11 Travel Quotes That Are Subtle Life Lessons!

You know how our first experience of travel was through books describing far away lands? Often the pixies seemed like friends and Peter Pan was your favorite companion and mode of travel. Words have often enchanted people and weaved the threads of wanderlust around them.. We totally agree with Roald Dahl when he said- Above all, watch with glittering eyes- the whole world around you. Here is a list of some more travel quotes that got us thinking, travelling and most importantly learning!

1) You may not get everything all the time, but you can get everywhere- sometime.

travel quotes

 2) Grass is always greener on the other side.

 3) You know how they say..Journey is not always about destination..

 4) Police will finally find a reason to thank Social Media!

 5) So where is the next trip taking you?

 6) #flying #destination #departure

 7) Travel connects people..literally!

 8) The truth has been spoken!

 9) Finally a convincing argument for packing light

 10) And that is a question you seldom ask yourself!

 11) You know how google maps is not the only way to find an alternate route?

You know how knowledge increases once shared, we would be more than happy to hear your words of wisdom. Fellow travelers, please enlighten us by sharing your thoughts and experiences!

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