Stupid Travel Mistakes That You Should Avoid

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Travel mistakes are those bloopers you commit when wise alternatives don’t happen to cross your mind. They further tend to become regretful mistakes you wish you hadn’t made. Travel goof-ups sometimes may ruin the start of your vacation or certain parts of it. If you’ve come across clueless travelers you know how irritating and unprepared they look like. That awkward look on their face teamed with that lost expression perhaps makes you wonder if they’re even enjoying themselves on the trip??

Here’s how you can try and not be one them in another city or country, by following these simple steps.

Booking The Wrong Ticket

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Of course this is a silly thing to list down here. Who makes such mistakes? Well, sometimes unmindfully it might just be you! Several things can go wrong while booking a ticket. It could be for the wrong day, wrong place or the wrong name. Silly blunders, but quite a possible happening. Inspect that ticket twice before you’re set to take a pleasant journey.

Be unpunctual

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You’re obviously the most punctual person. You’re never late, in fact you always arrive before time. But for the first time that you couldn't, you've missed the flight, train or bus. Even gazillions of excuses would not make up for that unpunctuality. Keep in mind, sometimes last minute packing, misreading an "AM” as "PM” or vice versa or the overexcitement of the jaunt could end you up at home itself.

Boarding The Wrong Car

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This one may not entirely be your fault. However, unfortunately you’d be paying for it anyway. Sometimes you rent a car in the new city and the valet guys accidentally hand the keys of a different car. Waste of time and energy it is! Please make sure you note the number of your rented car and check if you’re driving the same car after every stop you make.

Getting Around Without a Map

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Maybe you don’t have that huge ego and you’re fine with asking for directions. But sometimes you may not have anyone to ask. Sometimes they may not know the directions either. You definitely don’t want to get lost in the middle of some place not familiar with. Safe side use GPS or a map.

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Not Abiding by The Law

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Laws of course differ from country to country. Some are serious while some may not even make sense. Either way if you’re traveling to the country, you ought to abide by their laws. First get familiar with the law system they follow. Then make sure you don’t break any law even unintentionally, unless you want to spend the rest of your vacation in jail.

Cribbing and Complaining

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Don’t be a grumble! You may not like a few things or some things may not turn out as planned. The more you crib about them the more it’s going to sadden you. Let go and engross your mind on the better things in your vacation. Complaining will only ruin the trip more. You came here for a concert, but the concert is now not taking place? It’s alright! Focus on the brighter side. You still have the rest of the city to explore in the bargain.

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Going Click Click

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As photography is the new ‘cool’ thing to do, most tourists go overboard with it. Some of them travel to photograph. Professional photographers are excused. But you aren’t. don’t miss the charm of the moment and beauty of the surrounding by staring at it from your camera lens. Use your naked eye and explore the world without that camera sometimes. After all, what’s the point in traveling if you’re actually going to be living the place through photographs back home in the end?

Eating Your Favorite Food Everywhere

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Get out of your comfort zone and taste the new city. You can always go back home and binge on your favorites. Give the regional specialties a try so your tongue knows what uo;gelatos” in Florence or what uo;pani-puris” in India taste like. Whether you like the taste or not you can at least participate in a debate of the uo;claimed” heavenly cuisines of different places in the world.

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Social Media Fever

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No. Nobody wants to know where you are what you’re eating and what you’re wearing. In fact, everyone’s sick of those endless pouts and bragging pics. On the contrary, you don’t want to waste your precious holiday posting stuff to tell people how you’re actually feeling about it. Keep that phone aside and live the vacation whole heartedly.

Sticking Like a Leech to The Bed

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Yes, maybe you have a hectic schedule and this holiday is actually your way of relaxing. But hey, why did you have to travel so far just to relax? Couldn’t you just lay like a couch potato back home? If you’ve taken the pains to travel afar, you might as well explore the place and absorb its beauty.

Being The Creepy Tourist

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An aloof tourist is a creepy one and so is a pile on. Don’t be either of them. try to be normal. Blend in and interact with the locals. That’s a good thing, but do not get overfriendly for no reason. On the other hand, do not treat the locals like untouchables or harmful strangers. Throw smiles at them and converse with them.

Wanting to Use a Credit Card Everywhere

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Not every small gala is equipped with a swipe machine. Keep some cash handy in your wallet just in case your need to buy something that caught your eye, from a street vendor or any shop that doesn’t accept cards.

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Being The Irritating Pedestrian

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May be you’re not very used to walking in your hometown. You’re lazy, spoilt or rich enough to rove around in your private vehicle. The city you’ve travelled to uses walking as its main mode of transport and there’s hardly anything you can do about it. Don’t make it obvious. Do not stop abruptly in the middle of a walk creating inconvenience for the other pedestrians. Also do not stop in the middle of the road to take a random picture or to ask for directions, unless you want to get hit by a speeding vehicle.

Being Clueless About the Local Language

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Most of the world speaks English today. However, if you’re traveling to a country that uses another language more fluently, I’d suggest you learn a few of those phrases. It would otherwise be a tough holiday without knowing the basics of the native language of the place you’re traveling to.

Not Traveling Enough

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If you’ve come afar to explore a different part of the world, you might as well do it fully. Maybe you’ve heard about some major attractions in the city, and you’ll make sure you’ll take a look and enjoy them in specific; but also get to the hidden gems of the city and explore the unexplored. All you know, you might just be taken by a beautiful surprise.

Can you relate to any of the aforementioned mistakes? Or do you know someone who keeps repeating one of them? Travel mistakes aren’t all that uncommon, nor is there anything to be embarrassed about as long as you learn from them.


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