20 Awesome Travel Tattoos You Should Have If You Are A Crazy Traveler

By Dhruvalakshmi Paithankar on Sep 22, 2018
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A decision to get inked is a hard one. You have to know what you are passionate about and which design will represent it the best. Especially when you are bitten by a travel bug, it is nearly impossible to choose how you want your tattoo to be. So, here we are to your rescue with a list of the best travel inspired tattoo ideas! Be it a basic minimalist design or a bold colorful one, we have it all here. Read on to decide how you want to paint the canvas of your body - 

1. If you want a simple, minimalistic tattoo, then this one is definitely for you! If traveling has stolen your heart, then why not represent it as well?

2. This one is for a girl like me. It is like a constant reminder how huge the world is and how many corners I still haven’t visited.

3. When you want to get inked next time, think of something this artistic! I can totally imagine myself carrying that cute trunk to the tiny villages of Europe.

4. This unique travel tattoo is setting up new couple goals. If mountains call your name when your partner is busy listening to the sound of waves, nothing else will represent it perfectly than this tattoo.

5. Those who are fond of lazing on a beach while sipping Classic Margarita (because it is my favorite), this tattoo is love.

6. If you want to make a bold statement, nothing is better than the mountains and forests that pull you like a magnet.

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Mountains n' Trees n' Stuff! Yaay #MountainTattoo #TreeTattoo #NatureTattoo

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7. With a world map on your hand and a compass on your friend's hand, you will never have to think twice while choosing your next vacation destination!

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Br🇧🇷/En🇺🇸: ⠀ ⠀ Minha última semana eu passei no Rio, e virei mais um na estatística da cidade, ou seja, fiquei sem as fotos devido ao furto do celular. ⠀ Mas, ainda consegui uma com meu par de tattoo! 😛 ⠀ ••• ⠀ My last week in Rio I became one more in the statistic of the city and had my phone robbed and lost all my photos there. But I still got this good one with my tattoo partner! 😛 ⠀ ••• ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #brasil #riodejaneiro #errejota #021 #praiadamacumba #liveloventravel #followyourdreams #wanderlust #braroundtheworld #brasileirosporai #aquelasuaviagem #awesomelifestyle #queroferiasagora #instatravel #travelgram #vocenooff #mtur #mturismo #tattoo #traveltattoo #wanderlusttattoo #tatuagem #myink #tattoos

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8. The journey is more beautiful than the destination, they say. Then make the most of it with this lovely reminder, I say.

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😎Ainda empolgado com a tattoo nova... como muita gente veio perguntar (na verdade só 4 ou 5 pessoas kkk) e como hoje choveu e com isso o dia foi mais tranquilo, vou aproveitar para explicar os significados de algumas partes dela... começando com Wanderlust que também traduz o significado de toda a tatuagem , a palavra tem origem na língua alemã e pronuncia-se Vanderlust. Essa é uma daquelas palavras dificeis de se traduzir entre línguas, é como se quisessemos explicar “saudade” para o alguém de outro país. Não dá! Seria nais ou menos isso...Wandern: 'caminhar', 'vagar' + Lust : 'desejo'; em português, "desejo de viajar") é um termo que descreve um forte desejo de viajar, de explorar o mundo, de ir a qualquer lugar, em uma caminhada que possa levar ao desconhecido, a algo novo. Já as coordenadas são da casa onde eu nasci, passei a minha infância, adolescência e morei por mais de 30 anos e que minha mãe ainda mora, é como um ponto de partida para o mundo e ao mesmo tempo um porto seguro onde sei que posso voltar sempre. E na outra tattoo... "Enjoy the journey" tem um duplo significado, assim como pode significar aproveite a jornada no sentido de aproveitar as viagens também pode ter um sentido mais místico de aproveitar a jornada da vida!!! Ufa... se alguém teve paciência para ler até aqui, vlw pela atenção!!! kkk 😉🤟 #tattoo #wanderlusttattoo #wanderlust #trip #viagem #enjoythejourney

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9. If you have a serious case of wanderlust, then this is the perfect solution.

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Tatoo 💉 Le 1er et pas le dernier

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10. The joy of combining your favorite quote with a beautiful travel tattoo design will last for a lifetime.

11. If you think a world map is too cliché, then why not go for your favorite places?

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12. This minimalist travel tattoo will reassure you during the hardest of times that the world is waiting for you with open arms. All you have to do is pack your bags and fly away.

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Los pequeños detalles también cuentan #planetattoo #flytattoo #blackwork #linework #tatuaje #girltattoo

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13. Not fond of subtle minimalism? Be direct and tell the world what defines you.

14. If you love all the things blue, then this ship is waiting to be get inked on you!

15. Note to self - Ink the coordinates of your most-loved place.

16. A captivating quote from a fascinating novel - that’s exactly what you need!

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Not all those who wander are lost. #tolkien #tolkientattoo

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17. The world is a colorful place and I must explore!

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✈️ Идея клиентки 💡 Эскиз мой Тема авиации ,путешествий,в татуировке становится весьма популярной и,несмотря на это,можно ещё много интересных эскизов придумать в данной тематике.Акварельных и не только,с контурами и без.Вообщем есть где разгуляться😊 Не стоит забывать так же про поезда и корабли.Они ведь тоже по теме путешествий и смотреться будут в данной стилистике очень хорошо😉 . . . #harzatattoo #watercolortattoo #smalltattoo #planetattoo #earthtattoo #worldmap #worldmaptattoo #tattooideas #tattoonsk

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18. Get stamped, get inked - it is as simple as that.

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19. All you need is a backpack to soothe your wandering soul.

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20. After you have traveled around the world, remember, the stars will guide you home.

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Do not forget to share photos of your travel tattoo with us! 

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