15 Travel Resolutions You Can Keep In 2016

TripHobo has compiled a list of 15 travel resolutions that are guaranteed to make every journey memorable, every destination delightful and the year 2016 an unforgettable one!

1. Go On A Roadtrip:


If you have never gone on a roadtrip, what are you waiting for?! Rent a car, grab your friends/ loved ones and just hit the road. Stop at deserted towns, bustling cities and make memories along the way.

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2. Overcome A Fear:

Got a fear? Overcome it this year. Scared of heights? Skydive! Afraid of wilderness? Go camping. Can’t swim properly? Go scuba diving! You get the gist.

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3. Disconnect From The World:

Most of us love social media. We love posting constant updates on Facebook, we love boasting about our travels on Twitter and we definitely love posting stunning travel pictures on Instagram. In 2016, disconnect from it all and just relax. We promise you your friends and family will still be there when you get back!

4. Change Your Travel Style:

Everyone has a travel style. You are either a budget traveller or a backpacker or a solo traveller or an adventure traveller or a luxury traveller or any one of the several kinds of traveller there are! The point is you travel the same way every time, so in 2016, it’s time to mix it up a little! If all you have stayed at are luxury resorts, bunk in a hostel. If tents are your thing, check into a spa resort instead. If your idea of adventure is hot-air ballooning, try base-jumping!

Your sun sign can tell what type of a traveller you are.

5. Check Out A Festival:

The world is a better place because of the various festivals that take place all year round! Festivals bring people together and it is fun to be a part of one. In 2016, try attending atleast a couple of festivals happening across the globe.

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6. Go On A Volunteering Vacation :

Combine your skills (language skills, painting skills, house building skills) with a vacation and go on a volunteering mission. You will come back humbled and happier.  

7. Explore Your Hometown:

You might have travelled all across the globe but have you explored that quaint neighbourhood in your hometown that boasts of old villas with colourful walls, narrow alleyways and overhanging balconies?

8. Be A Traveller, Not A Tourist:

This one is a cliché, a travel mantra, and a ''motivational quote” depending on who you are. It’s been reiterated a zillion times but it really should be your resolution regardless. When you have a checklist of things to do and see in a city and spend your time running from pillar to post, you haven’t really seen anything at the end of your trip. Take time to truly explore its back alleys and streets, breathe the air of a new place, meet the people that call it home and truly experience all that it has to offer!

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9. Mix With The Locals:

Start a conversation with the locals and learn about their culture. Come away with interesting stories and maybe friendships that last a lifetime.

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10. Try Saving The Planet:

Most of us must have heard terms such as ‘green travel’, ‘ecotourism’ and ‘sustainable tourism’. By definition, Green Travel refers to responsible travel practices that focus on economic, socio-cultural, and environmental sustainability. Why not go on a green vacation in 2016? The environment will thank you for it.

11. Avoid The Conventional Destination:

Just because a hundred people are headed somewhere it doesn’t mean you have to be #101! This year visit the hidden gems of the world. Head somewhere unheard off and explore its untouched beauty. It could be anything from a small village in the African continent to an uninhabited island in Oceania, a world of wonder awaits you and the journey to get there will be just as mesmerising!

12. Read An Awesome Travel Book:

''Reading a good book is like taking a journey”- Emma Guilliford. We completely agree with her. Naples’44, On the Road, The Great Railway Bazaar, Arabian Sands, The Beach, The Journals of Captain Cook, A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush and Wild Coast are some recommendations.

13. Explore Different Cuisines:

Are you the kind that heads to the nearest McDonalds on your trip abroad? Then this one is for you! Next time you’re on a holiday try the exotic cuisine and savour the local flavours, it will bring you one step closer to understanding the place. Your digestive system will survive it if you give it a chance. The food and the people are vital to your experience on any holiday.

14. Set Off Solo:

Even if it’s just a day trip or a short weekend, head somewhere alone in 2016. A holiday by yourself is a life defining experience and if you haven’t had one, you’re missing out! Whether it’s a nature trail or a noisy bar, the way you see it completely changes when there is no one else around to fall back on. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people.

15. Travel Piggy Bank:

The coming year, have a Travel Piggy Bank and make it a habit to save money. This will help you to fund your future travels.

And finally don’t limit yourself to a list, resolve to travel like you’ve never done before and do share your resolutions with us!

- With inputs from Prea Mittal


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