15 Travel Lessons To Learn From Bollywood Movies

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Being a bollywood fan is literally the first memory of my life. When kids used to recite baba-black-sheep for their teachers, I used to give them analysis of movies that I had just watched. With my pea-sized brain full of character names and images of SRK, I still remember attributing most of my character traits to movies that I grew up watching. That journey by the way still continues, I have learnt more lessons from bollywood movies then Buddha did during his enlightenment. So, when I got the chance- I jumped on the opportunity of imparting my so called wisdom. Please pretend to be enlightened and for those who did really need it, please thank me later:

1) "Fenka naya pasa, fir de gayi jhaansa”- Tamasha

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It’s not only got to do with my love for Asterix that after watching Tamasha, Corsica became my next dream destination. It literally made me realize that most people are very scared to embrace their true self- resulting into a split personality. It also made me realize that sometimes to discover your true self you just have to let go. Keeping a little sensibility as your weapon, fall in love with that stranger whom you would otherwise be too scared to talk. Go to a different country, find yourself but come back and try to integrate that new found self into your old stable life, only then would all your trips actually be fulfilling. Being a different person in a different place is not a cliche, embrace that!

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2) Hypnotic self is all you need to get your way around - Main aur Charles

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Honestly, this movie would never feature in people’s usual lists of movies that we would learn from. Also, I hope i am not arrested for propagating a celebrated criminal such as Charles Sobhraj. But maybe it is my love for Randeep Hooda that this movie did really enlighten me. I just learnt that even though the guy is really sexy and has like the sexiest accent ever and even though he unravels in front of you like a dream, but do not be stupid enough to make out and sleep with just about anybody. Everywhere he travelled, he found some or the other victim travelling from a different place and hypnotized them into being his puppets. Honestly, fun is good, till you do it with a little caution involved.

3) "Hum naa rahein kabhi yaaron ke bin”- Dil Chahta Hai

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Yeah, you need a road trip to go strengthen bonds and truly discover your friendship and all those done and dusted analytical statements about the movie. But did you notice that if Saif ali Khan actually stuck to the fact that he should not leave his friends ever, he wouldn’t have gotten into trouble in Goa. I know, Aamir was behind one of his break-ups but that is what a true friend does. You should always have your friends by your side no matter what, even if that rebound promises to be your soulmate.

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4) "Doodh maangoge to kheer denge, Kashmir maangoge to..well”- Fitoor

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Do not go all Rajeev Masand on me just because I did manage to fall in love with this movie. The fact is that Aditya Roy Kapoor was ready to leave paradise on earth to pursue two things that he loved the most in life- Firdauss and Art. Also, it was in a way a good riddance from the Begum. But little did he know, that he would keep getting entangled in the complicated relationships that went on behind the door in the palace. I learnt that before you travel a 100 miles to take up the best opportunity you are getting or even simply just for your love to travel, realize what is behind the entire situation. Always analyze the roots of your problems and solutions before shifting your base!

5) "The truth of the matter is that is family me koi ek dusre se baat hi nai karta”- Dil Dhadakne do

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Even though the family tried a lot to make it the perfect dream vacation, they were not really successful. Firstly I learnt, that when you are getting Ranveer- you should actually not care about anything else. But that is just the teenager in me talking, I learnt from Farah that if travelling the world while pursuing what you love is a package that your life is made of, never leave it. I learnt from Ayesha that travel not only for fun, but make a business out of it. And most importantly, I learnt that even though you might have a stuck up set of parents, but trying to understand them will go a long way. All in all, Communication is literally the key to solve all your problems. Also, in the end even to get your love- only your family would help you out!

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6) "Tera Rasta Chodoon naa”- Chennai Express

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Well, this one is simply there because SRK means love. Also, because even though you have Deepika to fall in love with, when she is surrounded by all the villains that you grew up being scared of- it is just better to let go. Also, do not be a jackass. If you are supposed to be cremating the ashes of your grandfather, do not take that opportunity to have a trip with your friends in Goa. That is not even light years close from being ethical. But, if you do manage to fall in love with the woman whose nightmares become your nightmare, then fight for your love, even if it is in some remote town of a state you barely know. 

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7) "Tu jo mila to aasaan hui manzil”- Bajrangi Bhaijaan

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I simply learnt one thing, that when you are a good human being- your problems are half solved by them self. If it was not a story inspired by true events I would have still definitely believed that a thing of this sort can happen. All you need to have is true love in your heart and then you can actually cross even the biggest of barriers in the World. Except, this one really did have one of the biggest barriers in the World to cross. He taught us one thing all along and I did actually come out believing this. Yes, Hanumanji or any god you love will save you no matter what- even if it is in Pakistan. Infact, even Allah will bless you to have your way then. (breaks in to bhar do jholi meri)

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8) "Main udna chahta hoon..daudna chahta hoon..girna bhi chahta hoon..bus rukna nai chahta”- Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

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Agreed no bollywood travel list is complete without Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani featuring prominently in it. But there are so many lessons already learnt from it. You should always pursue your passion, no matter what the cost. Imagine exploring every nook and corner of the world on your own terms. It is sad that you do leave a couple of people dependant on you but you can always have a royal reunion and make up for the lost times. That is what life is all about- maintaining a perfect balance. So glad he realized that in the end. Sometimes "ghar ka dal chawal for 50 saal tak till you die” is actually the best way to go. 

