There is nothing alien in touring solo and these apps make you believe that there are millions of other people with similar interests. Some apps are for dating other solo travellers, some to party with them and some to share a bus or cab with them. Download them and make your trip super interesting!

9. Journaling apps

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Every solo traveller wishes to have the experiences etched in his/her memory to get written or pictured. The plethora of apps available on internet encourage all the solo travellers to record their experiences in whichever manner they wish to. These apps let you write a journal about your travel experiences on your tab. They also have features like image addition, video addition. These apps also have the provision of setting reminders for your travel schedules. You can even share your journals online via these apps which also helps you in travel blog publishing.

10. Itinerary planner apps

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It is all sorted when you are travelling with a group. While travelling alone, you get to plan your trip according to your moods and interests. There are several apps and websites that help you plan your time at a place. Triphobo lets you create your own personalised itinerary and book hotels accordingly. There are many other apps that provide you with information regarding everything about the place, so that you get a clear idea while creating an itinerary. You should definitely take help of these apps to plan a comfortable and problem free travel.

What are your personal favorite travel apps? Share this to all your solo travel enthusiast friends and help them make the most out of their trips!

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