Trend Alert: Top Travel Photo Trends to Look Out For

By Meghana Agashe on Jun 23, 2018
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When the Russian couple Murad and Nataly Osmann set the social media on fire with their 'follow me' series of photos, it was the beginning of a new era in the world of travel photography. Subsequently, several travel bloggers and travelogues started creating their own sets of travel poses which soon became viral and gave birth to the concept of ‘travel photo trends’. 

Gone are the days when just standing in front of the camera, flashing a smile, and clicking the "been there, done that" photo was fun. Today, people are looking for more variety of poses that make their travel photos interesting. Whether you are a serious travel blogger or are just vacationing for fun, it has become a norm of all sorts to keep up with these trends and post photos of your travels to boost up the oomph factor of your Instagram profiles! This year, these are the travel photo trends that have been taking the social media platforms by storm! 

1. ‘What’s in my hand?’ pictures

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An all-time-favorite, the ‘What’s in my hand?’ is the easiest to take photos. The rule is pretty simple: you just hold something that you want to show off from the travel in your hand against a contrasting background and click away! The pros of this photo trend are that you don’t even need to dress up, put on makeup or worry about how you look. All that you need is a clean hand and a decent phone camera :P

2. Candid shots

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This one never seems to go out of fashion – the candid pose (or the fake candids). In an ideal world, the best way to capture these kind of photos would be to just be yourself and let your incredibly talented companion-photographer click the most natural and beautiful shots of you. Unfortunately, in most of our worlds, we end up looking like stoners and resting-mean-face-bitches in our ‘real’ candid clicks (sigh!). Thank God for the fake candids – the photos where you can pretend to be involved in something or just act like you are lost in thought and your travel companion or maybe your self-timer will click a stunning photo of you holidaying in the Alps or whatever. 

3. The ‘in-act’ photos

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The ‘in-act’ photos are just another version of the fake candids wherein you pretend to be involved in an activity during your vacation and someone clicks a photo of you. This may be while you are relishing a tasty local dish, or cycling around the quaint streets, or hiking through the mountains - basically a photo of you indulging in any action during your travels that you would like to show off to the world. 

4. ‘Don’t face the camera please!’ trend

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This one is the latest trend that’s taking Instagram by storm – it’s quite an amusing one actually – you have to look anywhere except the camera! These type of photos may involve someone completely turning their back to the camera and posing in front of a picturesque landscape, or maybe gazing up at a monument, or side posing. There are many variations of these type of poses.  

5. Posing with the locals

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With solo travel and backpacking on a rise, the focus of the travel industry is slowly turning from simple vacationing and luxury travel to travelling for cultural and local experiences. This has given rise to the trend of posing and clicking photos with locals. This is a way of showing the world through your photos about how your travel was a culturally-enriching one.  

6. The feet photos

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Just like the ‘What’s in my hand?’ pictures, this trend too is a non-fussy one where you don’t need to dress up. The feet photos is a trend that basically consists of taking photos of your legs on the backdrop of the surroundings. Even in this trend, you will come across a number of variations  - from lounging somewhere and clicking photos from that angle to standing on the ground and then clicking photos of your feet. Depending upon the location and what it is that you are trying to show, the position is decided.

7. ‘Hold on to your hats’ poses

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This is a self-explanatory one – posing with your hand on the hat! These type of photos are never selfies and are either clicked by someone else or clicked with the help of a self-timer. The idea is to use a prop to highlight the ‘vacation vibe’ and give the photos a much-needed element of focus. Usually, you just wear a hat and hold it with one hand, either facing towards the camera or away from it, and the photographer clicks your photo on the background of the stunning locales. 

8. Window photography

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Window photography is a photo trend that is all about symbolism – with windows being used as a metaphor to offer others a glimpse into what lies beyond. Highlighting numerous elements like culture, architecture, local scenery, and lifestyles, window photography is not as easy as the rest of the trends due to the lighting technicalities involved. In window photography, the window is at the focus of the picture and the rest depends on what the photographer is trying to highlight. 

9. Culinary highlights of the trip

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Presenting the marriage of food photography and travel photography is the trend of capturing the culinary experiences of your trip on your camera roll. Capturing the enjoyable food and restaurant set in the foreign land, highlighting the local cuisine of that region, and writing a detailed caption about the taste, ingredients, and origin of that dish is one of the leading travel photo trends of this year. 

10. The street photos

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All of us must have recently come across photos of quaint streets, lined by brick buildings that are towering towards the blue sky – that’s the trend of street photography. This trend mostly centres around capturing photos that represent a different view of the city by heading to off-the-beaten-path streets and taking snaps.  

So, keep these travel photography trends in mind when you head to your next vacation and you are sure to end up with tons of drool-worthy, Instagram-friendly photos that make your friends jealous! 

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