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9)"Literally soch na sake”- Airlift

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Imagine being a millionaire and having everything at your disposal to get rid of the place which is completely in danger. But you don’t do that because you realize a lot of livelihoods can be saved only by the effort you make. That was the best part, when Akshay Kumar went to different countries asking for help and finally his own country took him back. The underlying patriotism of this movie is unparalleled. Also, the landscape of Kuwait and Bahrain was extremely beautiful. And time and again, you always have someone to fall back to- be it your country or be it your people. Also, an initiative can go a long way- literally. 

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10) "Bajirao ne Mastani se mohabbat ki hai..ayyashi nahee”- Bajirao Mastani

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I agree that partially the reason that this movie is on my list is because the grandeur of this movie has just made a place in my heart forever. But you have to give it to Mastani, she literally did travel kingdoms to get to the guy she fell in love with and had a ray of hope with her all along. A woman in that period in India would never even walk out of her house and Mastani went places fighting for her kingdom. She also went places fighting for her love, when in her heart she knew she would always be the other woman.If it is true love waiting for you, you would travel kingdoms to just get to that person- even though the culture might never accept you but you will always be remembered!

11) "Hum chale nigaahon mein..gungunati raahon mein..dhadkanen bhi tez hain ab kya karen”- Piku

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Piku was all about the relationship Deepika and her father shared and also about emotion in motion. But his persistence to go back to Kolkata speaks volumes of the kind of pain and craving for home that old people go through. Their journey was empowering in so many ways. Also, there was so much complexity in all the simplicity that they executed such a lovely movie with. The sense of belonging, the need to be with your family, the difficulty in adjustment and yet the commitment to stick together is sometimes all you need for a slightly twisted but a happy life. No matter how many places you go, you will always come back to the place that is associated with initial years of your life.

12) "A little butter chicken with dosa”- 2 States

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This movie ended up being my favorite movie of at least that month. Not a big fan of Chetan Bhagat, but this one was definitely the best book he has written. Even though he played around stereotypes majorly, the love story was definitely an inspiration to many MBA students or even post graduates for that matter. The thing is every culture is similar in it’s values, just the ways of following it is different. I basically learnt that- Even though cultural differences might be an obstruction, but if you really have it in your heart, you will adapt really well. Also stereotyping people in real life is not cool. Plus if you have still not found love and you are like 25-26, then there is still hope for you- just get into IIM.

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13)" Maybe not in an Amsterdam hostel and maybe not on your honeymoon alone, but life does happen”- Queen

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Do i really need to describe the lessons we learnt from this movie? Being independent, exploring places on your term, making friends whom you would have never spoken to otherwise, giving up on your jackass of a childhood lover, embarking upon a journey you were never cut out for, winning hearts in a different country by showing them culinary skills of your own kind and ultimately kissing a Russian as your first experience. This movie is full of things to pick up and learn from and trust me if I could, I would be okay with getting my heart broken a hundred times if this was the healing process. 

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14) "Do it my way or the- Highway”

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Although the theme was largely based on Stockholm Syndrome, something that nobody really propagates, this movie also had a lot of other factors that we could learn from this movie. Sometimes, your own family is not ready to let you confront the problems in your life but a stranger comes along and protects you with his life. Sometimes, you actually realise what freedom is after breathing in the fresh air of roads you never thought you will travel on. And sometimes, you fight a battle with your past demons and make a stronger future keeping in mind everything you suffered through. Basically no matter what you believe but sometimes, you come out stronger in the most unexpected situations!


15) "Jeete hain chal..jeete hain chal”- Neerja

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Yes, we know it was not so much of a travel movie but it inspired us nevertheless. Everything in this movie, everything about Neerja’s life was inspirational. If I could, I would always try to face situations in such a heroic manner. I would always want to put people’s lives in front of me no matter what. But the problem is a lot of us wouldn't and that is exactly why this movie stands out. When her father says, "bahadur baccha kaun”- you know that the statement was made for the woman who fought a psycho husband and saved so many lives. She taught us one thing-Do not ever be scared to sit in the flight of your dreams, you will fly out of it with experiences that might change you forever. Also running from what you have in front of you is the worst form of cowardice.

Any other movie that has inspired you and taught you something? Do let us know in the comment section below. 

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