10 Reasons Why 20's Is The Best Time To Travel

By Bhoomi Shah on Jan 08, 2019
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To travel is to live. And its in your twenties that you learn to live life to the fullest. Its during this time that you dont shy away from new experiences. After all, its the most exciting phase of your life. If youre thinking of putting off your travel plans until youre older and more settled, we are here to convince you why 20's is the best time to travel. Here are our reasons:

1. You have more energy

Lets face it. When you get old, you get tired. Youd rather spend your weekends at home than go out. In your twenties, you have the opportunity to travel more adventurously. Take that trek before its too late!

why 20's is the best time to travel

2. You are not afraid of meeting new people

Its difficult to make friends when youre older. People in their twenties are more outgoing. Youre likely to have a more culturally rich experience if you travel now rather than later. 

3. You have time

Times a commodity that will be absolutely precious when youre older and busy making a name for yourself and providing for your family. In your twenties, when you have fewer responsibilities, is a good time to travel.

4. Youre independent

Youre in that perfect spot when youre independent, and at the same time, no ones really dependent on you. So go out ther0065 and get ready for one hell of a journey. 

5. You can travel cheap

Youre not afraid to budget your vacation and cut corners. Who needs luxury extravagance when adventure is a way better option? Say yes to couch surfing!

6. You can travel with friends

When youre a certain age and responsibilities start weighing on you, you start losing touch with your best friends. During your twenties is when you can actually get together and go somewhere. Who knows what everyone will be up to five years down the line?

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7. Your friendship will become stronger

Its more difficult to lose touch when you have shared memories, travel experiences and adventures. Your friendship is bound to come out stronger after your sojourn.

8. Youll have so many stories to tell

You wont be boring when youre older. Youll have so many exciting travel stories and a bunch of memories that youve collected over the years that your life would seem more fulfilling.

9. Youll travel more when youre older

Youll have so much fun during your travels that, when youre older, youll try to take out as much time as you can from your schedule to see more of the world. And thats always a good thing. 

10. You'll find yourself

Twenties is the time when you dont exactly know who you are. Youre going to learn so much about yourself, especially if you travel alone. Theres no better time to travel than now!

Not all those who wander are lost, so pack your bags and get going!

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