Your Travel Horoscope for March 2016!

March is upon us, and what better way to spend this month than travelling. But in case you're wondering where to head to, let the stars guide you. We give you, your Travel Horoscope for March. See what lands your zodiac sign leads you to!

1. Aries - The Fiery Ram

It's your birthday month, Aries! This would be the perfect time to take a break and get in touch with your inner self, at a spiritual level. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse is in the 'unseen' part of your chart, may be responsible for some unexpected activities that are beyond your control. Pack your bags and head to a secluded island, and introspect your life.

Travel Tip: Head to the serene beauty of Lakshadweep Islands.

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2. Taurus - The Stubborn Bull

You know you want that dream vacation badly! Even though its just for business, you will get plenty of time to socialise. March will help you expand your horizon, personally, as well as, professionally. There are celestial powers at work for you, so just let go of your rigidness, and be a little more flexible for things to fall in place for you.

Travel Tip: Satisfy your inner romantic in Tuscany.

3. Gemini - The Expressive Twins

We know it is a busy month for you, but there is no harm in a little fun. Give in to your selfless ambitions, and let your hair down. Be it going out for business or pleasure, keep yourself open to all new experiences. You never know what might inspire you. March is a great time to head out with your best pals for an experience of a lifetime. Too much is going on in your mind, so make sure to make a checklist to adhere to, so as to not miss out on your travelling necessities.

Travel Tip: Bring out your naughty side out in Thailand.

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4. Cancer - The Sentimental Crab

Time to head to some exotic lands! The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in your chart will guide you to those foreign destinations, that have been calling out to you for quite some time. Leave your worries and break free from the monotony of daily life. This is the time to head to the beachside, dance to some lively music, enjoy some interesting art, and simply lose yourself, just find your freedom.

Travel Tip: Colourful Hawaii is beckoning you.

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5. Leo - The Proud Lion

We know you're too proud to let the world know about your worries. But, fear not! This is the time to completely let go of those problems, and head for a secret getaway, either alone or your better half. Deal with all your problems till 20th March, and then it's time to break free and go on this adventure of a lifetime.

Travel Tip: The peaceful Bali is perfect for you.

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6. Virgo - The Organized Virgin


It's time to bring back the romance in your life! A New Moon and Solar Eclipse, makes it perfect for you to go on a romantic trip with your beloved. If you're single, go on a solo trip, you might just meet the perfect stranger who will pull the right strings of your heart. But don't let go of caution, whether it is for your belongings or your pure heart.

Travel Tip: A Mediterannean Cruise is just what you need.

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7. Libra - The Fair Scales

The exotic oils and whiffs of a spa are calling to you! Librans head to the a spa retreat, as a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in your charts are suggesting you to. Rejuvenation might just be the key to tackle all your problems with a clear mind and positive attitude. But beware, the phase after 20th March, might need your strength to observe the peace you value so much.

Travel Tip: A spa retreat in Phuket will help you lift your spirits.

8. Scorpio - The Flirty Scorpion

The Solar Eclipse is right where you would love it to be, your pleasure zone of your charts. This means a fun adventure is what you should be planning for. An island retreat is perfect, as it provides the right amount of fun and adventure. Spend your days exploring the land or underwater and your evenings sipping on some delicious cocktails, while you indulge in some dancing.

Travel Tip: Live the time of your life at Fiji.

9. Sagittarius - The Funny Centaur

Need some R&R, go local! For all you Sagittareans, a staycation is just what the stars prescribe. Save up money on travelling, and spend it all in a luxury getaway in your city itself. Pamper yourself completely, and get the much needed leisure time that you so badly need. After March 20, get more adventurous. This is the best time to plan a trip with your buddies, that will surely be of epic levels.

Travel Tip: Head to the most luxurious hotel in town.

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10. Capricorn - The Responsible Goat

Yes, we know you're the responsible one and completely immersed in your work. So, go for a short trip nearby. Take a road trip down to the nearest getaways from your city, and just let go of that control you take pride in. Post March 20th, it will be family time for you. A family gathering is recommended, because you will be yourself the most, when you are back to your roots.

Travel Trip: Weekend getaway is best suited for you.

11. Aquarius - The Shy Water-bearer

We know you wish to go over budget in some indulgence, but you are restraining yourself. Don't worry, an all-inclusive vacation package will help you keep yourself in control. Go with your beloved or with your best pal, and have the time of your life.

Travel Tip: Roadtrip is the way to go.

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12. Pisces - The Artistic Fish

It is time for some self-discovery! The New Moon and solar Eclipse suggests that you give yourself a makeover. And the best way to do that, is travel to a new place. Go alone or with company, this will time for some major introsopection and to make changes in yourself. We know how important is for you, so for those going for business trips, don't miss out on the beauty each place has to offer.

Travel Tip: Shanghai is calling out to you.

We hope you have a good month ahead!

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