Extreme Travel Challenges 2016

They say, "To travel is to take a journey within yourself." With every travel, a traveler is left with an experience, a journey to cherish and memories to last an eternity. A journey has the power to unleash hidden personality traits of a traveler making him more familiar with himself. What a beautiful way to meet the inner you through a mere jaunt!

Most of us travel to explore the outer world. To reach the beautiful corners of earth, some natural and some manmade. For a change travel to explore yourself. Your capabilities, your abilities and your proficiencies, your fears, your likes and dislikes. Challenge yourself to an activity you otherwise dread. Get out of that comfort zone and push those boundaries of safety a little further. Create a valor book and inscribe a few these challenging expeditions in it.

Cave of Swallows BASE Jump

Sotano de las Golandrinas, is nobody’s land. It is just a cylindrical cave nestles in the lush Mexican rainforest. It cave is about 1400 feet deep. It is of course illegal to take a jump from someone else’s property, but hey, we have ‘earth’ to jump from. A jump into the cave would take you from the soft and mild sunlight to a circle of darkness. The real challenge is actually making up your mind to jump in the hollow of darkness. However, once you take the jump it’s all a joy ride.

Plura River Cave Diving

The idol of underwater beauty embarks at the Plura river that emanates from a large cave in Norway. Of course diving in a cave would paint a picture of sheer darkness and invisibility in a narrow cocoon underwater. Perhaps that’s not the case with Plura River Cave. The cave renders exceptionally good visibility and is safe and broad for a dive with an underwater scooter as well.

The walls of the sumptuous rock look like the batter of cake swirled in neat folds. The cave is over a hundred meters deep and a few of its passages are only accessible professional divers. The designed rook is however now quite eroded, making a few of its folds and curves invisible. However, the insoluble pieces still stand strong and unharmed by the force to the water flooding the cave. These rock bits look like shark teeth. Of course the cave spills scares of isolation, but the calm and tranquility attained here is truly unmatchable.

Genghis Khan Warrior Training

A traditional trip can be offbeat when you do the things you don’t do otherwise. It can also become challenging if you continue to do the same for days together. At the Gobi Desert, you get familiar make milk wine, sing traditional songs and cook a warrior's dinner. Wow! Now that’s something different. A historic dive teamed with the venture of a temporary similar life style, that’s something you can look forward to on a Genghis Khan Warrior Training trip.

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GoldenEye: Verzasca Dam

You’ve seen this one in the movies, now witness it in person. Pierce bros (James Bond), performed a stunt at this dam the wont the 'best movie stunt of all time' in 2002. One of the world’s highest bungee jumping spots and a legal thrill is what you can expect to witness at the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland. It’s like falling off a height of 220 meters and hanging off a rope to save your life. Exciting and scary at the same time! The dam is free for bungee jumping only between October and April as the weather conditions favorable at that period of time.

Camping with Saharan Nomads

This is a true delight. Although the camel trekking can be a real challenge it is well worth the while. A trip here would get you familiar with the traditional food warrior dances, costumes and customs and more. There are camel parades and races and entertaining musical performances that take places here too. One of Sahara’s most harmonious sight camp with Saharan Nomads.

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The Longest, Fastest Zipline

A crazy ride 280 meters above the ground on a rope! You need guts for this one. The mother of all adventure parks in one ride - The Longest, Fastest Zipline. You’re high up in the air, hanging on a rope, facing the ground and moving at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour for 2 kilometers at a stretch.

Cave Diving Under the Nullarbor Plain

It’s dangerous, but you’ll love it. The cave under the Nullarbor Plain is one of the largest underground caves in the world, suitable for diving. The limestone under the plain brought the caves to existence. The caves turn into a fascinating scenario once the sunlight becomes a distant beam of light. There’s a hot secluded spot down here that’s been unexplored by many. The rock pile about a kilometer ‘neath the water surface, features boulders, gorgeous tunnels in vivid shapes, clear water and more. Most people take an about turn at this point. However, a deeper dive would introduce you to the worn limestone sculptures of the earth's interior.

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Tiger Sharks at Umkomaas

Dive with tiger sharks! Ever given it a thought? These sharks are said to be the second most dangerous kind of shark to man. But trust me they hardly bother with us. Hence, diving with them serves as a real treat. They’re a photographer’s delight as well. Snorkeling or scuba diving is fun among these aquatic charms.

Bull Sharks at Protea Bank

Bull sharks bit, yes! But that’s the challenge. Dive in and observe these impressively huge aquatic cuties in the relatively clear water of Protea Banks. Carry a spear gun with you on the dive. As these sharks cannot stand the irritating sound of the rubber. Bull sharks are found between November and march (during summer season)

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Heli-Biking in The Tien Shan

Bid the lackluster life adieu while you ride through the virgin lands of Kazakhstan on roads that don’t exist. All you have is the hilly mountain area untouched and original. The Tien Shan is vast land beyond the sight of your eye, with arms wide open to accommodate off-roaders and encourage their craziness. By road, exploring this godforsaken piece of land would mean, wandering through the multiple mountain passes, across snow clad water masses, to illimitable plains where you’d only encounter nomadic tribes. An easier way to get here is by using a helicopter up to the Chon Ashy and Mingtur mountain passes.

Even a week or two of biking at the celestial mountain rage will not cover the entire area. Give that adrenaline rush a boost by climbing steep pathways and swiftly descending with the fear of tumbling down any moment. Gorgeous views and overcoming the dangers of off-roading makes this trip worth the while.

There are entertaining holidays, holidays to relax and then there are these adventurous expeditions that amalgamate both. Where the thrills of jumping from a height or into the unknown can be a zealous activity, the calm and tranquility in the water depths throw you in the world of meditation.


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