7 Travel Mistakes That Add Fun To Your Travel

By Renuka Shahane on Dec 22, 2015
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Over-packing the baggage, forgetting an important document, missing the flight; we’ve all done it once! Travel is not as easy as it seems and we tend to make a lot of mistakes on our trips. Being overwhelmed with the idea of travelling to a far-off land is not really the way travel is supposed to be! Let yourself lose, stop trying too hard and make a few mistakes; because sometimes, they make your travel more fun than you anticipated it to be!

Here’s a list of travel mistakes that simply add fun to your travel!

Travel Mistake #1: Losing Your Luggage

Why It’s Fun: Okay, before you disagree; think about the point I am trying to make! Losing your luggage is perhaps the worst thing that can happen to you. I’ve been through it once and it was difficult to survive on just the carry-on. Also, I was not prepared for such a situation and didn’t pack enough stuff in my carry-on. But the best part about this was I could travel light, I learnt to live on the absolutely necessary items and I could shop on my trip (which was later reimbursed)!

Travel Caution: This mistake won’t be any fun if you have your documents or essential medicines in the luggage that you’ve lost. Also, you’d better have a travel insurance to afford this mistake!

Travel Mistake #2: Not Knowing The Local Language

Why It’s Fun: Of course it’s a travel mistake! It is always the best case scenario to know the local language of the country you are travelling to! But the best upside about not knowing the local language is that you get to connect to the locals on an emotional level. You realise that more often than not, language is a barrier between human beings! Let your eyes do the talking, my friend!

Travel Caution: Learn the basic words like sorry, help, thank you; they always come handy!

Travel Mistake #3: Not Taking A Camera

Why It’s Fun: Rather than being obsessed with taking the perfect picture with perfect lighting and at a perfect angle, you can actually spend those precious moments absorbing the beauty the place has to offer! In this way, you can make memories that will live through you!

Travel Caution: For travel journals, get your photo clicked by the photographers at the place that’ll provide you an instant copy!

Travel Mistake #4: Not Booking Your Hotels In Advance

Why It’s Fun: Rather than staying in a plush tried and tested hotel, it will be great fun to escape the city life and sleep under the stars on a sleeping bag! Or how about finding a cosy home-stay on the go and exploring hidden dimensions of a culture and living!

Travel Caution: Make sure you pick a safe abode!

Travel Mistake #5: Not Planning Your Trip

Why It’s Fun: Yes, chalking a travel plan is a great practice. But that also means that you might just include the places that are over-crowded and touristy! By not planning your trip in advance, you can follow your instincts and go places no one else has been to!

Travel Caution: Be ready for surprises!

Travel Mistake #6: Not Sticking To Your Itinerary

Why it’s fun: Going beyond the beaten path evokes the concealed passions and desires inside you that you’ve never known. Don’t stick to your itinerary, just pack up your bags and set yourself free!

Travel Caution: Wander, but don’t be lost!

Travel Mistake #7: Not Using Your Phone

Why It’s Fun: You can actually try to live without technology! Ask directions to locals instead of Google maps, talk to fellow travellers rather than having virtual conversations, listen to the sound of the nature rather than plugging into your playlist and make the most of your travel, in a real sense! Disconnect to technology so that you can reconnect to nature!

Travel caution: Keep your emergency contacts handy, or know them by heart; like ol’ days!

Have you been there? Done something that you should totally not do and been happy about it? Comment below and let us know the travel mistake you were proud of doing!

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