Hot Picks: Here's 2018's Top Choices by Travel Bloggers

We’ve all done that, having a bucket list of destinations we want to travel to! Especially as the new year begins, the travelers get itchy feet, discovering new destinations they can travel to, in the coming year. And while we are at that, how about some expert advice? We requested few of our favorite travel bloggers to jot down their list of top destinations for 2018. And while it is given that all of them would be pretty to look at, these bloggers have also enlightened us about why these destinations make it to their list. Explore the hottest destinations of 2018 to look forward traveling to!


Wants To Travel: Thailand

Why: 2018 will welcome a trip to Thailand for me. After some 20 years of travel, despite it's popularity with backpackers, I've just never been! My new niche blog was released last year, and Thailand with be a temple seeker's haven. I can't wait to visit the temple of the reclining Buddha, the temple of the Emerald Buddha and the White Temple in Chiang Rai.

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Carmela Nery

Wants To Travel: Siargao

Why: We’re traveling to Siargao in 2018 & would love to include this tropical paradise on your list.

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Vrushali Akshay Ketkar 

Wants To Travel: Seychelles

Why: We are planning to visit Seychelles in 2018. It seems to be the perfect holiday destination for couples. Plus it is not relatively popular among Indians who continue to favor Maldives, Mauritius, Bali and Thailand. The flights to Mahe are inexpensive and Indians don’t need to get a visa in advance. Its currency is also quite favorable for Indians.

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Zahra Taha Ali

Wants To Travel: Jordon

Why: We are planning a trip to Jordon. Firstly because it has one of our pilgrimage sites and secondly because of Petra. We will also be going around the country.

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Wants To Travel: Philippines

Why: I'm going to travel around the Philippines. There's no place like home. I want to know more about the culture of my own country. I'm looking forward to see the beaches and the mountains Philippines has to offer.

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Wants To Travel: Spain, Italy, Greece

Why: Cruise - Spain, Italy, Greece. Fun with friends. 


Wants to Travel: Malaysia

Why: Malaysia, I am going on 2018.. malaysia has surreal beauty which is still need to be covered. Budget-friendly but superb natural climate with beaches, islands and friendly people. The last but not least this place is in mind from childhood, so now its time to go solo and explore at my own

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