Essential Travel Tips for Introverts and Extroverts

By Renuka Shahane on Jan 08, 2019
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Are you an introvert? Or an extrovert? Because when you are either of these, you sure have extreme like or dislike for crowds and groups!

I spent my entire childhood being an extrovert and the whole of teenage being an introvert. Having been both, there’s one thing I can tell you. Life for both is different and equally tough.

Although there’s a popular saying that the world caters to extroverts, extroverts do have some tough time with the world. While the idea of travelling with chatty bogie-mates in a crowded train will put an introvert off, being on a secluded island will not be loved by an extrovert. Does this mean that certain set of travel experiences are restricted to either of the introverts and extroverts? Definitely no!

Travel is stepping out of our comfort zone, without compromising on our individuality. To solve the problems of all the introverts and extroverts out there, here are some travel tips that come extremely handy while travelling and will ensure that you don’t miss out on any travel experiences!

Travel Tips for Introverts:

1. Never forget your headphones, Everrr!

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Sometimes, an introvert doesn’t even want the interruption of music to meddle in his/her process of organising thoughts. But on travel, being a music-junkie (or pretending like one) will come handy. 

Chatty person sitting next to you on an airplane? Babies crying out loud? Random strangers trying to make a conversation? Put those magical earphones on and cut it out! 

No awkward talks needed. 

2. Opt for a single occupancy room 

After a hectic day sightseeing in the company of over-enthusiastic tour guide blabbering constantly, you want a quite shut down time. I feel you.
Book a single occupancy room, preferably in a hotel. Enjoy your own company and a good night’s rest! For meals, order room service and avoid the unnecessary, "where do you come from” conversation at the diner or a restaurant. 
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3. Choose Travel Apps over Tour Guides

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With more and more travel apps in the market that offer superb personalisation as well as excellent travel advice, you don’t need a tour guide really. Download any of the travel apps that come in handy for not just planning your trip, but also walk you through the destination like an expert would.
One less person to converse with; more of ‘me’ time exploring the destination! 
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4. When travelling in groups, plan and ask for 'Me' time

Every introvert has that one extrovert friend or a family member that will make sure you are on one of the group trips. You don’t need to turn their offer down every time, instead be vocal (that’s like asking a Giraffe to be plain, I heard it) about your preferences. 
On a group trip, keep a schedule for your own self during some time of the day. It may be the start of the day or the end, keep some time aside and enjoy the destination at your own pace, in your way. 
People watching or journal writing, do things you love! 

5. Travel near the poles

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Now before you start disbelieving me, let me tell you, this is scientifically proven fact. Call it the result of weather and how it contributed to evolution, the people near the equator tend to be more extrovert than the ones at the poles. 
Of course, not trying to generalize anything, but according to a study, the people around the equator prefer 18 to 24 inches of personal space whereas the number is four feet or more at the poles.
You are likely to have more interactive locals at any of the South American countries as compared to North America. You have to try it to believe it!
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Travel Tips for Extroverts:  

1. Take the chance to make new friends

Yes, extroverts can talk and connect to anyone, even to a person they don’t share a language with. And travel is a perfect chance to make the most of this attribute. On your travel, make friends with locals as well as other travellers. You’ll have a blast on your trip, especially if you are not already travelling in a group. 
Besides, you will actually learn a lot more than you could imagine and even make friends for lifetime and have your next trip with them! 

2. Stay at a Bed & Breakfast

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Mingling with other cultures, that’s one of the best things about travel. A hotel room with formal hotel staff leaves little to no opportunity to connect. Extroverts can book a Bnb instead. Find the warmest hosts and live with them! You will be able to enjoy a slice of local life and have interesting conversations.  

3. Do it All

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Extroverts are more open to new possibilities and are most unlikely to cling to their comfort zones. Yes, introverts might be experimental as well, but extroverts generally are! 
If you are an extrovert, engage into more and more experiences on your trip. Leave no stone unturned to discover new possibilities. In the end, all experiences might not be memorable, but so what! Isn’t it all about the journey than the destination! 
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4. Look before you leap

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I am all up for free hugs, honestly! But that doesn’t mean everyone across the world is! On your travel, make sure you understand the local culture of the place you are travelling to. A gesture that you might be doing to show gratitude or affection may be considered totally inappropriate and out of the limits.
Interact, connect and bond with the locals and fellow travellers, but don’t go overboard. 

5. Let others be a part of decisions

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Extroverts like to be the decision makers of the group. Where to go, what to see, which car to hire; extroverts generally are undeclared leaders, doing most of the planning when travelling in groups. 
But you never know what interesting ideas others might have that could actually enrich your travel experience, make sure you involve others while constructing your plans.

Having said that, you don’t have to always pick sides! You can be an Ambivert; the best of both and enjoy your travel in equal amounts. 
Honestly, the most ideal way to travel is by being open to new possibilities and taking it as a learning experience. Introverts can try to make new friends and Extroverts can enjoy a tranquil solo trip; the world is your canvas my friend! 
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