10 Bad Travel Habits That Need To Be Discarded

By Reshma Dewda on Jan 08, 2019
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Without even realizing it, many times we come in our own way when we travel. From expecting too much to preparing too little, we tend to do many things that are just not required. Sure, a new place can be overwhelming. But fussing over unnecessary things won’t help definitely.
Have you ever felt that your holiday was too stressful and not like you had imagined it to be? If yes, then perhaps you’ve the following bad travel habits:

1. Counting Each Penny

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Not only does this habit come in the way of you enjoying your time on a holiday, but it’s just too damn cheap. Even if there is a currency difference, you have to draw a line at where to stop fretting over petty finances. Come to terms with the fact that not all finances will be in your hand on your vacation and get on with the real essence of your trip- relaxing, unwinding and refreshing experiences.

2. Packing a Whole Lot of ‘What-ifs’

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When we start packing for a trip, there are a number of things we overdo. We pack too much stuff in anticipation ; ‘what if I need this’. These ‘what-ifs’ bundle up to a huge burden on our shoulders and keep us from enjoying the best part of our vacation- freedom. Pack the essentials and leave everything else back home. Chances are, you will be able to buy whatever you have forgotten at the place you’re travelling to.

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3. Rushing Through it

One of the biggest mistakes we make as travelers is allotting too few days to a particular place. Yes, it might seem like it’s a better idea to see ‘ all ‘ of it at once but what you end up with is an incomplete experience that could have been much more enriching had you spent just a few days more there. Don’t fall for the pleasure of merely the ‘tag’ of having been to a place, indulge yourself by truly experiencing it in its entirety.

4. Carrying Too Many Gadgets

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Technology has gifted a number of headaches to mankind. It has made us believe that we need to be connected all the time and added to our already stressed life. You might feel you need your Ipod, smartphone or SLR to enjoy your holiday but in reality you will be much better off without them. Go gadget free and give your surroundings a chance to entertain you.

5. Looking For Your Favorite Fast Food Chain

Part of the enriching experience of a holiday is being open to new things. Food plays a big part in acquainting you with the culture and natural resources of the region. You’d be keeping your palate from experiencing some interesting flavors if you are not open to trying the local cuisine. Don’t rely on McDonald or KFC as your experiment with local food.

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6. Being Rigid About Everything

Are you one of those who are obsessed about getting it right always? From the folding of your clothes to the arrival of your flight, do you have the need to see it go as planned always? Well, guess what, travelling is going to shake things up a little bit. Make peace with the fact that not everything will turn out to be as you anticipated. Things could turn out to be different, not necessarily as you imagined but fun nonetheless.

7. Too Many Fake-Pose Selfies

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Come on, who’re you kidding? Almost everyone knows that most selfies are manufactured to be pretty- under layers of filters and croppings, you turn out looking like a whole new person altogether. Add to that, the time you waste in posing like an ethereal beauty could be the time you use to actually experience the ethereal beauty of your surroundings! So not worth it, right?

8. Sticking To the Hop-on Hop-off Bus

We’ve all done that. For the fear of ‘missing’ something or just for its convenience, we often end up taking tourist-centric tours that all but skim the surface of the city and its heart. We end up missing the real soul of the new place-in its forgotten corners and sleepy streets. Don’t substitute one for the other. How about finding the time to do both?

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7. Not Socializing Enough 

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There are many of us who prefer to be holed up in the hotel room after we’re done with our day’s sightseeing. Whether you’re shy or just don’t want to take the effort, you don’t end up meeting and chatting with any locals on your holiday. This habit is not just boring but also keeps us from making new friends. Meeting new people expands the horizons of our mind and mentality. Try it, it’s truly refreshing!

10. Not Respecting Local Customs

Don’t you hate it when someone does not respect your rules at your home? Subconsciously , we end up doing the same in someone else’s homeland. When we’re busy being visitors we might end up offending some local traditions and customs without even realizing it. It is best to read up about them in advance and be a responsible global citizen.

At some point or the other, we might have made atleast one of these mistakes. But the key lies in being empathetic and curious. If we’re open to learn, there are so many ways we can make our travels better. Is there any other mistake that should be mentioned in this list?  Tell us in the comments!

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